While You Recover

While You Recover

by Eva Maxwell




When we are recovering from surgery or major illness, most of us want short, positive encouragement along the journey. At least, that is what Eva Maxwell discovered as she spent time recovering. There is a lot of inspirational material out there but not much dealing directly with the healing process that goes on while the physical body is recovering. In her journaling, God revealed Himself in the smallest of things because she chose to seek Him in the journey.

The message in this devotional is this:
No matter what you are going through, God is there and He cares. If you seek Him, you will find Him in the most unexpected places and in doing so, gain not only physical healing, but spiritual renewal as well.

I had enjoyed 3/4 of the book when one day I was at the store and a checkout lady was talking about her upcoming surgery. I mentioned reading the book instead of spending her time watching TV while healing. A few days later I took her your book which she took to the hospital. In a follow-up with Barbara, she told me she just loved the book, and all the nurses wanted to take it and read it themselves. As a matter of fact, someone did take it, and the entire hospital was searched to retrieve it. It was found the next day. Barbara said that they definitely want the book in the hospital for future patients. Barbara also mentioned that she felt her recovery was so quick because she had read the book. She super appreciated the scripture relating to everything.

Arleen .

Your book is great. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. You really hit the nail on the head concerning some of the feelings I'm having (some times many of them on the same day!) Right now I canreally relate to the itching segment. That itching is driving me a little crazy but I know it is a sign of healing and I really need to be thankful for that. (Thankful and a little crazy)


Thank you for the devotional. My husband and I especially can relate to the "Why Me, Lord" chapter. It is helping us get through this very difficult time.


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