Whither Thou Goest

Whither Thou Goest


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The true story of two long-lost pioneers whose dream wouldn't die, and how their family found them more than a century later.

Whither Thou Goest is the first nonfiction book to focus on this little-known period in American history of 1878, when the world was in the depths of depression like none before. In two parallel journeys that take place in the past and the present, Whither Thou Goest attempts to make people long gone to come back alive. It examines who we are, where we've been, and has everything to do with where we are going.

The first journey started in 1878. The author's great-grandaunt and uncle-pioneers Mary Jane and Theo Beardsley-left their small-town home in upstate New York with their two young daughters, Eva and Frankie, and followed their dream of a new life in the American West. Swallowed up by time, they became forgotten by all they knew back East. All-that is-but one.

The second journey started in 1996. By chance, the author learned that Frankie's family home was now an Oregon museum. He discovered a small diary kept by Eva-a bare-boned chronicle of their journey west. The inspired author and his wife decided to follow their trail across America and learn all they could about 1878 America and his relatives, living and dead.

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ISBN-13: 9780595175055
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/28/2001
Pages: 672
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.48(d)

Table of Contents

Prologue: The Diaryxxii
Book I.In the Beginning1
Part I.Wells Bridge: 1800-18613
1.A Leap of Faith5
2.Before Mr. Lincoln's War11
Part II.The Civil War: 1861-186517
1.Private Lewis19
2.The Battle of South Mills22
3.The Battle of South Mountain28
5.Leaving Home38
6.Missing the Riots44
7.Horror at Wilderness and Spotsylvania47
8.The Battle of North Anna River53
9.Shot in the Legs61
Part III.Wells Bridge: 1865-187769
1.The Coming of the Railroad71
2.A Time of Change76
3.The Call of the West83
6.Dakota Soil99
7.A Done Deed104
Part IV.Wells Bridge: 1996107
3.Sand Hill118
Book II.Starting Out123
Part V.Dakota: 1878125
1.The Trip West127
2.Home in Dakota133
4.Moving On146
Part VI.Dakota: 1996149
1.The Town that Moved151
Book III.On the Move163
Part VII.Canton to Yankton: May 1878165
1.On the Move Again167
3.The Wagon Train175
4.The Yankton Trail182
5."All Whites Must Die!"185
Part VIII.Nebraska: June 1878195
1.Paiutes and Bannocks Join Forces197
2.Back Road Emigrants202
3.Sarah Winnemucca: Indian Princess211
4.Along the Great Platte221
5."Bring me Sarah's Head!"233
6.On the Trail of the Overland Stage238
7.The Bannock War Spreads North270
8.The Lodgepole Creek Trail: Julesburg to Cheyenne274
9.Alice Shows us the Way (1996)292
Part IX.Wyoming: July 1878299
1.General Howard Gives Pursuit301
2.Into Thin Air: Cheyenne to Laramie307
3.Betrayal and Flight314
4.Following Phantoms: The Overland Trail318
5.The First Interstate350
Part X.Utah: Early August, 1878363
1.This is the Place!365
2.Around the Great Salt Lake384
Part XI.Idaho and Oregon: Late August, 1878407
1.Fear on the High Plains409
2.We Follow the Kelton Road423
3."The Woods! The Woods!"426
4.Return of the Hostiles449
5.Hurrah for Oregon!461
Book IV.Starting Over485
Part XII.Washington Territory: Winter 1878487
1.Summing up the War489
2.Forts Walla Walla495
3.Doctor Baker's Railroad499
5.I Won't be Home for Christmas506
6.The Dreamer Dies, but not the Dream510
Part XIII.Oregon: 1878--1925517
1.Family Matters519
2.An Old Soldier and His Memories527
3.Founding Milton540
4.Fading Voices550
5.The New Pioneers557
6.End of a Generation562
Part XIV.Milton-Freewater: 1996567
1.Diane and Gwen569
2.The Cross572
3.A Grand Tour577
4.Dick and Louise584
5.The Historical Frazier Farmstead587
Part XV.Washington and Oregon: 1996591
1.The Road to Rosalia593
2.The Battle of Te-hots-mim-me596
3.The Heppner Flood603
5.Ambassadors of Sympathy622
About the Author633

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