Who'S Hungry? Reciprocity: I Desire to Share My Privileges Because Someone Great Shared with Me

Who'S Hungry? Reciprocity: I Desire to Share My Privileges Because Someone Great Shared with Me

by Elisha C. Marks


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ISBN-13: 9781982200305
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 03/27/2018
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

Elisha C. Marks is a prophet who has been given a fresh start in life. Through a new and deep understanding of Gods unconditional love, he is now journeying down a different and much more gratifying path. Marks resides in Schaumburg, Illinois. Whos Hungry? Reciprocity is his first book.

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Roses are red Violets are blue, This book has much to give to you. It makes sure to see you through.

Reminder: Capital "G" with the word God is implying, the true God. The lowercase "g" with the word god is implying the false god

This is a blessing to share with you.

The devil, or false god is a false attitude, or behavior we allowed to reign in us that causes destruction within ourselves. A.K.A The Flesh.

It's our enemy.

The Devil's plan

Doubt: makes you question your work, and God's goodness. (Your work means who you are)

Diversion: makes the wrong things more attractive than the right things for your life not to prosper.

Defeat: feeling like a failure, so you don't even apply yourself to the things that bring success.

Discouragement: makes you look at all your problems, rather than what is good, or redeemable to make a way.

Delay: makes you put off what really needs to be done.

Webster's Dictionary

Prayer 1. An address to God or a god in word, or thought. (making a petition)

b. An Earnest request or wish

So, what is it your petitioning (speaking) to yourself that is bringing out the worst for your life?

* * *

So chickity-check yoself before you Wreck yoself ...
I am injured by the actions of human-flesh. They walk around Earth hating and hurting people with their words, they first hurt themselves.

How can these humans treat you well, if all they know is how to hurt, and hate.

So God's words is true "whatever is in a man's heart, comes out of his mouth.

So for a clear understanding, in their hearts is fear, hate, regrets, insecurities, and guilt feelings. Pain and hate can only come from that human. This is a learned behavior; let us break this behavior with love, faith, hope, and God. God is love ->1 john 4:8

So let's clean the heart out!

* * *

If God had a name, what would it be?
The behavior of the human is no longer sufficient to this place of heaven we live in. The understanding I'm trying to give you is that God dwells in all of us.

But in order to have a life like God you must learn the behavior of God. You must learn God's ways.

This is the Behavior God seeks from us. Well, if God is love this is how love acts....

Love is patient, love is kind, love is not jealous for what it does not have, love does not brag, love is not prideful, love does not disgrace others, love doesn't think always me first, or only of yourself, love thinks more of the other guy, love is not easily angered, love doesn't enjoy evil or negativity, love has joined the truth, love always hopes, love never quits; carries on to the goal, Love never fails.

- 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

* If you are desiring a new life that makes you feel full, rather than empty.

Come follow me and I will teach you what God taught me.

* * *

All I need is a little love in my life All I need is a little love in the dark A little bit but I'm hoping it might kick-start.
God gives peace

God gives spiritual shoes of peace, place his peace onto your heart.

- Ephesians 6:15

God's in charge! It's always been that way since we were all born, or since all life has been created. So, if you're going against God, life doesn't feel too good.

It's nothing more than an old, worn out shoe you just want to get rid of, or throw out.

Like a pair of talking shoes with the sole worn out.

So when I was young, my brothers, cousins, and me would wear our sneakers till the sole came undone from the toe. We would mention it to one another in a playing manner. "Hey, it's time for new shoes they're talking back to you." Well stop taking life so hard, to where it wears your soul out.

Your life is a gift! It's your responsibility to enjoy it, not to derail it from life's blessing.

The human behavior is teaching us to go over old history that has been traumatizing, negative, or evil. Humans talk about it, blog about it, and think about it.

If that's the things that are in our hearts. We are providing a life that is not sufficient.

* Like a pair of talking worn out shoes, you just want to throw out. (They are not making our foot comfortable or protecting it properly).

Therefore, you shall learn how to protect your mind, and your soul from the negativity of the world.

Reminder: Whatever is in a man's heart comes out of his mouth . Ask with faith, what do you got in your heart?

Please write down your answers. Ask God to help search your soul. Good and bad stuff, writing it will help you separate what's causing the soul to feel vulnerable/ unprotected.

Life has trials, we as God's children have the power to overcome them.

Use your trials to produce a stronger character!

Example: My father beat my family with his hands and words. Very traumatizing. We knew as children that was wrong.

We wanted something better. It caused us to seek a Divine teaching.

It produced better husband's (in my brothers), stronger love, and it helped us understand fighting is for the weak, not the strong in love. So we chose not to take up that evil act, but to take an even greater act, Love.

