Why Not Do What You Love? An Invitation to Calling and Contribution in a World Hungry for Your Gifts

Why Not Do What You Love? An Invitation to Calling and Contribution in a World Hungry for Your Gifts

by Martha Johnson


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ISBN-13: 9780984304806
Publisher: Pearl Meadow Press
Publication date: 04/28/2017
Pages: 222
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

Martha Johnson has loved her life as a Peace Corps Volunteer, management consultant, teacher, park ranger, business owner, and retired elder. At 74-plus, she still believes in doing what she loves and encouraging others similarly.

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Why Not Do What You Love?: An invitation to calling and contribution in a world hungry for your gifts 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dovewing woke up, yawning. She felt totally huge. There would be three, she thought. Dovewing sighed. About two moons to go. She sat up, hauling herself out of her warriors den. She saw that Bumblestripe, her mate was sitting by the entrance. "Dovewing! What are you doing out here so close to kitting!?" He meowed, trying to keep his voice lowered. "I need to see Seedspring." She mumbled. "Hmmm? Oh, yes. I will go with you." He meowed. She rolled her yes. He looked at her, trying to find out what was wrong. "I don't need my mate to suddenly become a mother. To me." Dovewing meowed, trying to keep a straight face. Bumblestripe let out a mrrow of laughter. "Wait, why is that funny?" He asked himself. "Because you laugh at every single one of my jokes, silly." She awnsered, flicking her tail over his ear. The look of 'seriously?' was writted all over her face. The two reached the medicine den right after that. The young medicine cat was up early, not sleeping in like she used to. Seedspring was brought into the job of full-time medicine cat when Jayfeather died from an odd cause. Lionstar died the same night. Dovewing was sure that the leader of ThunderClan did have seven lives that day. Let's see, he lost his first from protecting Cinderheart, his mate. His second was lost to a viper...still, he was in perfect shape. This all happened a few moons ago. Now the leader is Birchstar. Birchfall became deputy after Bramblestar's death. Squirrelstar chose him as deputy, and she dropped dead when anouncing that she would go to the moonpool. Dovewing shook these thoughts off. "Seedspring, are you going to check Dovewing this morning?" Bumblestripe asked, pelt brushing hers. Seedspring nodded. "Lay down, Dovewing." She ordered. Dovewing got to the ground, laying on her side. "Bumblestripe, please wait outside." The medicine cat added, gesturing Bumblestripe out. "Okay, now that yiur mate is gone, I can check you." Seedspring felt abong Dovewing's belly. She finished the check a minute later. "Dovewing, you have aproximately one moon before your kits arrive. You will now have to move to the nursery. You will not be able to go on patrols untill their father can watch them." She meowed. "Now go eat, and tell Bumblestripe and have him tell Birchstar." Seedspring added as Dovewing padded out. "What did she say?" Bumblestripe asked immidiately. "I have to move to the nursery a moon before kitting. That is now." She meowed unhappily. "Dovewing! That's great, my love!" He meowed, covering her flank with licks. "I will bring you a vole. Plumpest in the pile. You go rest." He meowed. "I can get my own prey." She meowed shouldering him out of her way. Dovewing picked a sparrow and walked to the nursery. When she settled down near the entrance, she was tired indeed. Maybe I should let Bumblestripe take care of me for a while. The gray she-cat thought. At that moment, Ivypool came bounding over. "Congratulations! I can't wait! I get to be there, right?" Dovewing's sister meowed, white pelt having a clump of hair sticking up here or there. "Yes, yes. Let me see your pelt." She meowed. Ivypool layed down and took a bite of the sparrow while Dovewing groomed her white fur. "There, all finished." She meowed. Dovewing knew she would have her kits be named after cats. One of them, she knew, would be-wait, she doesn't know what they will look like yet. She closed her eyes, deep in thought as Bumblestripe went to Birchstar's den. <br> <p> Thanks for reading!