Wicca Book Of Spells: Easy Guide To Practicing Herbal Magic

Wicca Book Of Spells: Easy Guide To Practicing Herbal Magic

by Mrs Margaret Marjorie


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Easy Guide To Practicing Herbal Magic

Given that the plant kingdom developed on Earth many millions of years before the evolution of human beings, it's fair to say that herbs are the oldest magical tools in existence. Known for millennia to have beneficial properties for both physical and spiritual well-being, many different species of plants were incorporated into the practices of healers, shamans, and other medicine men and women of the "old days"-this was the origin of herbal magic.

Back before medicine was separated from magic, physical healing was often accompanied by ritual and prayer, so that a patient might be treated with an herbal decoction (or tea) as well as a smudging ritual and an incantation to the spirits for a speedy recovery. Today, the simple ritual of enjoying a cup of herbal tea can have emotional and spiritual effects as well as nutritional benefits. This combination of healing and magical properties makes herbs incredibly powerful components in modern magic. In fact, the study and patient practice of herbal magic can prove to be the most rewarding form of the Craft a Witch can discover.

The Elemental Powers Of Plant
In terms of magical symbolism, plants embody the power of the four classical Wiccan Elements working together to create and sustain life. They begin as seeds in the soil of the Earth, where the minerals needed to sustain their life are found. They interact with the "fire" of sunlight, which makes the process of converting carbon dioxide into oxygen possible-a process that directly affects the quality of air.

Air, in turn, fosters more plant life in the form of wind, which both stimulates the growth of stems and leaves, and scatters seeds in order to continue the cycle. And of course, all plants need some amount of water to live-even the hardy cactus. But they also play a crucial role in the regulation of the Earth's water cycles by purifying water, and helping to move it from the soil to the atmosphere. Indeed, there is perhaps no better illustration for how the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire come together than in the magical existence of plants.

Plant Intelligence
Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher of ancient times, believed that plants have "psyches," a word normally used to describe the human quality of soul, or spirit. Many Wiccans and other Witches today would agree. In fact, even scientists are starting to realize that plants actually have what we might define as consciousness.

Plants both communicate and cooperate with each other in the wild, even among different species. In a forest setting, trees, shrubs, and other plants will exchange information with each other through an underground network of roots and fungi. This natural "internet" allows plants to exchange nutrients with each other, helping each other make up for any shortages at various points in the growing season-much like you might "borrow" a few eggs from a neighbour and return the favour later on with some extra butter! Plants are also able to warn each other about nearby predators. For example, if one leaf is bitten by an insect, a plant will release chemicals that both repel the insect and prompt its plant neighbours to release their own chemicals to do the same.

These discoveries serve as wonderful illustrations of the inherent intelligence of Mother Earth. Whether working with a plant's roots, seeds, stems, leaves, flowers, or berries-or even the bark of a tree-Witches tap into this magical energy when incorporating herbs into their practice.

Herbal Magic:
  • It serves as a substitute for medical medicine.
  • It helps you not to rely only on medical medicines.
  • It serves as the primary source of most medical medicines.
  • It is inexpensive and pocket friendly.

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