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When the Sky Fell

When the Sky Fell

by Gary Luhmann


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Tell the tale of Kurt Kallini, major impressario, in diamonds and dust, tech and investments, funding Jack Livingston from the Catskills to the Albany regency. Tell of his good fortune. Tell of the people he helped like Darlene and Leslie and Flash Gordon. Tell of the people who hated him with good reason. Tell how the 21rst Century turned his life upside down. See Kurt Kallini on the cover of Time magazine bearded like Ayatollah Khomeini in a Seventies photo. Call him the face of terrorism. Tell how CIA ops like Mark McD and Ahmad Quobi interrogated and tortured and defamed him as the funder of Al Qaeda's 9/11 terrorism. Tell of his trials in Langley, extra rendition in Egypt, and how his interrogation and torture in Gitmo took him apart. McD and Ahmad drained him of all secrets and life energy till Kurt Kallini was nothing but his epilepsy and polio shattered body. Let him sit on the porch of Haight Avenue, this impressario of the SDS Sixties, now a listless old coot a street shy of his daughter Carma at Vassar College. Tell David Morpheys and CC Cinquemani his sad story of unjust treatment and let them tell how 9/11 changed his life, our lives, and the rectitude of all of us/US.

When the Sky Fell, we met the new millennium. Call 9/11 the pivot of the 21rst Century. Y2K was nothing but a false alarm. The hanging chad 500 votes in Florida which the Supreme Court validated was nothing but a close election. The Millennium began when the Twin Towers came crashing down to dust, when the sky fell on New York City. Bush-Cheney who didn't want America to fix the world but stay at home and fix America, took 9/11 to reverse all their plans. Not only do we turn to terror alerts on our own people but to torture in Gitmo, extra-rendition in Egypt, and slimy stuff in Saddam's prison of Abu Graib.

We don't have UN support for our Iraq War, whose warning of WMD's will be a mushroom cloud, but we march in one month on Baghdad only to lose the war over the next five years. The Iraq War stirs up The Rapture and the Left Behind in our Holy Land Crusade. It's US on steroids. The Iraq War stirs up banking invested in a housing bubble of subprime ninja loans, MBS, tranches, and dirivatives which wreck our economy and Europe's too. When the sky fell and the Twin Towers came crashing down to dust, our reaction to the terror threat ruined our democracy, our US and EU economy, and our moral standing as leader of the free world.

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