When You Can't Sing: Poems and Writings

When You Can't Sing: Poems and Writings

by Bryant Snow


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The heart and soul of the modern young adult is explored in this collection of poems and short prose. Covering topics such as depression, heartbreak, love, laughter, and the rest of the emotions felt on a regular basis by a 20-something living in today's world, it reveals a unique perception of those all-too-common experiences. Bryant Snow writes about everything in his life: what he sees, how he feels, and why things are the way they are. He explores relationships both lost and found, cross-country travel, experiencing nature, and trying to fall asleep at night. To him, people in their 20s are a culture of young adults like there's never been before. In his debut literary work, he takes everything life throws at him and turns it into a song.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781543978933
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 09/06/2019
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Bryant Snow was born in Ohio and lived most of his life there. His interest in reading was sparked by the Dr. Seuss monthly subscription his mother set up for him as a child. He started out creating comics and stories, and as he grew into a young adult moved toward poetry and real-world-inspired stories. When he's not writing, he spends his days with family and friends, talking to everyone he meets and making people smile. He loves traveling and with family scattered throughout Ohio and beyond, he gets to do a lot of it.Inspiration for his work comes from Joyce, Bukowski, the Beats, Rowell, Canty, Hemingway, and David Foster Wallace.

Table of Contents

Dead Car 15

A New Poem 18

Loser 20

Shattered 22

A Glance 25

Another Shift 26

Hot 28

Apple 30

Summer 31

Yeah Yeah Yeah 32

Father 34

Alcohol After Work 35

Insomnia 37

Window 39

Moths 41

Back And Forth 42

I Need To Write 44

Deodorant 46

All Stores Sell Junk 47

Over And Over And Over 48

Soul 50

Ostentatious 51

Alone 53

Driving Home From Getting Pizza 55

She's Leaving 57

That Dream I Had Again 59

A Ten Dollar Therapy Session With A Wall And Its Paint 61

I Hate Her 63

Can I Please Get Some Sleep 66

Songs 68

Happiness 69

No 71

Napping 73

Dwell 75

Those Lips 76

Sit And Think 78

Listen To Your Elders 80

Bookstore Blues 81

Birds In The Trees 82

Sea Of Green 84

I Want To Hurt You 86

Smoking 89

Beach 90

Sidewalks 92

Get In The Car 93

South 95

Anxiety And Thrill Of Driving At Night 97

Cold And Tired 99

When I Drink 101

Phone Call 103

How To Write 104

Yet Another Love 107

Me 107

I Want Your Love 109

Opium 111

Genuine Connections 112

Sickness 113

Hot Asphalt 114

Just Have Feelings 116

Overwhelming Thoughts 118

Work 119

Those Times 121

8:20 P.M. 122

Nothing Else Matters 124

Sunday 126

Five String 127

On Route 129

Poetry Reading 131

Hookup 133

A Stranger 136

Park Bench 139

The First Night At The Capital 140

On The Steps 142

Back Home 144

Declined 145

The Sand 147

Call It Home 149

I Will Find You 151

Coming On 153

For My Family 156

Poems And Writings 159

Less Than Lunch 161

I Can Fix Everything 164

Thank You 166

Columbus Nights 167

This Is About You 169

Gaining 172

What Helps 173

Coffee Cups 175

Basement 177

I Shall Get The Door 180

Blinking 183

Itches 187

4:44 A.M. 189

Pleasant Street 191

The Deck 193

Two Feet 196

Daughter Of A Damn Dirty Whore 197

Mum 199

Yawning 201

The Farm 202

Kitchen Table 205

Deer 207

Red Light Incident 209

Wet Shoes 211

Your Face 212

Anxious Generation 214

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