White Walker

White Walker

by Richard Schiver


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When she was ten, Judy made a promise to that which inhabits the winter storm. Now she's twenty-six and pregnant, and the White Walker has returned to collect his due.There's an element of truth in the old tales that were once shared around a raging fire. For early man everything that happened in the natural world was controlled by unseen beings. From them came the legends and myths of gods that roamed the world. With the advent of modern technology the old gods were forgotten, relegated to the shadowy realm of the past. Yet some refuse to rest easy in their obscurity, choosing instead to make their presence known to modern man.What was to have been a light snow shower becomes a raging blizzard trapping Judy and 10 of her co-workers in the call center where she works. The building they inhabit stands on hallowed ground once occupied by a one room school house that burned to the ground during a similar storm over a hundred years before. The ghosts of the children who perished in that fire appear, and they find themselves trapped in a ghostly battle between the past and the present, between good and evil, between fire and ice.Cut off from the outside world, stalked by the ghosts of the past, the survivors are forced to abandon the safety of a building that has been stressed to the breaking point.But how does one escape a winter storm? "Creepy book!" - Bonnie Ongstad"...a story that shows there's much more to fear in the winter snow than catching a cold... the cold just might catch you." - Silver Screen Videos"I'm sure everyone remembers the stories of Jack Frost from their childhood. How he would bring the cold and the snow, turn everything he touched to ice. White Walker is a Jack Frost story for grown ups, one not of wonder and imagination but instead a tale of horror and fear. A tale about an ancient deity who carries winter with him and devours the souls of all who get caught in his storm."- Scarlet Aingel

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ISBN-13: 9781500224875
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/16/2014
Pages: 180
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

About the Author

Unlike other writers who knew they wanted to write the moment they became self aware, Richard's path to taking up the pen followed a more leisurely route.

As a child he wanted to be a fighter pilot, later he thought it would be neat to be a rock star. Unfortunately, as an introvert, he was not suited for the stage. Once he gave up the guitar, much to the relief of his parents, he turned his attention to making movies.

Armed with an 8mm movie camera, several rolls of aluminum foil liberated from the kitchen, and the spare bed sheets, he filmed his first masterpiece. The story was about a space ship crash landing in the woods behind his house. His sister starred as the damsel in distress while his little brother, wrapped like a mummy in the spare bed sheets, chased her through the woods.

His career as a famous director ended before it even got off the ground when on opening night his mother recognized the missing bed sheets and aluminum foil resulting in his grounding for the remainder of that summer.

A voracious reader, he believes writing is the most intimate form of communication possible. The reader permits the writer access to their mind, and the readers reality dissolves as they focus on the narrative of the tale being spun.

His love of the macabre was sparked at an early age when he would sit on his grandmother's porch listening to her tell ghost stories. During the summer he and his cousins would sleep in his grandmother's back yard, within sight of the abandoned haunted house next door, and spend the night scaring one another with gruesome tales of shadowy creatures that went bump in the night.

During his life he has played a series of roles, husband, father, son, and lover, but his favorite by far is grandfather. He and his wife of twenty plus years have raised four children, and helped raise eight grandchildren. They provide a secure home to a yellow lab named Max and a cat who will answer to either Flame or Furball. His loving wife, Dena has experienced first hand the exasperation of living with a writer whose mind has a tendency to wander at the most inappropriate times. Yet she manages to keep his feet firmly planted on terra firma.

Richard can be found online at:

Facebook: http://www.facebook/RichardSchiver

Follow Richard on Twitter: @RichardSchiver

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/authors/richard-schiver

Written in Blood is Richard's personal blog http://www.richardschiver.com

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