Wicked as They Come

Wicked as They Come

by Delilah S. Dawson

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback - Original)

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Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson

First in a steampunk-tinged paranormal romance series in which a woman is transported to a world filled with vampires and magic.

When nurse Tish Everett forced open the pesky but lovely locket she found at an estate sale, she had no idea she was answering the call of Criminy Stain, from the far off land of Sang. He’d cast a spell for her, but when she’s transported right to him, she’s not so sure she’s ready to be under the spell of another man. (It didn’t go so well last time with controlling, abusive, domineering Jeff.) If only Criminy wasn’t so deliciously rakish….

Half the inhabitants of Sang are Pinkies—human—and the other half are Bludmen, who in Tish’s world would be called vampires. But they don’t mess with any of the bat/coffin/no sunlight nonsense. They’re rather like you and me, just more fabulous, long living, and mostly indestructible. (They're also very good kissers.) But when the evil Mayor of Manchester (formerly Bludchester) redoubles his efforts to rid Sang of the Bludmen once and for all, stealing Tish’s locket in hopes of traveling back to her world himself for reinforcements, Criminy and Tish must battle ghosts, sea monsters, wayward submarines, a secret cabal, and thundering Bludmares to get the locket back and allow Tish to return home…but has she found love with Criminy? Could she stay in Sang forever?

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ISBN-13: 9781451657883
Publisher: Pocket Books
Publication date: 03/27/2012
Series: A Blud Novel Series , #1
Edition description: Original
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 654,393
Product dimensions: 4.28(w) x 6.54(h) x 1.18(d)

About the Author

Delilah S. Dawson is the author of Hit, Servants of the Storm, Strike, the Blud series, Star Wars novels and short stories, a variety of short stories, comics, and essays, and the Shadow series as Lila Bowen. She lives in Georgia with her family and a fat mutt named Merle. Find her online at WhimsyDark.com.

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Wicked as They Come

I was the one who found Mrs. Stein’s body two weeks ago. Now here I was, pawing through her things, finally free to explore her creepy old house. It wasn’t personal, though—I had barely known her. And the estate sale was probably her idea, anyway, one last attempt to infuriate her children.

The second I saw the sign, I had to stop. She had been surprisingly paranoid for a hospice patient, and I had never seen anything of her historic Victorian home beyond the downstairs bedroom where she had chosen to spend her remaining days. The chance to explore was just too interesting to pass up. Plus, I’d said good-bye to most of my worldly possessions when I left Jeff , and I had an hour to kill until my next patient.

I was starting over from scratch and didn’t have the money or the lifestyle for priceless antiques, but I always had room for treasure. Knickknacks, odd paintings, or costume jewelry would help liven up my empty apartment. Best of all, though, the sun-dappled attic upstairs was wall-to-wall books. For me, that was heaven.

When I first saw the chain hanging from the top of the old tome, I didn’t know what to think. I tugged it up. As the flat locket slid from between the pages, I got a little rush of excitement, like when pulling the prize out of a box of cereal. Sure, it was tarnished and grimy, but it was a prize nonetheless. Maybe my luck was finally changing.

I let the locket dangle in a sunbeam, charmed by its age and strangeness. I could picture it shining on some young lady’s neck, part of an epic story full of romance and a Prince Charming who didn’t turn out to be an overbearing, soul-sucking jerk. Not that I was bitter or anything. I just wanted to start over fresh, make that good-bye really mean something positive.

It’s funny how a relationship can sneak up on you like that. It starts with a whirlwind courtship, dozens of roses and poetry and dancing. He buys you a toothbrush, gives you a drawer. You move in. You give in on little things, just to make him happy. The curtains. Your hair, which he thinks you should grow out. Then it’s bigger things. The checkbook. Your job. And the one big-big thing, the baby that you lose, the gift he wasn’t ready to give you. His relief at your pain kills something inside you, the hardest goodbye of all.

And then one day, you realize that you’re basically a plaything and property to a man who’s charmed you out of your pants and into the perfect wedding ring he had picked out before he even met you. That he’s not making plans with you, he’s making you fit into his plans, no matter what the cost. You realize that you’ve become a paper doll with paper thoughts, that it was all too easy to give up control. And then one night, he hits you, and you pull your dignity off the floor and kick the bastard to the curb.

