Why Are We Here?: The Story of the Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on Our Planet

Why Are We Here?: The Story of the Origin, Evolution, and Future of Life on Our Planet

by Bruce Brodie


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From the big bang, to the origin and evolution of intelligent life in a search for the meaning of human existence, Why are We Here?, by author Bruce Brodie, offers a look at evolution and the future of life on the planet.

Through many years of research and study, Brodie addresses a host of questions:

• How did chemistry come to life?
• How did the release of oxygen by cyanobacteria change the natural history of life?
• How did mass extinctions reset the clock and reshape the course of biological evolution?
• Why are homo sapiens so dominant?
• Why do humans build vast civilizations, while chimps, with whom we share more than 98 percent of our DNA, are confined to forests and experimental laboratories and zoos?
• How will cultural and technological evolution, which have transcended the slow pace of biological evolution, shape the future of life on the planet?
• Can we escape the many existential threats that hover over us?

Why are We Here? offers a new perspective on how we think about the world, and our place and our purpose in the universe and the future of humanity. It presents a lasting sense of the amazing wonder and mystery of life.

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