Whiskey Sour (River Street Bar, #4)

Whiskey Sour (River Street Bar, #4)

by Nazarea Andrews

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Calvin Landers is a mess.

He has a great job and a steady string of men and women in his bed, and has been in love with the same couple for so long he can't remember a time when he wasn't. Coming off fresh heartbreak, he's ready to move on, to give up on romance and sex altogether and moves in with his best friend, Davis, while he looks for something more permanent and tries to figure out what the hell he's doing with his life.

Ava Liu isn't looking for anything more than something to distract her from the book she's supposed to be translating. Something to distract her from why the hell she's in River City in the first place. But the boys who share a fence are more than a little distracting and pushy, when they realize just how much Ava needs someone--and how much they all need each other.

Sometimes life happens just when you stop looking.

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BN ID: 2940155710677
Publisher: Nazarea Andrews
Publication date: 09/27/2018
Series: River Street Bar , #4
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
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Whiskey Sour (River Street Bar, #4) 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL More than 1 year ago
Although book 4 in the series it can most certainly be read as a stand alone, however all the books is this series are great so I would recommend you one click them all if and when time and finances permits. Whiskey Sour was a smoking hot read that had me invested from the first to the last chapter. This book is Cal Landers story, fire fighter and all round great guy and is a menage which contains MMF and MM. All Cal really wants is to find love and it is his vulnerability that got to me. My heart just about broke for Cal when his previous lovers dumped him. Not knowing what to do he calls his best friend Davis, who has been looking for a reason to move and now seems like the perfect time. Davis has a stalker and he believes that moving in with his best friend Cal may just be the answer he is looking for, not to mention he has been in clove with Cal for what seems like forever. On Davis’s first day in River City he meets and is attracted to Ava, a woman who suffers from agoraphobia. Their burgeoning friendship soon morphs into more but Ava is aware of his love for Cal. Surprisingly Ava is interested in a relationship with both Davis and Cal. Will Cal be prepared to take a risk on another menage? Or will he run from his feelings and in doing so lose the loves of his life? The story was strong and I really enjoyed Ms. Andrews style of writing. Her characters drew me in and in truth I became so invested I really didn’t want the book to end.  
Alwaysahappyeverafter More than 1 year ago
Another great book from Nazarea in the River Street Bar Series. Cal is a mess after a recent breakup, so Davis his best friend moves from New York to help him through it, but accidentally turns up at the Agoraphobic Ava's door. Some how they manage to help each other through their own problems and pasts but will it be enough.....
Hazel_G More than 1 year ago
2 Stars! The Review: This was a short and fun read, that was told in all three POV’s, which I liked. But the book itself could have been better. I didn’t connect with the characters like I wanted to. In fact, I didn’t really understand their connection to one another. I also thought the story was choppy and disjointed and I felt I needed to have read the other books in the series to know who all these characters were because I didn't understand their place or role in the worldbuilding or their connection to the mains. I liked the idea of this book. I love M/F/M books. I think the dynamics in such a relationship are fun and interesting to read, not to mention can be sexy and super hot if written well. In my opinion, this wasn’t that kind of read. I didn’t feel there was enough time spent on the main characters to really get a grasp on them. Too much time was spent on outside relationships I didn’t understand or connect with because I hadn’t read the previous books in the series. I wanted more get-to-know-you moments between Cal, Davis, and Ava. It was their relationship that was supposed to be the focus of this book, but we got a lot of outside focus on Cal’s last relationship and some weird interactions with Davis’s stalker that didn’t really amount to much at all. And I felt there was more to Ava’s agoraphobia than was talked about in the book, as there seemed to be a couple of instances where Davis learned something about her online, but we never got what that something was. I didn’t understand where her phobia stemmed from other than some vague references to her being scared of the outside world after a couple of incidents involving her parents and her BFF that didn’t even include her in the traumatic events. There were also a couple of times her character was annoying and indignant, not to mention, she’s a shut-in and scared of the outside world but get her on the phone or in the bedroom and she suddenly becomes a bold sex goddess? It didn’t ring true, and I just didn’t connect with Ava at all. Cal was a firefighter and that seemed to be important for the book as the author made reference to it a lot, but we never really saw anything come from his job and the “stresses” of it. Nor did we get much insight or conflict from the references to his father being abusive and leaving him scarred, other than the reader being told of those events. Davis was a big-wig CEO of a multibillion-dollar company but he could do all his work from home on the internet, in a different state. Really? Ava’s job was the only one that made sense as she was an online translator which worked well for her shut-in status. Putting their jobs aside, I didn’t feel any connection or chemistry between these three at all and the bedroom scenes fell super flat for me. Of course, that might have been due to some of the author's word choices when she was describing their sounds during the sex. Such as “wail”, “scream”, “writhes”, “needy whine”, just to name a few. Those words conjured up images of a screaming banshee, not a sexy threesome. I realize it’s a short story, but it didn’t have any substance and very little excitement and the climax to the story felt rushed and underdone. And I have to mention each character's voice. They all sounded the same. If their name wasn’t at the beginning of each chapter, I wouldn’t have known who was speaking. They all talked exactly the same. Overall, I thought the read was okay, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.
Jennifer_e911 More than 1 year ago
This is book 4 of the River Street Bar Series, but doesn't center as much around the bar as the other books. Don't get me wrong, it's there, and plays a part, but not as heavily. This book is a MMF menage, and is hot enough to set your tablet on fire! This book begins with a break up. Cal is dumped by the couple he has been secretly involved with for 6 months. They decide they don't want to "play" anymore, and it's time to move on. Cal is heart broken, and calls his best friend since college, Davis. Davis decides it's time for a move, and joins Cal in River City, leaving New York behind. On moving in day, they meet the new neighbor, Ava, who has her own set of problems. There is an immediate attraction between the three, but there are lots of crazy obstacles that stand in their way. This book is different from most MMF books, in that there is (sort of) an established relationship between two of the characters, which poses its own difficulties in the three finding their way to be together. Add in past lovers, and each character's past creeping in, and there were times I just wasn't sure they'd find their HEA. This story kept me guessing, and pulled me in. I couldn't help but love the characters, and enjoyed the snippets we saw of previous characters. Despite those visits from previous books, this story can totally be read as a stand alone. There are connections between the books, but not enough that you can't keep up. However, I definitely recommend reading the entire series, because they are just that good!