You say good-bye. And then you leave. And then you get somewhere else and learn how to say hello again.

“Hello,” I said to the locket, trying it out.

Just looking at it made me happy in a way I had forgotten. A feeling of hope, of indulgence. I’d forgotten how good it felt to choose something for myself, to see an object and say, “I’m going to make that mine.”

It was pretty in such a Gothic, old-fashioned way. One side had a large, flat stone—maybe a ruby or maybe just glass. And the other side of the oval had indecipherable writing around the edge with a compass rose in the center. I breathed on the metal and rubbed it on my scrub pants, but its secrets remained safe under eons of muck.

Just as I was about to head downstairs to pay for the locket, a little old lady appeared at my elbow and said, “Excuse me, miss. Can you read this?”

“I’d be glad to try,” I said with a smile.

She handed me a crusty old saltcellar, and I read the smudged grease-pencil price. I was like a magnet for old people. Maybe because I was accustomed to helping them at work. Maybe because I looked kind. Or maybe because every time I looked at an elderly person, I thought of my grandmother and couldn’t help smiling.

Taking care of my grandmother was one of my greatest joys and greatest sorrows. I got to be with her and help her, take care of all of the nursing tasks that she would be mortified to impose on a stranger. But I also had to watch her die, and it broke my heart. With my mom gone and my dad remarried across the country, she was all the family I had. The hours I spent with her every day were precious to me, and I couldn’t believe how much time I had lost with her by wasting time with Jeff in Birmingham.

This old lady had the same sort of fire that made my grandmother special, a mix of manners and moxie that I hoped I had inherited. Watching her eyes narrow at the offending saltcellar reminded me of going antiques shopping with Nana when I was little, popping jelly beans one by one as she haggled. Still, I didn’t have much time until I was expected at Mr. Rathbin’s house, and after that, I had four more hospice patients waiting. Old people get really cranky when you’re late.

I was just opening my mouth to apologize and slip away when my beeper went off. It was my case manager, followed by 911.

“Excuse me,” I said, rushing past the surprised old woman and down the narrow staircase.

“Must be a doctor,” I heard her remark to someone else before I was out of earshot.

Coulda, woulda, shoulda, I thought, remembering the night that Jeff tore up my applications to medical school and threw them into the trash. Then I corrected myself.

I can still be a doctor if I want to. Nothing’s stopping me, dammit. I can be anything and anyone I want to be. No one’s going to tell me what to be ever again.

Back in my car, I reached into my pocket for my cell phone to call the office. Instead, I found the locket. Staring at it, I reminded myself that I was not a thief, that I had never stolen anything in my life . . . on purpose.

But something I couldn’t explain kept me from going back inside and making things right. The busy woman running the estate sale probably didn’t even know the locket existed. And the recently deceased Mrs. Stein wouldn’t miss it. There wasn’t a price on it. Still, I couldn’t help imagining police cars with blinking lights surrounding my little sedan in the driveway as officers with guns ordered me to put my hands up. So much of the last three years of my life had been based on fear.

I tugged the chain over my head and pulled my long dark hair out from under it. I couldn’t help giving myself a sly grin in the pull-down mirror. The locket was heavy, and it hung exactly over my heart, much lower than most of my necklaces. I tucked it under my T-shirt and scrub top, enjoying the dull weight against my skin and wondering what sort of metal lurked under the tarnish. Maybe once it was cleaned, I could have the chain shortened.

Or maybe I’d keep it a secret, just because I could.

