Wicca: The Wicca for Beginners Guide to Practicing Wicca Spells, Rituals and Witchcraft

Wicca: The Wicca for Beginners Guide to Practicing Wicca Spells, Rituals and Witchcraft

by Drea Farrell


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Find Love, Connection, Wealth, and Community with the Power of Wicca!

This expanded 2nd edition of Drea Farrell's Wicca includes everything you need to know to enter the fascinating world of spells and rituals. You'll learn what it means to become Wiccan and deepen your connection with the Earth, those around you, and Universal Energy.

Start practicing witchcraft today with Drea's potent spells for realizing whatever your heart desires:

  • Love
  • Wealth
  • Success
  • Health

and much more!

Inside Wicca, Drea explains the basic principles of Wicca, including the Wiccan Rede. This agreement states the importance of living in complete freedom - as long as you don't harm others. By synchronizing your energies with Universal Energy, you can gain the privileges and responsibilities of wielding magick in this dimension.

Drea helps you embrace the Law of Threefold Return: you get back what you put into the world, multiplied by three. As you learn to master Wiccan spells and rituals, you'll also discover the importance of doing good in the world with a true and genuine heart.

In this comprehensive and easy-to-read guide, Drea describes the many tools you can use to create magic in your daily life. You'll learn about the preparations you need to make before casting spells and how to honor the Wiccan deities. As you progress, you'll even discover specific spells for the cycles of the moon and the days of the week!

Don't let this opportunity pass you by - start your journey into the vast and rich Wiccan tradition right away!

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Pages: 88
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