Where I End

Where I End

by Michelle Dare
4.6 9

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Where I End by Michelle Dare

Where I End is a standalone new adult romance.

Pretentious. Arrogant. Condescending. Cruel.
All words I'd used to label him. Exactly what I’d always believed he was. All that changed one spring morning when I realized I didn't know the man behind the facade at all.

Angry. Desperate. Broken. Mine.
All words I'd use to define him after I interfered. Once our eyes locked, I was all in. There was no turning back. He tried to push me away, but I refused to let him go. I was determined to save him. What I didn't expect was that he would save me, too.

I was so close to ending my misery. Mere seconds away. Then she stumbled upon our argument, and I changed my plans. She wasn't supposed to be there. She knew too much. Even with my entire world burning down around me, she wouldn't walk away.

I’ve always been on my own. No one had ever fought for me before. Why should anyone start now? But she did, no matter how much I tried to stop her. I knew I was nothing, unworthy of her, but she was persistent. Once she got under my skin, I couldn't let her go, because where I end, she begins.

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BN ID: 2940154759875
Publisher: Michelle Dare
Publication date: 06/09/2017
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 82,886
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About the Author

Michelle Dare is a romance author. Her stories range from sweet to sinful and from new adult to fantasy. There aren’t enough hours in the day for her to write all of the story ideas in her head. When not writing or reading, she’s a wife and mom living in eastern Pennsylvania. One day she hopes to be writing from a beach where she will never have to see snow or be cold again.