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Wicked as They Come 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 47 reviews.
IngaKS More than 1 year ago
My review: I bought this book accidentally. I was sending a copy of Wicked As They Come to one of my giveaway winners and sent a copy to myself, too! I started reading it on the day it popped up in my mailbox and enjoyed the book. Wicked As They Come by Delilah S. Dawson is a steampunk paranormal romance. The author has created a steampunk world which is filled with fantasy, strange characters and interesting plot. The book was well-written and it was easy to read. Regarding the plot: The story begins where Letitia, a nurse and caretaker of dying people, finds a locket on a estate sale. She is drawn to the locket and after she sees it on the estate sale, she steals it and takes it with her to her home. After she finally is capable of opening the locket to see, what’s in there, she is opening a door to unknown world – a world of bludmen, Coppers and Pinkies. She finds herself in the parallel world where all the names and places are very similar to her own world, but everything is different. Vampires are not vampires, they are bludmen; Pinkies are humans like herself and Coppers are the rulers of the existing world; rabbits are not little cute and puffy animals, they are blood eating bludanimals. Letitia finds out that the locket brought her to Criminy and to the world of Sang which is very similar to Victorian England, but is nothing she has ever seen or heard before. Criminy is the only person capable of taking care of her and introduces her to Criminy’s Clockwork Caravan which is like a circus on the wheels. Criminy finds out that Letitia is a glancer – a person who can see future and gives her a job as a fortuneteller in the caravan. When someone important – an evil Magistrate finds out that she has a locket which is a gateway between the real world and the Sang, things get dangerous both for her and Criminy. I absolutely loved the world of Sang and I think that the author did an excellent job with creating such a strange, surprising and fascinating steampunk world. It kept me surprising and turning the pages with a pace which was incredible fast. I wanted to read the book in one sitting, but had to sleep just to continue the reading. It was truly fascinating! I also liked the idea of parallel worlds and travelling between them and I think that the characters which you met in both worlds were excellently executed by the author. The idea of the plot was brilliant and refreshing. Regarding the characters: Wicked As They Come offered so many characters and the best part of it was, that the characters were wicked too! I really liked Criminy! When I was reading about him, I was picturing Jonny Depp. Whenever the book will be made into a movie, he would be perfect to this role, except Criminy is much younger than Depp is. Criminy has cast a spell to bring Letitia to his world. He is a mixture of a good and wicked, even though when it came to his support and feelings towards Letitia, nothing wicked was left: he was sincere, supportive, lovable and willing to go many extra miles to help Letitia. He knew that by helping Letitia to get back the locket would mean that she travels back home to her own world, but he left that freedom of choice to her! Letitia was lovable! In the beginning of the book she is a woman who pities herself and is afraid of getting attached or loving, but the Sang and meeting with Criminy changed her. She becomes braver, more independent and step by step she opens her heart to Criminy. Besides Criminy and Letita you meet many other supportive characters: evil Magistrate with the name of Goodwill, Mrs Cleavers who worked in the caravan as a dresser and a fascinator, Tabitha the Mermaid, Casper Sterling whom you met in both worlds. The characters were supporting the plot amazingly well and they all had their own stories to tell. Generally: I have to admit, that I have never been a big fan of steampunk novels, but Wicked As They Come by Delilah S. Dawson has somewhat changed my mind. It was such a fun read with amazing world and creatures and characters. The plot was solid and the writing was smooth and humorous. I would highly recommend it to the lovers of steampunk and paranormal romance! 5 stars!
ErickaGA More than 1 year ago
Steampunk magic circus vampire adventure topped off with some romance. It may seem like a lot to cram into one novel but the writing is so compelling and the world so deliciously rich that you will absorb it all and want some more. A fantastic and fun read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ok so let's start at how me reading the book, I work for a bookstore which shall not be named. And i was sitting at the computer while my bestfriend was unpacking our truck. And she showed me a cover of a book, I was like ok sexy cover and then I read the back. And tried to start reading it immeaditly and she stopped me but I got a couple of paragraphs in. Well needless to say I brought it that day, and it took me about 4 days to read it. I was hooked and told her she had to read it I could not put it down. And as for the book itself well. Lititia she is sucked into a world she doesn't know and meets this man " or so you think". His name is Crimney she is wisked into his world of carney folk. And wait the best part is just when you think something is cute the damn bunnies oh yeah they bite. Sorry nothing in this world is where it seems she is not only truly a stranger but thats what they call her. Well its kinda a wild ride of places, people and you will either you will absolutely love it. Or you will not, I can tell you this is not the type of genre that I read. But in the end picking up random books can either maje you fall in love or puke. Lol no but a must read and absolutely fabulous. And i can't wait for the next installment.