* I chose to use my trial to make my character more of a blessing to me and those I love.*

My father had a very traumatizing life. When he was 10, in the back of his dad's house. He locked himself in a barn to refill a butane lighter. While he did this, he spilled a lot of the butane on himself. Lit the lighter, and caught himself on fire. He was burned over half of his body from his face, to his toes. Bless his soul.

From that age on, all that reigned in this man's heart was hates, regrets, guilt, fear, and insecurities.

Reminder: Whatever is in a man's heart comes out of the mouth. He wasn't strong enough to break this curse that was going on in his heart. Nor was he strong enough to bring himself to a Divine teaching.

The strength I speak of is love. That's what wasn't strong in his heart. My father's gods were hate, regret, guilt, and insecurity.

A little more about my Dad. God was with him the whole time, gave him the best. He was very successful, he had a beautiful wife. For a man that was burnt, meaning not much to look at, God gave him a model for a wife. Her beauty was stunning. She was loyal and loved him as he was. She gave him three beautiful children, that loved him as he was.

In the material part of his life he was a millionaire before the age of 26. He had every toy you can think of. Traveled the world as well.

Wow! Great life, right?

Well he couldn't see it, due to his false god's that reigned in his heart. He chose to derail himself from life's blessing.

I am free to understand, that he was unable to produce a life that felt pleasing to his soul. Because of this he lost all that God had given him.

Reminder: God is love.

He allowed the enemy to repossessed his wife and his children. All of his toys, all of his success, and then his very own life.

His gift was stolen away, because of allowing emotions such as fear, guilt, regret, hate, and insecurities.

It consumed him more than what was right, or blessed. This sort of human behavior is not a blessed character to be. It hurts, and condemns. Yourself and those around you.

* Because of God giving me an understanding, I can forgive my father, and not carry the pain of his actions that traumatized me. I am free.

Let us break the habits of going against God, and move freely in a life consumed in love, and passion. Make a choice to allow love to prevail.

Reminder: We all have free will.

Every day we have to choose to be happy. Or to be miserable. What is impossible with human- flesh isn't impossible to God's children.

All things are possible for God.

Love and passion is a choice. Love yourself enough to break heavy loads you're wearing and be free.

Please join me friends to use our trials to create a blessed character for ourselves .

* * *

Who knows where the road would lead us only a fool would say. But if you let me love you. It's for sure I'm going to love you all the way. Frank Sinatra and Celine Dion "All the way"



Jesus taught me the way!

Thank you for healing me of the evil curse I was under, it was making me sick . I was under oppression. I used to take away whatever God gave me. I would never allow myself to feel peace. I would take it away to serve fear, and insecurities. Those emotions are not my God.

I see clearly now. I was wearing my soul out, making myself tired, unable . I was wearing my immune system down, it was causing me to be sick.

I was constantly going to doctors. I'd be down for weeks, trying to regain strength perform a normal life. I'd only be well for a short time, before I'd wear myself out again.

So ...

Seeing there was no way out I started to confess that I have a covenant with God.

Father heal me.

Of course, I got healed, but I'd fall back in . While I was sick or in pain, that's when I would talk to God the most. I would pray and repeat myself ...

"Please take away whatever is making me weak."

My life already carried enough heavy weight, and now I have sickness weighing me down, making it harder for me to perform. It would consume me, what is wrong with me?

Why!? Why Am I always sick?

Thinking and meditating on what it was I doing that was causing me to be sick.

I was torturing myself in my head. I wasn't giving myself no peace.

Speaking to myself with deep burdens all day long.

Reminder: speaking to yourself is meditating.

But in this case, the things that I was meditating on was causing my body to become weak. (wearing my soul out)

So I prayed some more ... "Please God what is making me sick?

I need your help God ." Then I hear a voice answer me back clear as day, right there in my heart. (It was the Holy Spirit)


The holy spirit is designed to be your helper.

But the helper, the Holy Spirit, who's the father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and will help you remember all things that were spoken to you.

John 14:26

Loyal to no one

I was unable to understand what the spirit was trying to speak. I even use it as a weapon to hurt myself, searching what was it I was taking away.

Making myself act like an enemy. I was consumed with weariness.

[??] I mean drama with every aspect of my life.

The drama was ...

How to help this one, and that one. How to create more success, continuously confessing I'm not enough.

Am I doing this right?

Like: being wife, being a mother, friend, or even cooking food ... I was tormenting myself to perform.

I'd make it feel like I was never enough, or like I was never sufficient.

This act I chose was a bit excessive. It's called anxieties, heavy pressure to provide.

I would torture myself. I did this since I was young.

A learned behavior. It got worse as I grew older. I was naïve to the fact that I was taking away my blessing. Even though I was successful at being a wife, mother, friend, and cook. Even in my business I was successful.

I never allowed myself to feel the glory. I took it away.

I was making a choice that was making me weak and tired (over cooked lol). Which manifested into the sickness I spoke of earlier.

