Why Earls Fall in Love (Wicked Widows Series #2)

Why Earls Fall in Love (Wicked Widows Series #2)

by Manda Collins
4.3 8

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Why Earls Fall in Love 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
mrsgodiva More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
2_PMVH More than 1 year ago
Isabella, Perdita and Georgina were all in the room when Perdita's hubby, the cruel and evil Duke of Ormond, was shot and stabbed to death and, now over a year later, a evil unknown nemesis wants REVENGE for the Duke's untimely death! Mrs. Georgina, Georgie, Mowbray married an Army man and, like her mother, followed her hubby from post to post. But unlike her mother, her hubby used cruel words, huge fists, belt, boots or anything handy, to abuse her with. Now that he is dead, she is a paid companion because he, like in a they married life, left her to make her own way, with a small widow's pension. Georgie is likely to have her dear friends, Perdita and Isabella, and to have a warm and caring Lady Russell as an employer. Now if only she could figure out who is threatening her with the notes, she could enjoy her time in Bath with Lady Russell on her B-day house party! Dominic, or Con to his many friends, is the Earl of Coniston and beloved nephew of Lady Russell. She practically raised him, after his parents death. Since the day he entered his Aunt's home, as a child, she treated him like her own child. He learned about honor from his Aunt's inner strength and about love from her big warm heart. Perdita just broke thier unannounced betrothal and Con thinks she is secretly in love with Lord Archer, so Con is on his way to his dear Aunt Russell B-day bash in Bath. The Callows clan converge to Bath because of Aunt Russell's B-day bash, but really they want her to remember them in her will. Only Con is there because of his dear love and respect for the old girl. Georgie has never been comfy with Lords, Ladies, Earls and the other gentry, except her two Duchesses friends. She knows Lord Coniston because he was courting Perdita, but she tries to stay away because he is to yummy. Con doesn't understand why the beautiful Georgina wears such hideous gowns and makes herself uncomfortable with the ugly hairstyles. With a B-day bash there is young and old, so there is boredom for the younger people. Con and Georgie are volunteered to be the chaperones for a day at the famous ruins for the next day. Later that night, as Georgie is up in her room, she looks down in the garden and sees her DEAD hubby and SCREAMS! Con doesn't believe that strong Georgie would scream about a mouse and plus she can't lie at all. The next morning she tries to get Lady Russell to let her stay, but she strikes out. At the ruins, Con and her climb to the top of it and as they are up there, Georgie confesses about her dead hubby in the garden. Con believes her and when they both look down there is the same man, again. They take off after him, but when the go down all the stairs, he is gone. So now there is trouble afoot and the unknown nemesis is going after her, but Con will do all he can to protect the blonde, luscious and beautiful Georgina. Con keeps kisses her until her toes curl and she keeps going back, until his arms, for more. Of course, when you have BFF like Perdita, she shows up to help and with her comes Lord Archer, who is Con friend and soundboard, and all 4 band together to find the unseen foe. This house parties is a laugh a minute with picnics with a dead hubby, several old Army friends of Georgie, Lord Archer loving following Perdita, Perdita fighting to NOT notice Archer, Georgie's delicious lips and kisses, a murderer lurking about, a lending library, Con's soft caresses, family mischief, greed and jealous aplenty and not mention the new Duke and Duchess of Ormond popping in for a chat! Will Con show Georgie that his love can heal? Can Georgie raise above her own fear, and embracing his love? Will Con and Georgina's love protected them both? How will the unseen foe strike next? When will Lord Archer, man up, grab Perdita and kiss her toes off? This the 2nd book of the Wicked Widows series and I enjoyed more than the first one. Manda Collins didn't just write a fabulous romance, she threw a HOUSE PARTY people, with kooky, original and bickering family members, because what would a house party be without it. When I say PITA, I mean "Pain In The A$$" and there was a house full of them with too young and spoiled Lydia, Tina with her horse's tales, greedy Clara and Lady Russell who rocked, with her warn heart, made this story different, from page to page. Ms. Collins tackled a huge issue again with abuse, which ties these 3 ladies together and made them BFFs. Georgie was different because she was abused, but she was an Army wife, and unless you personal been one, then all the decisions and problems are ALWAYS on her shoulders, while he hubby was away fighting. She has independence, but he slapped, punched and kicked it away, when DID come home. Con was a breath of fresh air for a hero, not a rake or rogue, but a man with fierce honor, that is ingrained in him. When he did make love to Georgina, he worshipped her from the tip of her toes to the top of her head. I believe that he washed away her evil abuser from her, with each caress and kiss. Ms. Collins created Con to heal Georgie with love, and show her that not all men are cruel and I FELL IN LOVED with him! Ms. Collins made me cry, and people I cry UGLY and then scare my furry reading buddy, Simba, and he has CLAWS, so blood and tears! She also had me on the edge of my couch, with the mysterious and STILL unseen nemesis and left me with a CLIFFHANGER! So to recap, y'all will smile, giggle, kick and sometimes slap Con's clan members, laugh, try to figure out a mystery, feel hot and bothered and fall in love this the Bath B-day Bash. I must give Ms. Collins my top score of 5 fingers up and 10 toes. Don't be jealous, but I have ARC of Why Lords Loses Their Hearts, and I am opening it right NOW! But it will be release July 29, 2014 and that is only 24 days! This book brought to me via my LIBRARY!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a great story that includes both intrigue and romance. Both main characters, Con and Georgina, were very likable Honestly, I had a hard time putting the story down. Manda Collins is a wonderful author and I will definitely be reading her future books!
zeeba More than 1 year ago
Why Earls Fall in Love is a mystery historical romance, I couldn't guess who was the villain until the end of the book. The story was engaging with romance, mystery and threat. I like the way Mrs. Collin tell the story even I have not read the first in this series I could follow the story about three friends with their secrets. I am looking forward to read the next in this series and find out who is the villain. Thank you Mrs. Collins
MyBookAddictionandMore More than 1 year ago
WHY EARLS FALL IN LOVE by Manda Collins is an exciting Regency Historical Romance. #2 in the "Wicked Widows" trilogy, but can be read as a stand alone. See, "Why Dukes Say I Do". Fast paced filled with deception, passion,danger and love. Meet Georgina Mowbray and Dominic, the Earl of Coniston, Lady Russell's nephew. Georgina is Lady Russell's companion as well as one of the Wicked Widow's. A delightful tale of finding love, trust,acceptance and the power of love. You must check out Manda Collins' latest release "Why Earls Fall in Love" you will not regret your choice. I can't wait for the next installment to find out who is determined to destroy Georgina, Isabella, and Perdita, the three wicked widows. Oh did I mention a little side story in the mix? Ms. Collins a wonderful storyteller, who draws the reader into her stories with her engaging, realistic, and believable characters and her intriguing and interesting storyline. All of the Wicked Widows have been abused by their late spouses and are looking for love and acceptance, but they also meet with a bit of danger along the way. For someone is not to destroy them all. Excellent, simply excellent!! A powerful as well as intriguing story. A must read!! Received for an honest review from the publisher and Net Galley. RATING: 4.5 HEAT RATING: MILD REVIEWED BY: AprilR, Courtesy of My Book Addiction and More