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Wholehearted Living: Five-Minute Reflections for Modern Moms

Wholehearted Living: Five-Minute Reflections for Modern Moms

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by Jennifer Grant

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“Doing it all” and “having it all” have become barriers for women, barbed judgments for moms especially. At a time when it seems that moms should be everything to everyone—and failing at one implies failing at all!—Wholehearted Living cuts through the uncertainty and self-shame and confidently proclaims: You’re


“Doing it all” and “having it all” have become barriers for women, barbed judgments for moms especially. At a time when it seems that moms should be everything to everyone—and failing at one implies failing at all!—Wholehearted Living cuts through the uncertainty and self-shame and confidently proclaims: You’re doing great, just as you are.
Author Jennifer Grant presents a smart, accessible, and inspiring book for moms who don’t have much time, but long to connect deeply with their own selves, their families, friends, and with God. Designed to be a daily moment of peace and reflection, Wholehearted Living addresses the authentic concerns, fears, and joys that women experience as they strive against the imperfect “have it all” mentality. Every month presents its own practice relating to reflection, risk, or rest, and each page echoes the needs of modern moms. Wholehearted Living doesn’t try to change who you are, it helps you thrive where you are.

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“Jennifer Grant shares her journey to discovering God’s whole-hearted love smack in the middle of her everyday life. Through her winsome writing, you’ll find yourself in his comfortable embrace. Settle in...and experience the ahhhhhh of his presence.”
 Elisa Morgan
Speaker, Author, The Beauty of Broken
Publisher, FullFill, www.fullfill.org
President Emerita, MOPS International, www.mops.org

"Wholehearted Living is manna from heaven for every woman lost in the wilderness of motherhood.  It's a daily dose of sanity and empathy, encouragement and understanding, packaged in bite sized morsels to fit a busy Mom's schedule.  Jennifer Grant  has lived through the ups and downs of motherhood and offers wise words to help center a woman's day."
-- Dale Hanson Bourke

"If you're stretched for time, stressed by the cacophony of the urgent and immersed up to your eyebrows in the responsibilities of helping to shape your your children's lives, you'll find a pause button that will encourage you take a couple of deep, reflective, recalibrating breaths each day in Jennifer Grant's Wholehearted Living. This lovely volume has been written by someone who has lived in the trenches filled with the clatter and joy of everyday family life. Grant's wisdom and grace will nurture you as you pour your life into nurturing those around you."
 -- Michelle Van Loon, author of If Only: Letting Go Of Regret (Beacon Hill Press, 2014)

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Loyola Press
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New Edition
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5.00(w) x 6.90(h) x 1.30(d)

Meet the Author

Jennifer Grant is the author of three previous works of nonfiction: Love You More, MOMumental, and Disquiet Time. A former health and parenting columnist for the Chicago Tribune and Sun Times Media newspapers, Grant contributes to her.meneutics, Fullfill, and other publications. Grant graduated from Wheaton College (BA) and Southern Methodist University (MA), and lives with her husband and four children in the suburbs of Chicago. Find her online at jennifergrant.com.

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Wholehearted Living: Five-Minute Reflections for Modern Moms 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Sarah_Reinhard More than 1 year ago
Jennifer Grant, in her new release Wholehearted Living: Five-Minute Reflections for Modern Moms, begins by outlining a few things that get my momsense stirring and my momtuition raving...in a good way. She calls the book "a 'pause' button for mothers who want to take a break from talk of juice boxes and snow pants in favor of confronting their fears or reconnecting with their dreams." The book delivers what it promises. I'll admit I didn't have the time to read all 365 of the daily reflections, but I did sample through them enough to know this is the kind of book that: 1. Most moms need to read and dip into and out of. 2. Will be a great gift for quite a few of the moms I know. 3. Won't go out of style anytime soon. The book divides the year into three parts: Reflect, Risk, and Rest. You begin in January with reflection, and then, as May begins, you start to look at risk, and you end the year, just as school starts up in September, with rest. It's a pattern that spoke to my life, to the way the ebbs and flows of my own experience of momness.While Grant references talk that makes me think of moms with younger children, I don't necessarily think this book is limited to the scope of young moms or moms with young families. That's the place she's writing from, and it's a place many moms have been and/or are. It's a hard place, a crucible unlike any other. The reflections aren't long; their brevity is almost unparalleled in a book of this sort. And yet, as Grant herself notes, "a good five minutes actually makes a difference, affecting how we relate with others and how we perceive our lives for the rest of the day." Opening and using this book — whether you dip into it or swim around for a while — won't leave you with something else to do. Grant has explicitly avoided doing more than giving you a reason to sit and reflect with her for five minutes. She's planting a seed in those five (or less) minutes, one that may just sprout into more throughout your day. Though this book has many Catholic undertones, it's not explicitly Catholic in the way that many books I endorse and read are. You could as easily give this to any Christian friend (practicing or not), and she would appreciate the quote or scripture that opens each day, the short reflection, and the one or two reflection questions that close each day. This truly is a book, as Grant says in the introduction, "for moments when you feel drawn toward the divine, as well as for those times when you feel like your frailties are holding you captive and you really just want to stand in the corner, face the wall, and scream."