Who is Jesus: What is Christ? Volume 4

Who is Jesus: What is Christ? Volume 4

by Kristina Kaine


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This book harmonizes the Gospel stories of the life of Jesus who takes into himself the spirit of Christ. By applying some very basic knowledge that the human being is a being of body, soul and spirit, it is not hard to identify what took place in the process of Jesus becoming Christ, but also how this affects what takes place in our own consciousness now.The details that emerge when we look at the original Greek, the language spoken at that turning point in time are often astounding. Why are we so surprised to hear someone say that they are put off by the way the Church explains Jesus Christ? The truth lives deep within each of us screams when upon hearing the shallow ideas coming from the pulpits around the world. Often these are nothing more than a sales pitch to fill the collection plate. "You are a sinner, we can heal you." Nothing could be further than the truth. Sin, harmartia, means to miss the mark, to miss the bulls-eye. Can anyone else assist us to become a better marksman?This book is the fourth in a series that is currently being written.

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Publication date: 11/02/2015
Pages: 194
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About the Author

Kristina Kaine has worked with people all her life: during her early career in medical sales and staff recruitment, and since 1987 in her own business which matches people in business partnerships. Through this rich interaction with people, Kristina has observed the struggle for self identity from many angles.
She was awakened to the ideas of Rudolf Steiner by Rev Mario Schoenmaker, attending all of Schoenmaker's lectures for 14 years. After Schoenmaker's death in 1997, Kristina realised the need to explain the knowledge of the threefold human being in simple terms that could be applied easily in daily life. She has set this out in her book, 'I Connecting : the Soul's Quest', which was published in 2007 by Robert Sardello through Goldenstone Press. It is not unusual for Kristina to receive comments about her book like this: "It seems like a very lucid treatment, like looking through a clear glass window through which one can discover and recognize the landscape of the soul."
Since 2003 Kristina has written weekly reflections which apply this knowledge of the threefold human being to Bible texts. This is not done in the context of any particular religious beliefs but from a broader perspective that all religions could apply. These reflections are distributed by email and are read worldwide. They are available as Kindle ebooks and paperback through Amazon.
Kristina is also a blogger, on Face Book, on her own sites and on Huffington Post.

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