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Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God's Love to Revitalize Your Soul

Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God's Love to Revitalize Your Soul

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by Bonnie Gray

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Life is noisy. But what would happen if every day - for the next 40 days - you soaked in God's love as He intimately whispered words of rest just for you? WHISPERS OF REST is a 40-day devotional detox for your soul, a spiritual journey to refresh you and guide you to greater peace, while helping you discover who God truly made you to be: His beloved.


Life is noisy. But what would happen if every day - for the next 40 days - you soaked in God's love as He intimately whispered words of rest just for you? WHISPERS OF REST is a 40-day devotional detox for your soul, a spiritual journey to refresh you and guide you to greater peace, while helping you discover who God truly made you to be: His beloved. Renew your spirit with powerful affirmations of God's love with uplifting words of Scripture, journaling prompts for reflection, and practical challenges to spark joy. Bonnie will lead you to places of rest, where you can deeply experience the Savior's presence in your everyday life.

This beautiful guidebook will create space for your soul to breathe:

  • Soul Care Tips & Trail Notes - Reduce stress and nurture your body and spirit.
  • Daily Beloved Challenges - Brighten your day by taking simple soul care actions.
  • A Simple Prayer Practice - Deepen your intimacy with God through easy-to-enjoy prayer prompts, inspired by classic devotional practices.

A lot can happen in 40 days. A new rhythm. A new heart. A renewed faith.

Transform your life as you take the journey to say yes to God, embrace your true identity, rediscover your dreams, and begin your healing. Dare to enjoy each day fully and celebrate your calling as the beloved.

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"Women need this message. If you want to hear Jesus speak more tenderly to your soul than ever before, this book is for you."—Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author of Unglued on Finding Spiritual Whitespace

"We live in a culture that brags and boasts about being busy. Into that reality steps Bonnie with a new idea."—Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Start and Do Over

"Bonnie's...an immensely powerful writer."—Tsh Oxenreider, author of Notes from a Blue Bike

"[Gray] offers intriguing insights into scripture and on how God views his flawed but beloved creations...this is an invitation to walk the difficult road to self discovery and healing with a fellow traveler who understands."—Publishers Weekly, starred review of Finding Spiritual Whitespace

"Bonnie Gray is the guide you've been looking for as you journey with Jesus to a new place of peace and freedom in your life."—Holley Gerth, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of You're Already Amazing

"Whitespace is soul grace."—Ann Voskamp, New York Times bestselling author of One Thousand Gifts on Finding Spiritual Whitespace

"In our noisy, nonstop life of busy, Bonnie Gray's Whispers of Rest is a balm for soul. Treasure this book, as I have."— Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Author of Design Your Day and Entrepreneur, ClaireDiazOrtiz.com

"In an culture where we wear busyness like a status symbol, slowing down and resting can feel uncomfortable, like failure. In reality, we're wearing ourselves out, inviting anxiety and restlessness in. Whispers of Rest calls us to a counter-cultural way of understanding rest — as something deeply good and deeply essential to our flourishing."— Kelly Givens, editor of iBelieve.com

"Bonnie inspires us to spark joy, experience God's peace, and celebrate the beloved that we already are. This intimate book of rest will draw you to Jesus in fresh and meaningful ways."— Rebekah Lyons, author of You Are Free and Founder of Q Women

"If the Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field, WHISPERS OF REST is a map to that peace uninhibited."— Rebecca Marie Jo, former Managing Editor at RELEVANT Magazine

"Bonnie has bravely journeyed and shares her insights with us so we can learn alongside. She has spoken words of encouragement to me that have changed how I love my husband, children and friends and the way I live every day. Her heart is true and beautiful. This book will change lives."— Lisa Leonard, Founder, Creative Director lisaleonard.com

"The thing I love most about Bonnie Gray is that she lives every word she writes. Bonnie boldly goes first, so she can guide the rest of us into sacred spaces of rest along paths she has already taken. A 40-day journey with this book with lead you through soulful and scriptural practices that remind you what it feels like to be God's beloved, and will stir things in your soul that have laid dormant, waiting for the right time to come back to life. Reading this book will help you feel like you can breathe again."

