by Harlen Bayha

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Kyla Farmer doesn’t enjoy living as a demon-human hybrid with no marketable skills on an alien planet, but at least she has her health. After a rocky start, she tries to settle into her new life, hide her origins, and learn to fit in.

However, hiding would be much easier if Kyla wasn’t trapped in a psychic network with people researching how to summon more demons like her. Each new finding leads them closer to discovering Kyla’s true origins and making her the subject of their merciless investigations.

When the source of their psychic connection disappears and war presses toward her adopted home town, Kyla must recover it if she hopes to free herself. While searching, she confronts Wiley, once her murderer and now maybe her savior, and learns the universe is far smaller and more dangerous than she once believed.

To confront these new threats, Kyla teams up with an amoral assassin who dreams of starting his own guild, an expatriate fleeing her country’s religious rule, a soldier who sees the truth in things, and a paranoid bard turned spy. Together, Kyla hopes they can save the planet, but she doesn’t know whether she should, because saving the cultures on Hustis could start an intergalactic war or lead to the enslavement of every civilization in existence.

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BN ID: 2940046525045
Publisher: Harlen Bayha
Publication date: 02/28/2015
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 385 KB

About the Author

I was born. I nearly died of the flu a couple of times. Freaked my parents out some. Went to school, learned to read, hid under the covers with a flashlight and a book. Got an Apple IIe as my first computer, and started writing stories on it way back then. Sixty-four kilobytes of memory and real floppy floppy discs, baby. I got knocked off my bike or skateboard a few times trying to get home after junior high. That hurt. Then I got a car and nearly killed myself a few more times. I can vouch for the safety of the Volvo brand. Wouldn't be here without it. I started writing my first novel in high school. Finally finished it in 2012, about 20 years later. Don't judge. Now, I'm a Motivational Technologist, and people may laugh at the title, but they still use it every chance they get. I like that. And I'm healthy, happy, and have a great family. What I want now is to entertain people with stories. Let's do it. Under the covers, with a flashlight, baby. Read me. Read me all over.

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