Which Fuels for Low Co² Engines?

Which Fuels for Low Co² Engines?


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ISBN-13: 9782710808510
Publisher: Editions Technip
Publication date: 09/21/2004
Series: Publication IFP Series
Pages: 233
Product dimensions: 8.06(w) x 10.81(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Conference contactsII
Opening Address1
Future of Liquid Fuels
Potentiality of Ethanol as a Fuel for Dedicated Engine7
Biomass to Liquid (BtL) Diesel Fuels. Sourcing, Stakes and Enablers21
Engine and Fuel-Related Issues in Hcci & Cai Combustion
The Key Points of HCCI Combustion Controls29
The Effect of Fuel Properties on HCCI Engine Combustion Characteristics and Performances45
HCCI: Fuel and Engine Interaction59
Effect of Fuel Properties on CAI/HCCI Combustion and Emission in a 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine69
Latest Developments in Heavy Duty Diesel HCCI79
New HCCI/CAI Combustion Process Development: Methodology for Determination of Relevant Fuel Parameters89
Synthetic Fuels - Key for Future Powertrains99
Energy Conversion in Engines from Natural Gas
Natural Gas on the Road for Lower CO[subscript 2]109
Utilization of Natural Gas for Internal Combustion Engines123
Lean Burn Highly Boosted SI Engines for Gasoline, Gas and Reformulated Fuels133
Development of Natural Gas Demonstrator Based on an Urban Vehicle with a Downsized Turbocharged Engine145
Introduction of the Use of Hydrogen in ic Engines
Emissions Reduction Through Hydrogen Enrichment159
Reducing Hydrocarbons Emissions with Direct Injection of Natural Gas in a Hydrogen Assisted Jet Ignition Engine171
Possible Short-Term Introduction of Hydrogen as Vehicle Fuel/Fuel Additive181
The Mixture Formation Process of an Internal Combustion Engine for Zero CO[subscript 2]-Emission Vehicles Fueled with Cryogenic Hydrogen189
Which Fuels for Low CO[subscript 2] Engines?
Furore - Future Road Vehicle Research, a Roadmap for the Future - A Contribution to the Identification of Key Technologies for Fuels and Powertrain for a Sustainable Development of European Road Transport201
Greenhouse Gas Effect in Real Uses Driving Conditions for Conventional and Alternative Fuels209
Alternative Fuels for Road Transport217
Which Transport Fuels for the Future? The Oil Industry Perspective223

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