Marlies_Anastasia More than 1 year ago
I started reading an hour before bedtime... and suffice to say I did not sleep until I had consumed every last word. It's dark, the characters intriguing and I have been left craving more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Whenever I read, I kind of try to anticipate what's going to happen next. Who's they killer going to turn out to be? Who's going to end up together? But, this book is so full of creative and unexpected turns, I could never figure out what was going to happen -- let alone what I HOPED would happen... I had so much fun reading Wicked As They Come that I've been recommending it to all my friends!
terilhack More than 1 year ago
Within a few pages of reading Wicked as They Come I was hooked. The story opens up with a woman named Tish Everett who has just come out of a bad relationship that she realized was all a sham, and now she is getting her life back together. Tish is our central heroine in the story and she is tired of being a doormat. Tish works hard, takes care of people as a nurse and she is still missing something in life. What Tish soon finds will turn her future around into something else entirely. While driving past one the home of a deceased patient, Tish walks into an estate sale and comes out into a whole alternate reality filled with bloodthirsty bunnies and traitorous carnies. It wasn’t that simple, there was no magic door to take Tish away, there was no mirror, all Tish had to do was fall asleep. After taking a tarnished locket from the sale and trying to clean it, Tish pushed a ruby in the necklace and is soon sprayed with bloody red liquid which opened up to a tiny portrait of a dark and beautiful man. With thoughts of this mysterious stranger, Tish falls asleep only to wake up naked on a slab of rock. While that may appeal to some, Tish is a bit more reserved then most so when out comes that dark stranger from her locket Tish assumes she is still dreaming. What she finds herself in is not a dream but another world, like ours but in a more steampunk advanced history and also filled with bloodthirsty entities. People of the Blud they are, but this also encompasses animals, once bitten the hunger for flesh and blood turns all living things into creatures of Blud and humans are a rare treat. With strict rules governing Bludmen and Bludwomen this group of people is ostracized for their very nature almost to the point of starvation and degradation. Into the world of Sang readers will follow Tish, or here Letitia, and the Bludman Ciminy Stain on a whole host of perilous adventures that will give Letitia the ability to choose her future whether in the arms of the Blud or in the present with her grandmother. In Sang there are those of the Blud, the humans, and then there are the Strangers. The significance of the Strangers in the world of Sang is that the Strangers are humans, but sometime in the crossing they contain special powers or abilities or knowledge. These Strangers are redefining the world of Sang and causing complications for its inhabitants. Where we sleep in one world, in another we can reap destruction or never wake up. Criminy Stain is a central character in the novel alongside Letitia in Wicked As They Come and his talents and voice in the story and the evolution of the book were just amazing. WCTC is a Steampunk Historical Romance where clockworks can protect you and krakens attack subs all the while you can strap on a corset and tempt the craftiest of Bludmen. Criminy releases the wanton element in the story, because that locket that brought Letitita into Sang was basically his last draw to bring his heart, his love to him. See Criminy is a romantic and after a nasty breakup he sent for a piece of himself through dark magic to being the woman who would spend his life with to whom, except what he found was a spirited woman who is juggling her realities and keeps him a hand span away. With some great banter and dialog readers will enjoy Criminy throughout the story and quite possibly fall for him themselves. Surrounded by carnies, those of the Blud and a fantastic caravan, Criminy will stop at nothing to not only protect his people but also try and catch Letititia’s affections. With danger following both characters and future looking none too bright for either, Letitia and Criminy must find strength in themselves and each other to pass the coming storm. Dawson has brought to life a great pair of characters and has created an intriguing world that while close to our own, is altogether different and full of surprises. With a whole host of adventures and a thrilling perilous journey to save themselves and a whole world of people, Criminy and Letitia will bring readers into a new world filled with an all original romance in a time of Blud and bedpans.
Meli_Green More than 1 year ago
