Whisper Baby, The Fastest Way To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

Whisper Baby, The Fastest Way To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night

by Amy Hague

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Whisper Baby, The Fastest Way To Get Your Baby To Sleep Through The Night explores the latest understanding of sleep training and describes the most effective methods to quickly establish healthy sleep patterns for infant children. This comprehensive manual describes common methods recommended by doctors and parents with multiple children and goes on to compare each methodology to determine the most effective approach to establishing a healthy sleep pattern in your young child.

Newborn children need a lot of sleep, but are not pre-programmed with a sense of night or day. As a result, sleep comes and goes at all hours, usually to the frustration of sleep deprived parents. Fortunately, there is hope and for those that employ the technique taught in this book. Even better, success may be just a few days away. Through a basic understanding of what your baby needs and how to adapt their natural rhythms you can nurture your child into a restful night that both you and your baby can enjoy.

Putting old wives tales aside, Finally Asleep describes what actually works in sleep training infants. As we are all aware, each child is different, but there are some basic commonalities that can be relied upon as a foundation to teach every infant how to begin sleeping through the night.

In this book you will learn the fundamentals of sleep training infants and how doctors and parent experts use these basic techniques to go from night after night of holding a screaming baby to blissful nights of sleeping soundly and waking only intermittently. Many parents adapt their own sleep schedule to their child’s and literally take the sleep when they can get it. Instead of scheduling your life around your infants un-developed sleep habits, use the simple approaches taught within this book to help your baby’s sleep patterns adapt to your own; sleeping longer at night and enjoying longer periods of uninterrupted rest.

Use these simple approaches with your newborn or infant and over just a few days and weeks move from days and nights of exhaustion and frustration to hours of blissful sleep. Finally, there is a simple “what works” guide to sleep training your infant to develop sleeping patterns that are healthful to both the baby and you.

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Publication date: 06/26/2012
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About the Author

As an expert in child development, Amy Hague teaches new parents the best tried and true methods to get newborns and young children to sleep through the night.

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