Why The Chisholm Trail Forks And Other Tales Of The Cattle Country

Why The Chisholm Trail Forks And Other Tales Of The Cattle Country


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This sparkling collection of tales told around Western campfires, written by the master chronicler of the range, is a literary find of great interest and genuine importance.

Andy Adams is remembered chiefly as the author of The Log of a Cowboy. Among the most charming features of the Log are the stories the cowhands told around the fires at night when the day's work was done. Similar and equally delightful stories are scattered throughout several other less successful novels, long out of print, while others that never saw publication were found by the editor among Adams' papers.

In the present book, Wilson M. Hudson has gathered together these tales of the trail and camp into one volume that surely will delight the hearts of all readers who are interested in the old West.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780292734302
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Publication date: 01/01/1956
Pages: 330
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Andy Adams’ Campfire Tales
  • Bull Durham and the Vigilantes
  • The Quarternights near the Salt Licks
  • Strong on the Breed
  • The Genuine Blend of Bluegrass and Bourbon
  • Joe Jenks’ Pet Ox
  • There’s My Horse’s Track
  • A Horse Herd Lost to Cheyennes
  • A Lecture in Dodge City
  • Revisiting the Old States
  • Bear-Sign Artist
  • Miss Precilla June Jones
  • The Black-Waxy near Waxahachie
  • The Cat in the Jacal
  • Trotter’s Sack of Salt
  • Good for Two Drinks
  • A Blue Bird Swooping Down like a Pigeon Hawk
  • I’d Have Gambled My Life on Her
  • Miss Sallie of Shot-a-Buek Crossing
  • Scared Horses on the Navidad
  • A Drive from the San Saba to the Concho
  • Chasing Mustangs
  • Indian-Style Fun
  • Button Shoes and the Big Auger
  • Bogged to the Saddle Skirts in the Story
  • Pig-Fat and Slick as Weasels
  • Bibleback’s Christmas Beef
  • Old Turk and the Slicker
  • Rich in Hounds
  • Uncle Dave Hapfinger in Heaven
  • The Marshal of Cow Springs
  • Trust and Betrayal
  • The Owner of the Pinto Horse
  • He Had Collided with Lead in Texas
  • Alkaline Dust Ain’t Snow
  • Why the Chisholm Trail Forks
  • In a Spur of the County
  • Judge Bean in Court
  • A Skirmish on the Head of the Arroyo Colorado
  • Viva los Timochis!
  • Buffaloed by a Bear
  • A Little Paseo over into Mexico
  • A Comanche Fight in the Tallow Cache Hills
  • El Lobo’s Sweetheart
  • Raneka Bill Hunter
  • Voting Bonds to the Railroad
  • Death of the Little Glassblower
  • A Rise in the Price of Coffee
  • Big Tom Plays Monte
  • How Doc Langford Got His Nickname
  • A Jagger from Jaggertown
  • Cow Coroner for the Sap

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