Where God's People Are Going, Life Giving Messages

Where God's People Are Going, Life Giving Messages

by Lyle McTeer


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Where God's People Are Going, Life Giving Messages by Lyle McTeer

For many years the church has prayed for revival to come, never knowing or understanding how God might answer that prayer. Today, we are witnessing the greatest shaking that we have ever known, and on a world wide scale. As financial institutions become bankrupt, and many lose jobs, land, and homes, the awakening that we once prayed for has come!

Everything that can be shaken is, and this scenario is causing even the weakest links within the soul of man to rise up, as God becomes our only hope. But what will become of it all, and how will we survive? Where God's People are Going is like an oracle from the Lord. He tells us in His word that My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me. John 10:27

Until we come to know the Lord's voice, our relationship, and our knowledge of Him is vague at best. The life giving messages in this book are just that, messages that bring life to dark situations, and answers to life's questions about today, and what is yet to come. My questions to the Lord often reflect the times in which we live as I ask the simple question, why?

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ISBN-13: 9781477277850
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/09/2012
Pages: 436
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By Lyle McTeer


Copyright © 2012 Lyle McTeer
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4772-7785-0

Chapter One

Prophecy of Gods Power being released upon the Earth

What you are about to read was written after receiving this prophecy on 02/03/04. Today, I'm amazed at how accurate it is as we become witnesses to some of the greatest prophecies in the Bible.

When I witnessed this I had been in a season with the Lord that was so intimate, and the power of God was so strong that I was expecting something to happen. But I would never have thought the Lord would suddenly take me in spirit to witness the mightiest thunder heads that I had ever seen. These were no ordinary thunder clouds because I felt the presence and the power of God so strong that I was in awe. As the fear of the Lord went to the core of my being I felt as though I was standing before God as the massive thunder heads began to explode all around me.

As the thunder continued, it was so powerful that it shook the whole earth. Suddenly there was a surge of lightning that was so powerful that it "lit up the face of the whole earth". There were no words spoken, and I did not have to ask any, nor did I feel that I could. I was simply given revelation by the Spirit of God that what I was witnessing was the great outpouring of "His Spirit in power". It was a power that I had never experienced before, it left me trembling inside while knowing that God's power was being released upon all the earth. The power that is being released I believe will be the greatest outpouring that there will ever be!

Diadem, the Symbol of Authority

Approximately one year before this took place the Lord began to lay the foundation for what I had just witnessed. It had been another season of intercession when I received revelation from the Lord regarding diadem.

Diadem is a word and a symbol that represents power and authority. As the Lord does when revealing something very significant to me He repeated the word diadem to me more than once, and then said; "Bring forth the diadem". Then the Lord gave me a scripture verse, and it was Revelation 12:1. This passage of scripture is a reference to a woman clothed with the sun, and it symbolically represents God's people being clothed in the power of Christ. A time that is now upon us as the noon day sun rises upon the bride of Christ.

In the same verse of scripture the twelve stars represent a completeness, something that is viewed as the twelve tribes of Israel in all fullness spiritually. Twelve also represents governmental authority, which is what we can expect to begin in 2012, as we come into the fullness of what God has called us to become. This will be the season of maturity when we will begin to walk as Jesus walked, as unity with God and His people comes to a new place! It is also a time when the Lord will lead His people to overcome all things, as we begin to tread upon them. Rev. 12: 1 Now a great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a garland of twelve stars.

A time of preparation!

The Lord always lays a foundation in us before He gives us a broader scope of understanding. God is an awesome Father; He always prepares His children for their future, and continues to prepare us for what is ahead.

Much of what we glean from our heavenly Father, such as wisdom, comes in the form of dreams and visions. These are some of the ways our Father speaks to us, as we have heavenly encounters; they are as words spoken from the Lord that have great symbolic meaning. However, these encounters are something that we must take time to listen too, write down, and process while praying about them, so that we can understand what is being said.

Visitations are also becoming more common place, and being taken up in the spirit is also something that the Lord has been doing with those He can trust. We must also remember that scripture must always remain the plumb-line of all that God reveals, must line up with. It will also help in keeping us grounded in truth so we do not get off course.

