Why Are You Driving Me Crazy?: How the Dramas of Marriage Can Change You for Good

Why Are You Driving Me Crazy?: How the Dramas of Marriage Can Change You for Good

by Jana Edwards




This book is a gift! Ms. Edwards is giving you the result of her many years of hard work, her dedication to professionalism, and her thorough pursuit of truth. It is a rare blend of scholarship, the practice of psychotherapy and the ability to teach in an understandable manner. It brims with countless valuable insights and is a remarkable synthesis of key elements to marital relationships that, heretofore, have been treated separately. It sets the stage for your and your partner’s journey of self-discovery and mutual healing and will touch a chord within you that makes it hard to put down. You will want to read it over and over because you learn something new each time. It will greatly benefit every couple who reads it. —William E. Schneider, PhD, Clinical and Organizational Psychologist, President, Corporate Development Group, Author of The Reengineering Alternative

Another book on unhappy marriages? Yes, but a really good one! Jana Edwards writes with warmth and wisdom about the repetitive quarrels that turn many marriages into battlegrounds. Drawing on years of experience treating couples, family systems theory, and a wide-ranging knowledge of personality dynamics, Edwards does a remarkable job of dissecting marital conflicts – and offering practical advice for dealing with them. —Michael P. Nichols, PhD, Professor of Psychology, The College of William & Mary, Author of The Lost Art of Listening and Stop Arguing with Your Kids

Jana Edwards has achieved several important tasks in this book. She uses case examples, theory, and experiences to provide practitioners with an excellent combination of knowledge and skills to enhance their effectiveness. Ms. Edwards has written with clarity, and her use of case scenarios affords accessibility to students and practitioners with varied levels of practice experience. —James Herbert Williams, PhD, MSW, Dean and Milton Morris Endowed Chair, Graduate School of Social Work, University of Denver

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ISBN-13: 9781635052237
Publisher: Langdon Street Press
Publication date: 07/19/2016
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.80(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction ix

Part I The Dramas of Marriage xxi

Chapter 1 Characteristics of the Dramas of Marriage 1

Chapter 2 The Brain as Casting Director 9

Chapter 3 Dramas of Opposites 21

Chapter 4 Competition Dramas 27

Chapter 5 Victims and Villains Dramas 35

Chapter 6 Shame/Reunion Dramas 41

Part II Changing for Good 49

Chapter 7 Turning Recycling Dramas into Repairing Dramas 51

Chapter 8 Assuring Safety 65

Chapter 9 Taking Responsibility 73

Chapter 10 Tolerating Pain 83

Chapter 11 Metabolizing Emotions: Fear and Anger 97

Chapter 12 Metabolizing Emotions: Hurt and Loneliness 107

Chapter 13 Metabolizing Emotions: Shame 123

Chapter 14 Metabolizing Emotions: Despair 137

Chapter 15 Metabolizing Emotions: Sorrow 153

Chapter 16 Creating Permanent Growth 163

Appendix A The Science Behind Why Are You Driving Me Crazy? 173

Appendix B Exercises for Applying Why Are You Driving Me Crazy? to Your Relationship 181

Acknowledgments 187

Notes 191

Index 215

About the Author 231

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