Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?

Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?

by Luigi Giacometti


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Deeply moved by Jesus of Nazareth, Luigi Giacometti wanted to know who this man was and began a search for the man known as Jesus Christ. Who Was Jesus of Nazareth? is the culmination of five years of research into the relatively little-known facts about the short life of Christ.

Throughout the centuries, historians and artists have created a conventional image of Christ, sometimes romanticized and sentimentalized. But this was not the Christ the author encountered. This Jesus, "this anomaly," was a man of passion and contradiction. Who was this enigmatic Galilean, a carpenter who was given the name "son of God" and founded a kingdom of love on earth? This book-learned, lucid, and accessible-attempts to bring to life the character of the society in which Jesus lived, the political and religious issues, and the events of the time. Through this focus on "the minutiae of Jesus' age," Mr. Giacometti successfully delves more deeply than many others who have been equally fascinated with Jesus of Nazareth.

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ISBN-13: 9780533152537
Publisher: Vantage Press, Inc.
Publication date: 07/19/2006
Pages: 208
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Table of Contents

Introduction     v
Palestine at the Time of Christ     1
Sources     11
The Annunciation     62
The Birth of Jesus Christ     73
The Star of Bethlehem     83
The Silent Years     94
John the Baptist     104
The Physical Appearance of Jesus     111
The Apostles     122
The Doctrine of Love     130
The Beatitudes     138
The Healer     143
The Miracles of Jesus     149
Exorcisms     159
The Arrest     175
The Trial     187
The Crucifixion     199

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