God is making things very clear to those who will take the time to spend with Him. He obviously knows and is concerned that in the last days deception and deep darkness is coming upon the earth to blind, even some of the elect.

In our relationship to God, we are no different than little children. And just like children it takes time to learn the language that is being spoken. This is why we must seek out the deeper meaning of what the Lord is conveying to us which at times can take years to unfold. However, if we continue to follow Him, and listen, the dreams, visions, and the prophetic words eventually take on greater meaning. This is the time that I call a "maturity in time" of what has been revealed. Likened to a plant, the prophetic words, visions or dreams begin to take shape, as time passes what God has given us creates more and more revelation until we have a much clearer picture or understanding of what He is saying.

As we wait upon the Lord's word to unfold, His divine character is created through the circumstances that surround the unfolding truth, which causes us to grow up and become mature in Christ. Only in times of maturity does greater clarity come, as the accuracy in the truth of His word brings understanding, the greater depths of the wisdom of God is revealed.

A New Nation is being birthed

Yet another pivotal truth the Lord needed me to understand is found in Rev. 12: 2. And being there with child, she cried out in labor and in pain to give birth. Again, this verse was given to me one year before I was given any visions about what was coming. As I read this verse I was drawn to question the Lord about the woman. So I asked the Lord, why was there labor and pain in the verse, because He had highlighted those words to me. And the Lord said; I am preparing to give birth to My child, a New Nation!

I am still amazed by this statement years later because of the magnitude of what the Lord said. A whole nation in the likeness of Jesus, and it was going to take place in the last days! This is the army that the Lord is in the process of raising up to take back what has been lost or stolen. The world is about to witness the same signs and wonders that Jesus and His disciples did, however this time the Lord is saying that He is birthing His child with great magnitude, can you begin to imagine what is going to take place upon the earth?

A Great Fiery Red Dragon

I continued to pray about the visions and the word diadem for some time, then, as if it was again given birth the Lord spoke to me and said to read Revelation 12:3. This verse is also in line with the visions that are being explained about the up-rising of evil, and the power the Lord is releasing upon all the earth. Revelation 12:3; And then another sign appeared in heaven: behold, a great, fiery red dragon having seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads.

The greater evil that is being unleashed in our day is because we have entered the period of harvest, or the last days when all things become mature. In making this statement, we are witnessing pride, greed, selfishness, bitterness, the religious spirit along with haughtiness and arrogance rise up as never before. These are the weeds or tares that have been sown among the wheat while men slept or were in darkness! See (Matthew 13:36-43). As you see in vs. 43, the righteous will shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Surely, it is a season that is called harvest, when "all things" become mature!

Stay in the light of His Glory, lest you enter into temptation!

When darkness falls, the enemy seeks unsuspecting men and women who are complacent, have compromised, or have been offended. This is when Satan plants the seed of evil among men. People can easily become blind during times of weakness, such as times of anger, rage, hostility, drunkenness, debauchery, drug or alcohol use, pornography and so on. Most of the time people fall into the same old traps because of complacency, which is not moving forward with the Lord. This is when obvious compromises are made that always have to do with the past.

Satan is more aware of your weaknesses than you are, which is why he looks for and promotes apathy. The same methods were used in the garden with Adam and Eve who ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They too turned inward, which was away from the Lord for a moment, once Satan gets us to a place of complacency he knows what our old flesh desires, and this is when temptation slithers in, it is a time of darkness that all of mankind understands, but few know of how to overcome.

Luke 22:46; Then He said to them, "Why do you sleep? Rise and pray, lest you enter into temptation." Also (see Luke 22:40).

This is also what Jesus meant when He said in Matt 13:24-25; Another parable He put forth to them, saying: "The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; "but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.

You see, Jesus was not necessarily talking about the tares as only those who are perishing, but was warning us that evil would be planted in us during our weak and darkened times throughout our life.

Jesus plants in the light of day, in other words when His Spirit is upon us it is in times when we are close to Him. Whether that is when we are in His word, or spending time with in prayer, to someone giving a prophetic word. When we make time, Jesus shows up and His light is all around us!

