When Terrorism Strikes Home: Defending the United States / Edition 1

When Terrorism Strikes Home: Defending the United States / Edition 1

by James A. Fagin
Pub. Date:
Prentice Hall
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When Terrorism Strikes Home: Defending the United States / Edition 1

When Terrorism Strikes Home: Defending the United States focuses on the impact of the war on terrorism upon individuals, society, and government. It examines how the war on terrorism has affected first responders such as police and fire departments, how it has transformed local and state government planning and how it has defined a new relationship between state and federal government.

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ISBN-13: 9780205405817
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 10/26/2005
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Each chapter ends with a Chapter Summary, Terrorism and You section and Important Terms and Concepts.

1. Waking of America to Terrorism.

Introduction: Defending the Homeland.

Overview of When Terrorism Strikes Home.

Real Threats and Irrational Fears.

Awakening to Terrorism in America.

Responding to Terrorism in America.

Criminals and Terrorism: Is there a Difference? Does it Matter?

Conclusion: How Did We Get To This Point?

BOX: Consider This: Where to Go if You Want More Information.

2. Terrorism: An Overview.

Introduction: Why Terrorism?

Historical Roots of the Definition of Terrorism.

Early Worldwide Examples of Terrorism.

Class Warfare .

Early Terrorism in America.

The Red Scare and the Cold War.

Conclusion: Terrorism by Any Other Name.

BOX: Consider This: Is There Prejudice Against Muslims?

BOX: Up Close and Personal: Lynne Stewart Convicted.

BOX: Case Study: The Ku Klux Klan.

3. Defending the Homeland by Rule of Law.

Introduction: Responding to Terrorism through Law.

Defending the Homeland with Law.

Early Legislation to Promote National Security.

The Beginning of the Age of Terrorism — 1980: Defending the Homeland by Presidential Directives and Legislation.

Post September 11, 2001 Legislation.

Never Again: Defense of the Patriot Act and the Call for Expanded Powers.

Prosecuting Terrorist to the Fullest Extend of the Law?

Conclusion: The Balance between Liberty and National Security.

BOX: Consider This: What are Military Tribunals?

BOX: Up Close and Personal: The Integrity of the Rule of Law.

BOX: Case Study: Why Gitmo?

4. Terrorists on Main Street, USA.

Introduction: Nearer Than You Think.

The Terrorists: Posed to Strike Main Street.

The Role of the United States in Creating Terrorists: OBL and Al Qeada.

The Terrorists on Main Street.

Preferred Weapon of the Terrorists on Main Street: The Bomb.

The Targets.


BOX: Up Close and Personal:

BOX: Consider This:

BOX: Case Study:

5. Defending Main Street.

Introduction: A Nation in Danger.

Defending Main Street: Intelligence and Prevention.


Prevention: Who Protects Main Street?

Prevention: What is Being Done?

Conclusion: Will it be Enough?

BOX: Up Close and Personal: Citizen Reporting.

BOX: Consider This: Would A National ID Card Help Fight Terrorism?

BOX: Case Study: Surveillance of Main Street.

6. Defending Aviation from Terrorism.

Introduction: Aviation -- The Sleeping Threat.

The Emergence of Aviation Security.

The Aviation Security Revolution.

The New Aviation Security Model: Government Control.

Airport Security.

Passenger Identification and Security Screening.

Airport Proximity Security: Aircraft Security During Take Off and Landings.

In-flight Security.

Conclusion: “The Fear of God”.

BOX: Up Close and Personal: Air Travel in the 21st Century -- New Rules.

BOX: Consider This: Consider This: Security Screening Vigilantes.

Box: Case Study: Checkpoint Security Failures.

7. Defending Main Street against Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Introduction: Trump Card — WMD.

Nuclear Threat from Terrorist.

Biological and Chemical.

Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Problems in Defending the Homeland against Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Threats.

Conclusion: Thinking Outside the Box.

BOX: Up Close and Personal: Got Security?

BOX: Consider This: Is It Justified to Suspend Civil Rights?

BOX: Case Study: One Man’s Terrorist is Another Man’s Artist.

8. The Day After: Rebuilding Main Street, USA.

Introduction: The Day After.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

3 P’s: Planning, Partnerships and Preparation (PPP).

Emergency Operation Plans.

Emergency Response to Terrorism.

FEMA and Federal Multi-Agency Coordination.

Federal Emergency Response Assistance.

Emergency Response to a Terrorist Attack Involving WMD.

FEMA and State and Local Multi-Agency Coordination.

Other Planning Considerations.

Conclusion: Alphabet Soup — Confusion or Cure?

BOX: Up Close and Personal: The Optimism Bias.

BOX: Consider This: Who’s Liable for Injuries the Day After?

BOX: Case Study: FEMA’s Strategic Plan.

9. Defending Liberty: Today and Tomorrow.

Introduction: A Threat with no end in Sight.

Continuous Vigilance.

Cyber Terrorism.

Immigration Control and Border Security.

Conclusion: Can the United States be Terror Proofed?

BOX: Up Close and Personal: May I See Your ID?

BOX: Consider This: Getting Under Your Skin.

BOX: Case Study: Security or Discrimination?

10. The Cost of Freedom.

Introduction: Counting the Costs.

How Terrorists Get Their Money.

The Cost of the War on Terrorism.

The Other Costs of the War on Terrorism: Extremism in the Defense of Liberty.

The Growing Conflict with Foreigners.

International Relations.

Conclusion: Terror-Focused Government.

BOX: Up Close and Personal: Should Those Wrongly Accused be Compensated?

BOX: Consider This: Consider This: 88009.

BOX: Case Study: Freedom of Speech.

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