Mandy Arioto, President and CEO MOPS International

"Although we live on opposite sides of the continent, Bonnie and I have walked the same journey of finding peace with Jesus, even through anxiety. In WHISPERS OF REST, Bonnie does a masterful job of guiding readers to the quiet corners of our hearts, where we can hear the still, small voice of our Father reminding us that we are His beloved. A welcome reminder to distance ourselves from the cacophony of our daily lives, WHISPERS OF REST is like a 'reset' button for a worried, hurried heart."— Josh Wilson, award- winning Songwriter/Recording Artist, This Was Then, This Is Now

"With soul- stirring insights, thought-provoking reflections and biblical encouragement, Bonnie Gray helps us see our deep need for spiritual rest and offers practical ways to find it in the midst of our everyday lives. WHISPERS OF REST created a place for my heart to breathe and couldn't have come at a more perfect time!"— Renee Swope, best-selling author of A Confident Heart

"WHISPERS OF REST is a wonderful resource to detox from life's busyness or hurts while learning how to practice good soul care. It provides inspirational tips to bring deeper intimacy with God and becoming renewed daily."— Stephen Arterburn, New York Times bestselling author of Take Back Your Life, Founder of New Life Ministries and radio talk- show host of New Life Live!

"There are so many ways that I love this book. I adore Bonnie's gentle approach to invite the one who has been walking with Jesus for decades as well as the spiritual novice. She has made room at the table for each of us to have an encounter with the Living God in a new, fresh and surprising way using the most ancient of practices. WHISPERS OF REST will be a part of my regular rotation of devotionals. Highly recommended."— Kathi Lipp, best-selling author of Overwhelmed and Clutter Free

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Meet the Author

BONNIE GRAY is author of Finding Spiritual Whitespace. An inspirational speaker and retreat leader, she has touched thousands of lives through storytelling, visual arts, nature, prayer, and meditation. Bonnie's writing is featured in Relevant Magazine, DaySpring (in)courage, and Christianity Today. She lives in California with her husband and their two sons. Visit her at TheBonnieGray.com.