Understanding Satan's Tactics

As we spend more time with the Lord we begin to understand how Satan works. It is always during times of darkness when the slithering snake seeks whom he may devour. Jesus plants by day, but Satan plants by night; it is when deception creeps into our lives through the many ways that we call offense, heart ache, back sliding, which is the outcome of complacency. Satan knows his time is short, and like a cunning wolf he goes after the fallen or weak areas of the flesh in God's sheep, but he especially likes to go after the lambs. The people of God must come to understand the many plans of Satan, he always goes after the dark area's of flesh, which are our weaknesses, and always represent our past!

The spirit of darkness also uses God's people; through the religious spirit many are hurt and wounded, as others may even lose their place with God because of being offended. Still, many others are hurt by those who walk in pride and arrogance, which are two of the strongest roots in the flesh.

Satan knows that once people are wounded they will have a critical spirit that will both agitate and continue to hurt others. Like any animal that is wounded, people also become angry because of the pain. As resentment sets in, so does bitterness, this becomes what seems to be a vantage point that is simply a place called justification. This is where legalism takes hold that seems to become a philosophy. This happens to many because they've yet to understand the ways Satan plants seeds, to how they work in lives as they grow. The only way out of all of all of this is through the power of the cross.

Jesus had great Passion in the Garden

Something that the Lord used to give me greater insight about darkness was Mel Gibson's movie called "The Passion Of the Christ". As I was waiting for the movie to start, I asked the Lord to reveal what "He wanted me to see and understand while viewing this film. There was a part in the movie that is worth mentioning that we need to understand. It was toward the beginning of the movie when the Lord was in the garden of Gethsemane praying before He was taken away. When the Lord prayed so deeply during that time in the garden, it was about much more than the cup that He was about to take upon Himself. What is written in the Bible almost always has a deeper meaning than what we see on the surface.

Every step Jesus took was measured, so how important was His prayer that released "His blood"?

The Holy Spirit made something clear to me that could only come from Him, while I watched the movie the Lord said; when I was praying in agony and sweat came as drops of blood, "it was for you"!

Jesus' prayers in the garden were not all about Him, every step, every word spoken, and every prayer He prayed during His ministry was about us, and for us! Every step that Jesus took while He was here was for overcoming what was, and what would be lost! Therefore, the prayers in the garden of Gethsemane were no different.

As Jesus prayed in the garden, it was for us to overcome evil and temptation, the greatest of which we have entered into. Jesus' prophetic prayer for us to overcome was also an example for us. If we do not continue to pray, we fall asleep; this is when darkness comes in and our spiritual eyes are shut which allows darkness in the way of temptation to enter in.

Jesus' Intercession was in the Garden

Isn't it interesting that Jesus' prayer was in the garden? Man fell from the Lord due to the temptation that came from the serpent in the "Garden of Eden". But it would be in the "Garden of Gethsemane" that Jesus' burden would become so heavy, His prayers so intense, that drops of blood were agonizingly pressed out.

The Olive Press

The word Gethsemane means olive press. The symbolism is the weight of sin that Jesus carried for us all. Gethsemane is also like an economic connection is today, because it is linked to the "lower class of society", to the wealthy "who owned" the olive presses. As it is today, that the difference in wealth always causes oppression for those who do not have it!

Another paradigm as it was so long ago is that most of God's people are tied to the banking and financial institutions, and are being heavily robbed and oppressed.

Big business and commerce continues to rob and oppress Gods people. Like it was in Jesus' day, most have become so familiar with this type of oppression that it is just a way of life. It was also like this in Moses'day with the Egyptians. They were the most powerful people on earth during that time and oppressed God's people for over 400 years. However, Israel, or God's people, were delivered through the great plagues/ storms of God. Today, those same storms have come into view as the economies of the world crumble under the shaking, caused because of the weight of sin.

The Worlds most Valuable Commodity is Jesus

We are living in a day when we must make the choice of whom, or what we place our belief and trust in; Jesus, or the world's commodities, which lie in the grasp of the Babylon spirit and is the control used by Satan.

