When Your Mate is No Longer Significant!

When Your Mate is No Longer Significant!

by Richard L. Sartore

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Although the major highlight of this writing is on men and women in modern marital commitments, I also offer recommendations applying to couples looking to improve their lives when a new significant person appears.  In certain instances, despite conscientious efforts, beneficial coupling does not inevitably follow.  However, my foremost concern is with strengthening weakened ties by identifying problems and taking steps offering healing potential.

When things go wrong between two individuals, the relationship is jeopardized.  This happens frequently with young people, and those in marriages and romantic affairs.  The signs that a relationship is in trouble are not always obvious.  It is therefore crucial to recognize “red flags”  that manifest warnings.  At times the signs look clear, but we fail to notice.  This writing cites behaviors that threaten a potentially sound relationship.  Moreover, the book addresses what can be done and lists possible resources that help to heal a splintered pair.  I would eagerly like to declare that all relationships can be salvaged, but this is simply not the case.

The book focuses on traditional relationships but there are alternatives.  Alternatives include single individuals in a non-marital state, homosexual males and females, extended families, communes, group marriages and so forth.  Strong relationships exist and fall under the closeness of a loving relationship.  Certainly marriage options are not new.  History clearly demonstrates  cultural varieties.

     The title,  WHEN YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER IS NO LONGER SIGNIFICANT! is not intended to illustrate a therapeutic process involved with ameliorating relationships.  Rather, it discusses danger signals possibly warranting professional help.  When you first commit to the “love of your life,”  your mate is the “significant other.”  No one is as sensitive, understanding, humorous and loving.  The match was undoubtedly made in heaven.  That’s the way we would  like things to go for life.  But what happens?  Where did the “loving relationship” problems begin?  Did you even know a serious problem existed?  No one has a magic bullet or guarantee.  But there are common sense “love”  approaches.

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