Who Are You, What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going? Discover Your Life Purpose, Fuel Your Inner Fire, and Light Up Your Life.

Who Are You, What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going? Discover Your Life Purpose, Fuel Your Inner Fire, and Light Up Your Life.

by Nancy Fairbrother

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This book with the long title offers an unconventional and powerful way to discover your life purpose in 1-2 hours using the ancient occult science of Chaldean numerology (easy to learn) and offers a little-known process that wipes away emotional issues instantly. I am a soul-centered psychotherapist, and I use these processes in my practice. They heal people faster and more effectively than any others I am aware of, and that's saying a lot.
These two processes are revolutionary in the field of psychology. They changed my life and the lives of my clients. They demonstrate that we have the power to heal ourselves when we are in touch with our soul's wisdom.
Up to now we have been missing out on the huge repository of practical knowledge contained in ancient occult science, simply because these sciences seem scary.
I hope to allay the fears associated with this ancient wisdom. Part of my life purpose is to demystify ancient occult knowledge. In the book I show you how science and spirit are emerging as two sides of the same coin; same information, different languages. Science is "proving" the existence and wisdom of occult knowledge.
Your life purpose is encoded in your birth name and birth date. The information is at your fingertips. Don't spend another day not knowing the most important message in your life.
Live your purpose, love your life!

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Publisher: Nancy Fairbrother
Publication date: 09/22/2011
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About the Author

I'm a soul-centered psychotherapist with a background in metaphysics. I help people create the life they were born to live. Many years ago, I felt life was passing me by. I felt discontented and disconnected in spite of all the good things I had. I lacked confidence in myself, so I was afraid to venture beyond my fears. I was studying numerology at the time and discovered a unique form of it that I never knew existed. As I worked with this ancient form of numerology, I discovered the secret to a happy life using the revolutionary life purpose profile I developed that I call the Chaldean Soul Profile. It changed my life. It revealed the master plan to my success; the unique journey through life that I had created, with the help of my guardian angels, before I was born. I felt healed, strengthened in spirit, and excited about life again. I want you to be excited about your life, too. You deserve a fulfilling life full of love, prosperity, and good health. My deepest desire is to show you how to change your life forever, as I and my clients have done, and re-connect to your divine self. Join my Facebook group, Who Are You? What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going? Meet like-minded people who are changing their lives for the better: https://www.facebook.com/groups/834029403663587/.

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Who Are You, What Are You Doing Here? Where Are You Going? Discover Your Life Purpose, Fuel Your Inner Fire, and Light Up Your Life. 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
NicoG More than 1 year ago
I perceived this book as motivational, informative and useful. Motivation comes from the author’s life experience privately or professional. Informative regarding the numerology system that she uses. Useful as this book can help the reader to find out the answer to the main question that one asks in life. This is a book you wish to have and not only check if your life purpose is in harmony with the way you live it but also as a guide to see if what should be eventually changed. I did all the calculations and read carefully what the numbers were saying. I find it easy to understand, and I was amazed by the accuracy of the details that described me. I shall certainly pick up this book every once in a while to make sure I stay on the path. If you are at a crossroads or just curious finding out more about yourself this is a must-have book. I encourage you to pick up this book and let the author’s words guide you through the process of self-discovery, with powerful thoughts, messages, and advice.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a nicely written book written with the best intentions by Nancy Fairbrother, a retired psychotherapist. She has developed her own numerology system which purports to help people get in touch with their spiritual being by revealing their life purpose. This is done by drawing up a chart based on various factors such as your name and date of birth, which can then be interpreted though Fairbrother´s system to "reveal" things about your life: what you are doing right and what you might improve to be happier and more content. How much this book can help you in your life will depend on how much you feel you can trust Fairbrother´s system, but the book is clearly written and well-produced and if you´re interested in numerology and things spiritual, it´s worth a look.