We must consider the symbolic meaning of Gethsemane, therefore understanding both the economic and religious importance of the olive itself. Much of Israel grows olives, but to them the olives were much more than just food. Oil that came from the olives was used to "fuel the lamps", and was also used as a "preserving agent". The oil was also used for anointing kings, priests and prophets that were called by God, so it had great value.

In biblical times it was difficult to extract oil from olives; they had to put them into a circular stone basin, and then a millstone was used to crush them. A donkey was then used to turn the millstone as it walked in a circle that would make the stone go around until all the olives were crushed, and the oil was released.

Jesus, who is our Rock, rode humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey and would also go through a time that was thought would crush Him until nothing was left. When it was finished, the crushing released His love in the greatest sacrifice that we will ever know. But instead of olive oil, it was the blood of Jesus that would wipe away sin, therefore putting Satan under our feet. As scripture points out, if you fall upon the rock, you will be broken!

Then He looked at them and said, "What then is this that is written: "The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone'? "Whoever falls on that stone will be broken; but on whomever it falls, it will grind him to powder." Luke 20: 17-18). And the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you Amen. Romans 16:20


Excerpted from WHERE GOD'S PEOPLE ARE GOING, LIFE GIVING MESSAGES by Lyle McTeer Copyright © 2012 by Lyle McTeer. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Prophecy of Gods Power being released upon the Earth....................1
Chapter 2: Title: Perishing forever Subtitle: History of the Annals....................15
Chapter 3: The Two Paths of Life at the End of the Age....................33
Chapter 4: Overcoming the spirit of Babylon....................48
Chapter 5: The Valley of Jehoshaphat....................57
Chapter 6: The Bride is being stripped for intimacy!....................71
Chapter 7: The Great Falling Away "Part 1"....................89
Chapter 8: The Promised Bride is Falling Away "Part 2"....................95
Chapter 9: The Fire of God's Love....................97
Chapter 10: The Sacred Room....................109
Chapter 11: The 144,000 Virgins'....................113
Chapter 12: Obedience, an Important Key to Overcoming!....................124
Chapter 13: Vision of the hidden Jewels....................136
Chapter 14: Root Issues: Self-Sufficiency, Pride, Arrogance, and Greed is the tap root!....................139
Chapter 15: Breaking the Third Seal....................153
Chapter 16: Transported into The Valley of Hopelessness....................158
Chapter 17: Removing Obstacles Out of the Way!....................161
Chapter 18 Having the mind of Christ!....................167
Chapter 19: The Tares of Evil are being Exposed....................169
Chapter 20: The Crowning of Humility....................172
Chapter 21: Seeing God's Glory in a different light!....................176
Chapter 22: The Vine and the branches!....................179
Chapter 23: Dream of The Coming Persecution, and God's vindication through Signs & Wonders!....................187
Chapter 24: Entering the Greatest War of All Time....................190
Chapter 25: The Promised Seed and the Two Witnesses!....................202
Chapter 26: The Stones are beginning to fall....................205
Chapter 27: The New Construction of an Ancient Temple!....................212
Chapter 28: Manifestations of God's Glory....................217
Chapter 29: The Rich Harvest!....................222
Chapter 30: Contempt towards the Sacrifice because of an unrepentant heart!....................234
Chapter 31: Open Vision of Brotherly-Unity-Harmony!....................244
Chapter 32: The River of Life!....................245
Chapter 33: The Beginning of the "GREAT AWAKENING"....................248
Chapter 34: The God of Hope and Glory....................257
Chapter 35: "The Year of the Lord's Favor"....................264
Chapter 36: A face to Face encounter with Jesus, my personal story!....................269
Chapter 37: Restoring the Waterways of Old....................290
Chapter 38: Becoming the Living Sacrifice....................301
Chapter 39: The Babylon spirit & Free Masonry....................315
Chapter 40: The Sons of Abraham Arise!....................325
Chapter 41: Transported to see Wormwood because the "Seventh Seal" has been broken!....................346
Chapter 42: Why Peter Walked on Water....................362
Chapter 43: The New Jerusalem Is Upon Us....................367
About the Author....................423

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