Where Do You Hang Your Hammock?: Finding Peace of Mind While You Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book

Where Do You Hang Your Hammock?: Finding Peace of Mind While You Write, Publish, and Promote Your Book

by Bella Mahaya Carter


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In Where Do You Hang Your Hammock? seasoned coach and author Bella Mahaya Carter shows writers how to use their present circumstances as stepping-stones to a successful and meaningful writing life, navigated from the inside out. It encourages writers and authors to rethink their ambitions (which may be fueled by the tyrannical demands of the ego) and trust in their heartfelt purpose and values in the journey to becoming, or continuing on, as authors.

Many writers believe their self-sabotaging thoughts are trustworthy and true. They take rejection personally. They surmise that if they don’t achieve their goals they have failed, and lose sight of who they are and what matters most.

This book is for writers looking for inspiration and for authors daunted by the publishing process, who might lack the requisite author platform to get published the way they dreamed, or whose careers may not be unfolding as expected. It aims to be the friend and trusted expert writers turn to when hijacked by their own thinking. Ultimately, it reminds authors that they are infinite creators.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781647420659
Publisher: She Writes Press
Publication date: 06/01/2021
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 325,885
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)

About the Author

Bella Mahaya Carter is a creative writing teacher, empowerment coach, speaker, and author of an award-winning memoir, Raw: My Journey from Anxiety to Joy, and Secrets of My Sex, a collection of narrative poems. She has worked with hundreds of writers over the past eleven years and has degrees in literature, film production, and spiritual psychology. Her poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, articles, and interviews have appeared in Mind, Body, Green; The Sun; Lilith; Fearless Soul; Writer’s Bone; Women Writers, Women’s Books; Chic Vegan; Bad Yogi Magazine; Jane Friedman’s Blog; Pick The Brain; Spiritual Medial Blog; Literary Mama; several anthologies, and elsewhere. She lives in Studio City, California. Visit her online: www.BellaMahayaCarter.com.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Where Do You Hang Your Hammock? xv


1 Who Do You Think You Are? 3

2 Who Do You Want to Be? 6

3 The Only Reason to Do Anything Is for Love 9

4 An End to Striving 11

5 Universal Doubt 14

6 Stories That Create Suffering 17

7 Living Visions (MYHM #1) 20

8 Anxiety Is Not the Price of Admission 25

9 Artists of All Ages 28

10 Checkers and Mountains 32

11 Creating the Impossible 35

12 The World Needs Your Dream 39

13 A Ritual to Solidify Your Intentions 43

14 Moonstone Egg: Using Talismans to Call Forth Your Dream 46

15 The Power of Creating a Writing Altar 49


16 First Things First: Starting Your Day 55

17 The Obstacle Is the Teacher 58

18 What Does Clearing Clutter Have to Do with Writing? 61

19 Overwhelm 64

20 Read 69

21 Bath Ceremony 71

22 Light Meditation: Remember Who You Are 74

23 Acts of Kindness 76

24 Small Adjustments 78

25 Leaps of Faith 80

26 Body Breaks 83

27 Writing Project Breaks 87

28 Don't Decorate Your Pit 90

29 Writing Teachers and Coaches 93

30 Journal Writing Is Good for Your Health 97


31 Journal Writing Is Good for Your Writing 103

32 A "Real" Writer 107

33 Write from Your Body, Rather Than Your Head 110

34 Writing Naked: The Benefits of Exposing Yourself Through Memoir 112

35 Write Where You Are 117

36 Wondering What to Write? (MYHM #2) 120

37 Turn Your Blog into a Book 123

38 Craft: Six Ways to Improve Your Writing 126

39 Why Writing Isn't Selfish Navel-Gazing 131

40 Call It into Being: Memoir Organization and Structure 134

41 AFOG: What It Means, and Why Writers Need to Know About It 138

42 The Time It Takes 141

43 Give It Space: How You Write Is as Important as What You Write 144

44 Does Your Writing Project Feel Far Away? 147

45 Primary Source Materials: A Writer's Treasure Trove 150

46 Writing and Life as Improvisation 153

47 Eight Tips for Taking Care of Yourself While Writing Painful Memories 156

48 Celebrate Your Writing Accomplishments 160


49 Why We Write 165

50 Traditional Publishing 169

51 The Dream 175

52 Rejection: It's Not Personal 179

53 Independent Publishing 182

54 How to Navigate the Chaos of the Experts 187

55 Faith: A Writer's Safety Net 191

56 Risk: Why and How to Take Risks in Your Writing and Your Life 195

57 Soliciting Blurbs 198

58 My Publishing Path (MYHM #3) 201

59 Does It Spark Joy? 206

60 Behavioral Prozac and Big Rocks 208

61 Recovering Perfectionist 211

62 My Eleventh-Hour Subtitle Change (MYHM #4) 214

63 Navigating Your Prelaunch To-Do List 216

64 Arrival: Holding Your Book in Your Hands for the First Time 219

65 Fabulous Fifty: Activate Your Tribe 222

66 A Disappointing Review (MYHM #5) 225


67 Harness Your Inner Yang 231

68 Author Expectations 235

69 Marketing Versus Publicity 239

70 Lessons from a Bard 242

71 Book Marketing Basics 245

72 DIY; Work Smarter, Not Harder 249

73 Ask For What You Want 252

74 Facebook Fans 256

75 Social Media Shaming Averted I: Copy Editor Delivers Unexpected Gift 259

76 Social Media Shaming Averted II: Revel In Your Success 263

77 "Personal Crazy" and "Triggers" 267

78 Hiring a Publicist 272

79 Working With a Publicist 276

80 Publicity: My Story (MYHM #6) 280

81 How to Plan a Successful Book Tour 284

82 Public Speaking 290

83 Reading Excerpts from Your Novel or Memoir 293

84 Ditch Your Good-Girl (or Boy) Shame 296

85 Eight Tips for Using Video to Promote Your Book and Your Business 299

86 Zoom Book Launches 303

87 Awards and Accolades (MYHM #7) 312

Epilogue: Just When I Thought It Couldn't Get Better 317

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