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Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God's Love to Revitalize Your Soul 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
KoyieWong 15 hours ago
Bought this book out of curiosity. and I didn't know I've found an oasis. I am a mother of a preschooler and a baby. I am perpetually tired. Bonnie Gray's Whispers of Rest is just what needed to my weary soul and body. I don't know about many people, but I find it hard to rest. I've been looking for biblical ways to re-direct my focus to God and reading through the 40 days devotional by Bonnie Gray helps clear my mind for biblical encouragements and I love the daily practical soul care challenges like buying myself a flower or drink 8 glasses of water etc. I find it a sweet reminder yet so necessary to me and it is to so many people who are in the same walk as me, in the hassle bustle of life and who, just need a nudge to remind yourself to rest in His presence through some biblical ways and also through self reflection. And oh, there's a Whispers of Rest book club too!
KimHazer 7 days ago
Bonnie Gray has uniquely captured God's love for us in this wonderful 40 day devotional, Whispers of Rest. Each day you have the opportunity to explore a different, and unique aspect of how God lovingly whispers to us in our day to day life. Complete with tips on caring for your soul, journaling prompts, and things to think and pray through, it creates a wonderful pause from the hustle and bustle of daily life.
KristinSmith 7 days ago
In our go go go society, finding time for rest with God can seem impossible. But in the book Whispers of Rest, Bonnie encourages us to do just that. Sharing her own stories along with biblical encouragement, Bonnie takes us into a place where we can find rest with God. She also encourages watching for God in nature, a place to journal and process after our quiet time and prayers to take us deeper into a relationship with God. Each day's message is easy to read but encouraging and soul-filling. While I received an advance copy as a part of her launch team, I would recommend this book to anyone!
ShareeS 3 months ago
Whispers of Rest is like no other devotional I’ve read. It’s encouragement, a bible study, factual and touching. The daily readings are like Jesus Calling combined with a powerful lesson all while having coffee with a friend. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Whispers of Rest. It’s for the college student, the young mother, the business woman, the empty nester, and the seasoned woman. It’s for the forgotten, the broken, the healed, the happy, the sad, the poor and the rich. With the powerful use of scripture, Bonnie teaches the reader to listen for God’s whisper. One of my favorite parts is Daily Beloved Challenge where she offers practical steps toward living out that day’s teaching. I’ve got so many highlighted quotes but a few of my favorites are: “If we turned back to only what we know, we would miss out on the beautiful journey God has for us now.” (Pg. 19) “Tomorrow can be different. God will make a way when there seems to be no way.” (Pg. 201) “Jesus tells us he is that Someone, lovingly whispering your name – I remember you, Beloved. (Pg. 171) Bonnie Gray has an amazing talent for taking devotional learning a step further, sharing the Whispers of Rest to the reader’s heart. I have absolutely loved this book and can say I highly, very, very highly, recommend it. The author generously offers some great freebie and a book club at her website www.whispersofrest.com
SusanMB 3 months ago
Bonnie Gray’s 40-day devotional “, Whispers of Rest”, speaks to the weary places in our soul. Bonnie shares her own personal and biblical stories, prayers, soul-searching questions, and practical ways of finding and implementing rest in our daily lives. She speaks in such a gentle, faith-filled way as she walks alongside the reader within the pages of the devotional. I followed along with my personal journal, making notes, and writing down my favorite quotes from the book. I highlighted nearly every page of her book! I loved “Whispers of Rest” and I know I will be rereading it again and again! It came at a perfect time in my life when I was feeling weary and desperately needing a soul rest. Bonnie said she prayed over each word in the book and it is so apparent; I felt so spiritually nourished while reading it! I feel so blessed by her amazing writing, the scriptures and life examples she shared, her soulful prayers, and the way she held your hand as you walked through your own journey of seeking rest. Bonnie Gray has a uniquely beautiful, lyrical, spirit-filled style of writing. She speaks in an authentic and honest voice as she shares her own life experiences and how she journeyed through needing rest in her own life. She gives specific ways in which we can find rest and draw closer to the Lord. “Whispers of Rest” overflows with powerful affirmations of the Lord’s love for us and His desire for us to be at rest. It is not a book that you can or want to rush through. It is best to follow along daily to gain the most from each day. I loved spending the time with each day’s devotion reading, absorbing, implementing, journaling, and resting in the presence of the Lord. It filled me with such a sense of peace and calm and I felt a true rest for my weary soul! I love that now I can use all the wonderful ideas and prompts in my life that Bonnie provided. “Whispers of Rest” is a one of a kind devotional, rich with spirit-filled words and God’s grace. I loved this book and I cannot wait until she writes her next one! I am confident that anyone that reads it will be blessed by it! These are a few of my favorite quotes by Bonnie Gray from “Whispers of Rest”: “Like stars glimmering at rest in the night, faith is a quiet, hushed conversation with God-intimately confiding what we desire and fear. “ “If we turned back to only what we know, we would miss out on the beautiful journey God has for us now.” “Beloved, you are worth it. Listen to my whispers for you. Be still and breathe.” “Beloved, lay your heartbeat close to mine. You don’t have to be strong enough. You can rest here with me. Let me be your hiding place. Be my Beloved. Come. Rest in my arms today.”
Teadrinker 3 months ago
Whispers of Rest: 40 Days of God's Love to Revitalize Your Soul by Bonnie Gray is a beautiful devotional book that truly is refreshment for your soul. According to Gray, Whispers of Rest is a "devotional detox for your soul" designed to guide you to feeling more peaceful while you savor the fact that you are God's beloved. In order to use this book to it's full potential, Gray says that you will need three things: a journal, a quiet corner where you won't be interrupted and a desire. Each day's reading includes Scripture and thoughtful words to reflect on from the author. Then Gray includes God's Whispers to You,(words that Jesus would say to you based on Scripture), a prayer for the day, journaling questions to reflect on, an activity challenge to do something to help refresh your spirit and some notes of why that activity would by especially beneficial for you to take time to do. Some examples of the activities include walking in nature, taking time to truly savor a food experience, scheduling a coffee date with a friend, or listening to soft music. None of the activities take very long and all of the journaling questions, prayers, verses and words of wisdom from the author do make you think and reflect on God. I found Whispers of Rest to be just what I needed for this stretch of life. I truly have felt refreshed and encouraged each day as I worked through the day's readings and activities. This is honestly one of my most favorite devotional books that I have used in recent times. I got up every day looking forward to my quiet time with God and using this book and my journal. I would encourage every one looking for a new approach to their quiet times to get one and to grow their faith while experiencing God's presence in a new way. I would also add that this devotional helped me keep thinking about the day's message throughout the day with the added activities. I received Whispers of Rest from Hachette Book Group. I was not required to write a positive review in exchange for the book.