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Where I End 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
sweetpotato101 3 months ago
I wasn't prepared for the story I was given with Michelle Dare's Where I End. I'm drawn to stories that push the boundaries of darkness and that lead the characters on a rougher journey to healing. From the blurb and the opening chapters, I definitely got that vibe. This book, however, really needs a trigger warning. There's a massive trigger, and it comes almost out of left field. I really think more back story would have helped with this. Everything happens much too fast, and Cy and Evie connect on such a quick and visceral level, that from the glimpses of their past we had in the prologue, I didn't fully believe it. The dialogue between them felt very awkward and almost too formal, and it further distanced me from the characters. I just didn't connect with this story. If you go in knowing that this is a dark, personal journey, and you don't mind a quick connection, I think you might enjoy this more than I did. It just wasn't my cup of tea.
missalicia2013 5 months ago
I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review... This story felt very alive to me. It was dark, sad, loving, compelling, and so realistic. It deals with abuse and for once not against a female, I think people forget males get abused too so while this could be considered taboo it's also very important. Eve is bullied everyday while in school and she doesn't know why she's his target. The book speeds up to their adulthood and sets us on a journey I'm not sure even the main characters are going to survive. I couldn't put the book down except for when I needed to process some of the heavy issues it was dealing with. I hope there is a second book because there are other characters who deserve to have a happy ending
Honolulubelle 6 months ago
Favorite Quotes: ‘You don't get to keep walking away from me… At some point, I'm going to stop chasing you.’ In truth, I will stop chasing him, but I doubt I'll ever stop caring for him. There's only so much I can take, though. I love you to the point of pain, Evie. My chest hurts when you're not near. You're the most important person in my life, Evie. I was going to tell you right away, but the moment I saw you, all thought left my mind. My Review: I struggled while reading this book, not with the intense subject matter or main plot lines, but primarily with the writing style, it was just not my cup of tea. Most of the elements for a satisfying read were present; the premise of the book was relevant and topical, many of the story threads were interesting and entertaining, the narrative was presented in my favorite dual POV, and it concluded with a satisfying HEA. However, the writing was several shades too melodramatic and repetitious for my taste, and that is all a review actually comes down to, personal taste. I mean no disrespect to the author or her fans and certainly have no intention to cause ill will. I am also well aware that while I may find some tropes and styles cheesy, other readers are eating it on toast. Apparently, this is one of those times. C’est la vie.
LindaR112 6 months ago
When you start to read this make sure you can finish in one sitting! Great job Michelle Dare! All through high school Eve was teased, she didn't grow up in town and for some reason Cy has teased her mercilessly. Cy and his friends are from money and the most popular kids in school and Eve's mother works for his. Eve only really has one friend and she knows it's only because Cy teases her that maybe her friend would get accepted by the cool group. Six years have gone by and Eve now works for Cy's mom and she enjoys it except for seeing Cy and his friends but Eve is not the embarrassed girl she once was so they don't really get to her. Risa his mother invites her for dinner and she never gets away with turning it down but that night Cy and his stepfather Everett get in a fight so she leaves but not before Cy stops her to apologize which he has never done before. When she comes to work next she hears and sees some things that cause her to take Cy home with her. Now Eve can't help but try and help Cy along with his friend Parker but the things she feels for Cy are sneaking up on her. There are a lot of messages in this story besides the obvious and you don't even realize how subtle it is. I just loved it and I am hoping to read more stories involving Cy and Eve and some of the other characters we have met in this story. I received this book for free at my request
Jessica62404 6 months ago
Where I end Where Do I Begin, I am left like what am I supposed to do. Such a hangover . This book is bully to savior, Cy Revere was a bully , a rich popular guy, the guy in high school. Eve became his target,for some reason he made everyday a living Hell for Eve, she doesn't understand why her, what she did to deserve this torture that Cy dishes out everyday. All grown up but still a introvert Eve works for Cy's mother as her assistant she see Cy all the time always with his last night conquest . She will always be drawn to Cy even after everything he did, but she hates herself for it. Cy is broken, he has been traumatized for years, and the one person who he told thought he was lying and let the abuse continue. When he hits his breaking point Eve stumbles in saves him. She gives him something worth living for. I was not expecting this book to be so hardcore, gut wrenching, beautiful. Cy you hate him, and then you weep for him he is a broken man, who is strong, but he doesn't even know it. Eve, he calls her Evie that women has more courage, compassion , and forgiveness then any other character I have read about. I will never forget this story , I think these characters are embedded in my heart. I wish I could give it so many more stars. This is a Deep, Deep read that will leave you with a hangover
SueLeB 6 months ago
This book was incredible! It brought lots of tears to my eyes just imagining what poor Cy had to go through as a child and turning out as well as he did. What a horrible, horrible way to have to live, in terror and fear and having no one to love you or believe you. Eve was an angel in disguise loving and forgiving Cy like she did. I actually hated Cy at first because of the awful way he treated Eve but after knowing what he went through it made it a little easier to forgive him. Boys will be boys, they get mean and do dumb things when they like someone because they don't know any other way. Eve is an amazingly strong and caring person in my book and a definite one of a kind. This was such a touching love story and I loved everything about it. I highly, highly recommend this book to everyone. Michelle Dare, you are an amazing author and I will recommend this book to everyone. Loved it!!!
angang68 6 months ago
I received a free ARC of this book and am voluntarily writing an honest review. This book deserves more than 5 stars! Michelle Dare takes her readers on a wild ride from the first page! What would you do if the person who made your high school life miserable all of a sudden needed help? This is the dilemma Eve faces when she stumbles upon Cy having an argument with his mother. Eve makes her choice and from there this untraditional love story takes off. I won't lie, I hated Cy when the story started but Ms. Dare wrote his character in a manner that ends with the reader loving him. Be prepared....this book will have you feeling many different emotions! Where I End is one of those books that breaks you into a million pieces and puts you back together by the end. Heart breaking but full of forgiveness and love. Michelle Dare has out done herself with this book!
Mgrabeel 6 months ago
Not everything is at it seems.. Eve Adley lives a solitary life comprised of a job she loves and little more. She's moved past her very painful teenage years and is flourishing in her life. Cy Revere is living a lie and skimming rock bottom. No one knows his pains until it erupts and takes everyone surrounding him. His ally is the last person he expected to come to his rescue. The author pulled me in immediately and kept me hooked until the end. Every time I read a new book by her, I am amazed by the words and how she's able to create a story, a world where she breaks the characters and then rebuilds them. They are better than they were before and better together than they were apart. I loved Eve's ability to overcome her tortured past and embrace her future and she didn't allow her to be jaded by it. My heart broke for Cy. I loved that he was able to rebuild himself from something so awful and become a strong, loving man. This story will stay with me a long time and I will definitely recommend it to others. I have read many books by this author and am never disappointed by her gifts.
COswald 6 months ago
There are not enough stars in the world to give this book! It's my new new favorite by Michelle Dare. Trigger warning! This book is heavy on the emotions. You'll need tissues. Michelle wrote Cy and Eve's story beautifully. She sucks you right in. Makes you hate then love. Giving the reader the feels is Michelle's specialty. Told in both Cy and Eve's POV. I highly recommend this standalone romance.