Whiskey Rebellion

Whiskey Rebellion

by Toni Aleo

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I have to make the pain stop.

I want to feel alive, and I do when I'm drinking and partying the way I should have when I was a teen. Instead, back then, I was preparing to become the Whiskey Princess, a role assigned to me from birth.

A lady never drinks to the point of blacking out, nor does she go home with men she meets in bars. But I went home with him...Jackson.

He was more than just a one-night stand, but I learned that a wee bit late and he was gone. Or so I thought.

For when I return home, Jackson is there, and he finds out very quickly who I am.

Problem is, I'm not sure that I've ever known who I really am.


I can tell by looking into her blue depths that she's absolute trouble, but I have to have her. It's only for one night. Some fun, and I'll be on my way. My time here is done, and I'm ready to move on to my next adventure.

What I don't realize at the time is that she is my next adventure.

Lena excites me. She blows my mind. And her brogue? It has me in knots. I don't even care about the rumors that surround her.

She's hurting. I want to help her, but then my time is up.

Can I leave her?

I have to leave. I have no choice.

But I love her.

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BN ID: 2940158723414
Publisher: Toni Aleo
Publication date: 02/27/2018
Series: Toni Aleo's Taking Risks Series , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 220
Sales rank: 34,856
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Whiskey Rebellion 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
Melissa Sagastume More than 1 year ago
**I received an ARC for an honest review** Words. Feelings. Pain. Tears. Toni Aleo did a number on me with this book. I kept meaning to read it but as my never-ending TBR grows I missed the released date. I've dying to read about Lena since she was first mentioned in Whisky Prince. As much as I enjoyed Whisky Prince, I kept hoping for more of Lena. I took me a couple of days to write this review because I needed to decompress from the number that was done on me. Toni Aleo is one of my favorite writers but this book has to be one of my favorites. It's like Toni crawled into my mind and planted the most powerful words inside of it. Toni not only tackled a hard issue, she wrote about it in such a meaningful and relatable way that I felt proud knowing that I'm reading one of her books. When it comes to rape, most people write about it in a textbook way or the undermine it. They don't realize that no rape case is EVER the same. While they may be similarities, it's different for everyone. Lena was in love with a boy from the wrong side who eventually raped her. He took away her innocence, he violated her trust and privacy and he took away her right. Lena was broken and let her mother put her back together as best as she could. Lena spent years shut down and was engaged to someone who only wanted her for her title. It wasn't till she decided to break away and live on her own that she went on this venture to find herself. She has a downward spiral and has lost sight of who she is. It takes her mother being sick to wake her up and to bring her back home, but before that, Lena meets someone who changes her world. Que in Jackson. After sleeping together, he thought Lena was a whore since he couldn't believe someone like her could ever want him. Let me just say, I was trying to do Lena's accent in my mind while I was reading this book. She totally flips out and kicks him out. On a whim, Jackson not only goes home but ends up working for her family as well. Through ups and downs, Lena and Jackson helped rebuild one another. Jackson mended Lena's wounds and helped her conquer her demons. Little by little by being in love with Lena, he was able to overcome what no child should have gone through. Lena and Jackon are the perfect matches for each other. One of the things I loved most about this book was how unapologetic Lena was. On her road of rebuilding herself, she found who she really was. She wasn't her mom's carbon copy, she was Lena. The girl who goes to the bar after six pm, even if it's unladylike, the girl who swears, the one who isn't afraid to be her and break the unjust norms society has placed around her. She didn't care that Jackson wasn't who she should've been with, she's with him because he's her other half. This is a must-read book. Toni, you did it again
TheBookNookBlog More than 1 year ago
Since the day she was born, Lena O'Callaghan has been raised to become the next Whiskey Princess. She was brought up to be strong and classy young woman for others to look up to. After a traumatic incident that left Lena feeling shattered, all she wanted to do is try to drown out the past and move on with her life. She soon finds herself in a downward spiral filled with drugs, alcohol, and lust-filled affairs. While traveling abroad trying to find herself, Lena meets the handsome bartender, Jackson who has also been touring the world. They immediately hit it off and have a wild round of passion before Jackson takes off on his next adventure. Little does Lena know that his next voyage will lead him to her hometown in Ireland. Fate brings them together again after Lena returns home due to the failing health of a family member. Their spark reignites once again and has them tumbling head over heels for one another. Can Lena finally overcome the ghosts of her past with Jackson's love and guidance? Or will her fears drive away the man who has stolen her heart? Whiskey Rebellion is the third novel in Toni Aleo's "Taking Risks" series. The first two books were beautifully written and the third story is no exception! The characters have great dynamics and fiery personalities. This romantic comedy is filled with drama, adventure, and steamy passion. You won't want to put this book down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Romance and humor, who could ask for more?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As always her books are amazing! You feel what her characters are going through and you become attached to their story from start to finish. The journey Lena goes through to find her forever is just amazing transformation. Thank Toni for another great adventure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book, please tell me there is more coming? Following the last three there should be at least two for Lena and one for Kane and Fiona. I'll wait!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another great book for Toni Aleo .
