White Panther's Legacy

White Panther's Legacy

by Robert E. McGinnis


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.White Panther's Legacy

A young Irish boy, Ailbhe MacGuinness, or Alvy as he was affectionately known, was destined to one day become a great spiritual leader and savior of the modern-day Wisnook tribe. His legacy, contained in this book, would continue on down the generations to our favorite heroes, Harry Raven and his son, Little Eagle. Alvy's adventures lead him from his birthplace in old Ireland to the New World in order to return an enslaved Indian man to the place of his birth and to reunite him with his tribe and family.
Alvy does not know that he is special and has no idea that he has been chosen to become the most unusual leader the Wisnook Indians have ever had. His love of nature and dedication to outdoorsmanship helps him to become an outstanding and unusual archer. His power, position and importance grows as he is chosen to move the floundering Wisnook tribe across the vast lands of the New World, often facing extreme weather conditions, violent local Indian tribes and conniving and dangerous French trappers. He defeats some of his enemies, talks his way past some, and is assisted by nearly everyone who meets him. He begins to awe the tribe under his guidance, and his awesome reputation begins to swell and precede him on his journey across the continent.
During this trip, legend of the White Panther is born when he saves and protects an albino mountain lion cub that will become synonymous with his own character. He will become White Panther to all future Indians of the Wisnook tribe as well as the guiding spirit of a few chosen leaders.

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ISBN-13: 9781450555883
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/31/2011
Pages: 186
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About the Author

Dr Robert E McGinnis has been writing since his first successful detective story in his English Literature class back in the late fifties. He published his first book in 1979 and has picked up speed from there. His first book, "In Search Of Paradise" is in the fourth printing at this time.

Robert has seldom held less than two jobs at a time and in many of those work years also attended college until achieving a PhD in Public Administration in 1981. When he completed his PhD, his advising professor at Nova Southern University, told him. "When you leave here you will become a writer." I guess he saw something in the future.

Other than the recent two series listed here on Amazon (The Paradise Series and The Little Eagle Series), Robert is working on two more series, both of which have been started and are well underway. They are; Wisnook Series (this may change) and the White Panther series.

Robert retired from teaching before the turn of the century and has devoted his time to his family, writing, and giving back to nature. In his coexistence with nature he uses his furniture making skills by recycling fallen and damaged trees. When the trees are damaged by storms he brings in a sawmill to cut them up into boards for furniture making.

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