Where Was Mary

Where Was Mary

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ISBN-13: 9781566845762
Publisher: Evans Book Distribution & Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/28/1999
Pages: 17

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Georgia Jensen Blosil

Most all people, Christian or otherwise, believe that Jesus Christ and His mother Mary were real people. Their story is beloved and celebrated worldwide. It is for everyone that I have written my poem, "Where Was Mary."

I have pondered Mary's relationship to her son Jesus while on earth, and how it began with His birth and ended with His death, as so briefly recorded in the New Testament. Surely between those two heralded events, Mary had the same intimate joys of motherhood and gave continually the same kind of loving devotion to her baby boy - as He grew to manhood - as all devoted mothers experience with their own growing sons.

I am the mother of six sons and a daughter. Whereas my daughter is a special gift to me - my poem, "Where Was Mary," also expresses my fond memories of raising my own sons who have all now entered manhood and their respective life missions.

"Where Was Mary" is a poem of empathy. It is carefully founded upon scripture - in poetic style; therefore with no attempt to characterize Mary or put words in her mouth. In this way she remains intact, sacred - an extraordinary woman and cherished mother who is still left to the reverent imagination of the reader. And yet, it is my hope that in the poem, with the beautiful and sensitive illustrations of Darin Ashby, she is someone the reader can enjoy through his or her own related and dear memories of childhood or parenthood - at Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day, the birth of a baby - any time a special occasion arises in a family and among friends.

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