My people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge. I also will reject you.

- Hosea 4:6

What is sickness?

Bacteria, viruses, malnutrition, accidents, cancer, anger, fights, poison, old age, murderers and thieves .

I tell you this on the day when people are judged, they will pay for every empty word they said because of your empty words you will be called good or because of your words you will be punished .- Matthew 12:36-37

Beloved, I pray that all go well with you, and that you are healthy in body as you are strong in spirit.

- 3 john 2:1

• if you don't prosper, your body's Health diminishes.

• if you speak to yourself in a downcast way, or in a constant unhappy state, your soul is not prospering, sickness will follow.

When you communicate to the spirit/yourself health and holy words (Wellness), you are implanting a Divine principle. Which is pure, light-filled, and spiritual. Your soul shall prosper and great health will follow.

• So if you let a Divine spiritual language take over your soul; great health will follow.[??]

• If you let the corruption you speak take over your soul, your health fades.[??]

Reminder: ONLY my enemy would cause me corruption, make me feel like I'm not enough, or make me have anxieties .

My friend, is someone loves me, and is good to me, and cheers me on, so I don't dry out as I perform life.

Let's face it. It's not always rainbows and butterflies out there. So, you cheering yourself on is exactly what you're desiring. It will create freedom.

This is the example how to be a true friend to yourself and not an enemy.

Loyal to the one who lives within

Well my holy spirit guided me to the wisdom and the knowledge, and I'm here to share it with you beautiful people.

Yay! I am healed from sickness, and that evil act of oppression that I was under .

Reminder: oppression is an unjust or cruel exercise.

[??] With each new day with love, and strength I've been making choices that allow me to feel the blessing in my life. Thoughts in my mind are being renewed, I can walk in this life and perform it much more freely now.

I can enjoy what God has given me.

* Get a glass of wine, or whatever you enjoy.

Give thanks to God, yourself, and all the good stuff you do. And concentrate on what is lovely and it admirable about you. Sing a new song to oneself.

When your in love with yourself, you're free to enjoy the gifts that God/your hand has given to you .

* * *

I find it hard to find the words to say.
* * *

It's getting late I'm making my way to your favorite place.
* * *

And you can dance For inspiration.
Stop throwing away the blessing

* * *

You'll never know. Look at what you've gone and done, you fool the best was yet to come.
Reminder: music influences the mind to drop down the things you're struggling with. Which will provide a liberated soul.

* Music is our blessing, it's our gift from God. It helps us separate our weaknesses and strengths.

There's no one more important than You!

Everyone has different talents. Like some people are born with the gift to make people laugh. I on the other hand can't. There's some born with the talent to sing

Well I can sing, but I know it won't be pleasing to your ears [??].

Thank you God for our different talents and skills. Together we make a beautiful place. There are many talents, let me explain.

These are my talents

• I am able to love

• I am able to survive

• I am able to forgive

• I am able to understand (all situations and people's hearts)

• I am able to let go of any negative feeling that makes me feel weak

• I am able to enjoy (myself, someone or things)

This list can go on. I'm writing this so you can understand our talents, and how important they are to use .

I am unable to build an automobile or design one like Frisker (love that car karma)

I am unable to fight like Mike Tyson, bless you friend.

• I am able to build my life and design it to my pleasure .

• I am able to fight for my rights, and success.

* * *

Know I've done wrong.
* * *

Wake me up, Wake Me Up Inside I can't wake up,
There was a time, I was so lost I was unable to use my talents . I threw it all away to serve hate, disrespect, and insecurities.

(To oneself, to be consumed in these emotions produced nothing) That made me feel like a nothing, a nobody. I wasn't giving myself a full blessing. It made me sick taking it all away. I manifested through my body, as I explained in oppression.

Reminder: We have a choice daily to trust ourselves, or dishonor ourselves.[??]

Note to the reader, bless you. Take Serious the marks of [??] happy face and sad face [??]


Excerpted from "Who's Hungry? Reciprocity"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Elisha Metaphysics.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Roses are red Violets are blue, This book has much to give to you. It makes sure to see you through, 1,
Chapter 2 God gives peace, 5,
Chapter 3 Oppression, 11,
Chapter 4 Stop throwing away the blessing, 17,
Chapter 5 Celebrate yourself with those you love, 21,
Chapter 6 Let " Confidence" run your thoughts, 27,
Chapter 7 Enjoy it, 32,
Chapter 8 Creating you is a gift, 39,
Chapter 9 Connection, 42,
Chapter 10 I am the brave one Who changed the way they sought, 53,
Chapter 11 This one's for you, 58,
Chapter 12 God calls you by name, 68,
Chapter 13 Forgive, 76,
Chapter 14 Enjoy the End to a New Beginning, 81,

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