Which Side of the Bed: Poems by Peter Seidman, Artwork by Paul Widess

Which Side of the Bed: Poems by Peter Seidman, Artwork by Paul Widess


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Peter Seidman’s subject matter is the ineffable: the hidden forces that drive existence and confound ordinary thought, the essences of relationships that can’t be put into words. And yet his poems reach for the extraordinary through powerful evocations of ordinary sense experience, as if to suggest that the elusive is visible if we know how to look. The juxtaposition of paintings and drawings by Paul Widess visually enlivens the poetry while creating an atmosphere all their own. Many images are inspired directly from the specific poems they illustrate. Some images resulted from the general presence of the poetry combined with whatever was happening in the artist's environment.

Which Side of the Bed is organized chronologically, picking up the poet in his twenties, concluding fifty years later. Second, believing quality and appeal all depend on which side of the bed one arose from on any given day, this book is a collection of poems that personally appeal to the poet, with hopes that his readers experience some of the same emotive power Peter Seidman felt in selecting them.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781939353269
Publisher: Peter Seidman
Publication date: 05/01/2017
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

About the Author

Poet Peter Seidman was born in Chicago, and was educated in the Heartland as well as on both coasts. He is retired from life as a teacher, R&D program manager, and editor. Peter poems have appeared, among other sources, in "Gertrude 13," "River Poets Journal," "Presence," "Wild Goose Poetry Review," and "The green tricycle"; as well as in "Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer›s Disease." He lives in Olympia, Washington.

Paul Widess has always stared at the world around him. He was trained as an engineer but eventually moved over to architecture. He kept on moving to less substantial worlds by taking many art classes. He is more comfortable with images than words and marvels at those who can write them.

Table of Contents

Paul’s Letter Accompanying the Images 1


Crust and Core 5


Soundings 11

Ode to a Latter-Day Sisyphus 15

The Children’s Crusade

Is Only a Pleasant Memory Now 19

Springfield, Illinois 1978–1988

The Visit 23

“Luxembourg Gardens” in a Cat’s Ear 26

If I Should Die from You 29

After Lunching with Bonnie,

This Is What Can Happen to a Mensch 31

If I Do Live I Live 33

Sky Light Reflecting in God’s Eyes 35

BERKELEY, California 1996–2016

Dad on Sinai 39

From a Dream 41

Tilden 43

Tilden a Month Later 45

Bonnie’s Heart 47

Grasses 49

Impermanence 50

Before the Silent Emptiness 53

Ten-Mile Beach 55

Brane Science 57

Right Sisters 60

To Quicken 63

Wu-Wei 66

A Thursday Kaddish 68

Samaya 71

Tea Ceremony 77

Casting Lots 79

Watch Your Back 83

Safe Haven 87

From Aubades to a Daughter

October 2006 The Cricket’s Song 91

Fault Lines 93

Sweet Confusion 101

The Giveaway 105

Little Brown Job 109

Carry the Voice 112

Metanoia 115

Our September 120

Meeting 123

California Chestnut 125

Ensõ 127

Auspex 128

5:12 pm 130

Shipwright 132

If One Could Quilt a Wish Fulfilled 135

In the Little Hours 137

Air to a Charred Alpine Woodland

Slope And Meadow 139

Refuge 140

Among the Haiku 142

Olympia, Washington 2016

To Leave and Leaf Again 147

Acknowledgments 154

About the Authors 155

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