JWright57 More than 1 year ago
Whiskey Rebellion is book three in the Takng Risks Series but it can be read as a stand-alone, I know this because I have read a fair few books by Toni Aleo but this is the first in this particular series, I was not disappointed in fact I will be one clicking books one and two. The attraction between Lena and Jackson was instant and maybe a little bit crazy but that’s just the start of this beautifully written story and I really enjoyed seeing their relationship develop as the story unfolds. Lena was raised as a lady but she needs some excitement in her life in fact she needs to feel alive, she needs to work out just where her life is going, she need to get out of tailspin her life was going in and meeting Jackson might be just what she needs problem is for reasons only he knows Jackson only stays in one place for a maximum of 3 months. Lena and Jackson have a one night stand that ends up with her telling him about her home town of Mayo in Ireland and it plants a seed in Jackson’s mind to visit as part of his trip around Europe the last thing he expects was Lena to be there and for her to get so far under his skin his 3 month rule needs to be reconsidered....... I loved the way this author describes the small and peaceful village of Mayo, I loved Jackson he is so strong and supportive of Lena and I loved how he founds ways to make her smile and cheer her up. This is a love story with plenty of steamy scenes and even though I have not read the previous two books I still got a lot of enjoyment out of Lena and Jackson’s story.
mrsdiddy More than 1 year ago
4 Stars! Whiskey Rebellion is the story of two broken people who finding healing and love in each other. Lena is a trainwreck escaping life in a bottle and boys. Jackson is running from his life back in Canada. When the two meet, they spend a wild night together and then got their separate ways. Only, they are reunited when Lena returns to her home after her mother falls ill and Jackson takes a temporary job working in Lena's family's stables. I loved the themes of healing, self-discovery and taking control. There was a lot of Irish jargon sprinkled throughout this one which I found a little distracting and broke my reading flow. I thought the story was really good and I loved that Lena got her HEA. She really deserved it after all she had been through. A great new read in this sweet series!
Hershey07 More than 1 year ago
~4.5 Stars~ Another fantastic read by Toni Aleo! I have read several different series by Toni Aleo, but this is a new one from me. No, I haven’t read the first two yet, but I will definitely be adding them to my to read list! Lena was born into a dynasty, groomed to be the Whiskey Princess, until her world was ripped from underneath her, along with her innocence. Now, she isn’t really sure who she is. She knows she just doesn’t want to feel the fear or the pain again…booze, drugs, and meaningless sex gives that to her. Jackson is traveling Europe, stopping places only long enough to make money before moving on. He never stays very long in one place, and he has no shortage of women. When he Lena strolls into the bar where he is working in London, he’s immediately under her spell. He wants to get to know her, but when she offers a hook-up, he can’t refuse. He thinks he’ll never see her again, so why not? After their hook-up, Jackson insults her, not really meaning to. Any thoughts of sticking around are thrown out of the window when she throws him out of her penthouse. Even after their encounter, neither can forget their connection. They have no idea each will see each other a lot sooner than they thought they would. My heart went out to Lena. She gave her trust to someone she loved, and he not only took her heart but decimated her. She always wanted to be like her mother, but she ran from that and her family that adored her. She thinks she can control her life finally, but she is finding out that the alcohol, the drugs, and the sex are beginning to control her. She returns home when her mother is ill, and when she discovers Jackson there, he forces her past to break through her defenses. Jackson has his own issues, but I knew he saw Lena’s pain and wanted to help her. He loved her. I just kept hoping he would find a way for him and Lena to be together. Not only was this a fantastic romance, it was a story about self-discovery, healing, and happiness. ***Read and Reviewed for Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews***
bbarneybooks28 More than 1 year ago
It’s incredibly difficult to live up to societal expectations, especially for someone like Lena O’Callaghan, because on top of public scrutiny, she also has to contend with her family’s list of rules and responsibilities, which makes it feel like she’s meant to live someone else’s life instead of her own…someone who’s portrayed to be one way when, in reality, Lena is completely different and wants nothing to do with her ‘supposed’ role as the Whiskey Princess because she doesn’t feel like it fits her or the woman she’s trying to find in herself to be. Some may view Lena as a spoiled brat – one who doesn’t appreciate the life she’s been given and would rather do everything in her power to shed a negative light on her family name and its importance. And, while there is definitely evidence to prove her downward spiral could be a big middle finger to her family and the pressure she feels due to her last name and the expectations of her role because of her family’s position in society, if people would look passed her recklessness and inappropriate behavior and see a woman struggling to find her true place in the world…in her city…in her family in a way that allows her the breathing room she needs to explore the limitless possibilities of who she can be if she only chooses to take the initiative to become that person. If there’s anyone who can help Lena find her way in this judgmental and overwhelming life, it’s Jackson Tremblay because it’s clear upon their initial meeting that he sees Lena for who she is and who she wants to become and everything about her works for him. Jackson has his own demons to shed and while he’s clearly not used to building the kind of connection he does with Lena, especially because their time together was meant to be a one-night stand, the quiet and solace they find with one another when everything else feels like it’s suffocating them makes then keenly aware of exactly what they could come to mean to each other as long as they were both willing to take a risk on love. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about Lena when I began Whiskey Rebellion; her desire to be an ordinary girl made sense to me, but I wasn’t sure if I would be able to truly understand the reasons for her rebellion and her need to find her own way. I can happily say, though, that Toni Aleo portrays Lena in such a way that her conflicted attitude fits what she has had to endure her entire life as a member of the O’Callaghan family and the fact that Jackson ‘gets’ her also helped me to corral my judgment and give Lena a chance to explain and show readers exactly why she struggles with how she’s perceived and who she’s taught to be versus who she truly wants/can be. Lena and Jackson’s story is about coming to terms with one’s past and finding one’s footing in the present, so that the future is everything that it ought to be. Both Lena and Jackson are a bit lost when Whiskey Rebellion begins and they’re unsure of how to find what they need to move forward, but the fact that they found support in each other and a passion that reignites their lives does wonders for their hearts and their souls. 4 Poison Apples (The Fairest of All Book Reviews)
Febbabie212 More than 1 year ago
I was a fan of the first two books in this series and was really happy to learn that Lena was getting her own book. It was surprising to start reading and see the pits of despair and pain that had overtaken her life. However, meeting Jackson and then her family needing her, slowly puts Lena on track for putting her life back together. Jackson, the bartender she slept with and who then shows up in her hometown, is a world-traveler running from his own demons. However, Lena and the pain she is feeling calls to him and they slowly start to heal each other. This book is truly a wonder because it doesn't shy away from the pain of life. Both characters are broken but learning to fix themselves. The emotional depth Toni Aleo reaches for both Jackson and Lena is astounding and definitely makes this a satisfying read! 
Febbabie212 More than 1 year ago
I was a fan of the first two books in this series and was really happy to learn that Lena was getting her own book. It was surprising to start reading and see the pits of despair and pain that had overtaken her life. However, meeting Jackson and then her family needing her, slowly puts Lena on track for putting her life back together. Jackson, the bartender she slept with and who then shows up in her hometown, is a world-traveler running from his own demons. However, Lena and the pain she is feeling calls to him and they slowly start to heal each other. This book is truly a wonder because it doesn't shy away from the pain of life. Both characters are broken but learning to fix themselves. The emotional depth Toni Aleo reaches for both Jackson and Lena is astounding and definitely makes this a satisfying read! 
heater_28 More than 1 year ago
**Advanced copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review** Whiskey Rebellion is the third book in Toni Aleo's Taking Risks series and it is just as engaging as the first two books in this. While this is part of a series, it can easily be read as a standalone. Lena O'Callaghan was raised to be a lady, but recently, all she's wanted is to feel alive and to figure out who she really is. Things that have happened to her in the past have sent her into a bit of a tailspin and the only way she feels alive is by drinking, partying and sleeping with different men - all things she wouldn't have done in the past. When she meets a man at a bar one night, the connection is immediate and stronger than anything she's ever felt, but she knows she'll never see him again, so she writes off the feelings. When she is summoned home, she goes, however very reluctantly, and she's met with several surprises. Jackson Tremblay doesn't like to be tied down. He's currently on holiday and traveling to different parts of Europe seeing all of the locations he wants to see, with no end in sight. The catch is, he never stays longer than three months. When Jackson encounters Lena in the bar and spends the night with her, she tells him about her homeland of Mayo, Ireland and how peaceful and beautiful it is. It plants a seed that he should visit, so he does just that. Little does he know that the woman who he had such a connection to that one night is going to turn his world upside down. When Jackson comes face to face with Lena and learns what she and her family mean to Mayo, he is not sure he can live up to what Lena needs, but he knows that the draw to her is stronger than anything he's ever felt. As the two grow closer, circumstances, things from the past and misunderstandings continue to create issues for them. Will they be able to overcome all of the forces working against them and figure out a way to be together? I am so glad that Toni Aleo decided to write this book. Lena and Jackson were wonderful characters with real life issues and feelings that I, as a reader, could identify with. Most of the time the things that end up meaning the most in life take the most effort to make them work and this relationship was no exception. I really enjoyed the first two books in this series and it was wonderful to also be able to visit with some of our favorites from those books as well. Kudos to Toni Aleo for another strong addition to this great series!
Anonymous 11 months ago
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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved Lena and Jackson so much. They most defiantly completed one another in every way. I loved the moment they met. I liked that they each needed each other to get through the past too. Beautiful and true love from the start. Toni never stops amazing me with her awesome stories! I'm excited to see what's next