Dawson’s darkly tempting debut drops her unsuspecting heroine into a strange faraway land for a romantic adventure that’s part paranormal, part steampunk, and completely irresistible. Like Neil Gaiman on insane carnival crack, Delilah S. Dawson's debut, Wicked As They Come, took me by surprise the moment I picked it up. Skirting the boundaries of fantasy and paranormal, and playing coy with both, Wicked defies genre classification. It was so charming, and refreshingly good that I actually groaned when I hit the last page. Dawson has knit a story whose strength lies in a genuine voice, quirky characters, and notable world-building. You will be transported into a wonderfully crafted "other" dimension within the pages of this book, filled with magical creatures, adventure, mystery, and romance. A paranormal romance like no other, which will have you falling in love with Criminy and his wickedly delicious aura. I will say that, at times, for short periods, it did drag a bit. I thought the addition of the love triangle to be predictable and it makes me a bit sad when authors feel they have to go there to provide the necessary tension between characters. The main characters stand on their own. I don't need the triangle. I can only hope that in the next couple of books this person's real agenda is revealed. Wicked As They Come is an excellent read that will have you shaking your head at the awe-inspiring world created between the pages! Wonderfully written and beautifully detailed, this will rock your book loving world!
Anonymous 22 days ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
50 pages into it you begin into lose interest
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HeatherMcC More than 1 year ago
Fun and Unique This novel was a breath of fresh air. Filled with romance, humor, and steampunk elements, it kept me hooked from the first page to the last. Unlike many steampunk novels, this one doesn't take place in London (which I loved), or even in this world for that matter. I loved it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beth Post More than 1 year ago
This was my first foray into the magical world of Steampunk, and I’m hooked! Delilah S. Dawson conjures a magical world in an alternate universe where Bludmen (basically a vampire for you muggles) live side by side with Pinkies (us regular folk). Tish, a Pinky/Stranger from our world, finds a magical locket that, when activated by her blood, transports her to the world of Sang, and Criminy Stain. She lands naked in a land that’s part Steampunk , part Victorian, and full of adventure where Pinky blood is feasted on by all sorts of blud creatures. Everywhere she turns, someone or something is looking to drink her, or drain her. Except for Criminy, who wants to charm her. Criminy Stain is the gypsy Bludman king of the Clockwork Caravan. His name rhymes with Jiminy, but this sexy blud drinker (the ultimate Bad Boy/Good Man) is more likely to lead you into temptation than be your conscious. And you’ll gladly surrender. He cast the spell to bring his soul mate to him, but never imagined it would be a Stranger. He hopes to capture her heart, as she has his. He and Tish battle Bludbunnies, Bludmares and the Stranger who would be king (and genocidal manic who would eliminate all Bludman) to retrieve her locket. It’s the only way she can ever return home…if she still wishes to. This was one of the best books I’ve ever read! As soon as I read the last page, I immediately turned back to the first and started reading it again. I have never done that before. I tried to pay attention, to see how she does what she does in crafting her stories, but was sucked back in, analysis be damned! Buy this book and swoon into Sang. You’ll love every steamy minute of it!
LITERALADDICTION_MLO More than 1 year ago
Our Review, by LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer - Tanya C: Wicked as They Come is the first book in the Blud series by Delilah Dawson.  I was instantly drawn into the wonderfully magical world Delilah Dawson has created. I loved the character of Criminy Stain who was like a steampunk version of The Mad Hatter from the classic Alice in Wonderland. The story itself was very well paced and did not lack action and intrigue at all. The way the two worlds in Wicked as They Come were so intertwined was what really hooked me, and quickly made me a forever fan.  LITERAL ADDICTION's Guest Reviewer gives Wicked As They Come 5 Skulls and would definitely recommend it.
Masquerader888 More than 1 year ago
I bought this book because people whose opinions I respect were ravaging about it, however I wasn’t entirely convinced that it was for me from the blurb and had to somewhat force myself to start it. I am ever so glad that I did. This book charmed me, almost in spite of myself, with its through-the-looking-glass feel done in darker tones and characters that were both familiar and reflected. The plot, a somewhat standard adventure, gained mystique in the details by lovingly paining a believable and intriguing alternate world. Our cast of characters added breath and life to the page, and while I will admit that our main voice, Lititia or Tish depending in which world you catch her in, had a backstory of issues that was more or less thrown at us and then ground into the dirt resolving, I still liked her as a character and respected the whys of her decisions—even if having it pointed out that it was because of said past issues became repetitive after a time. Crimminy was a fun hero, and while his use of magic often mortared over possible plot difficulties the sheer magnetics of his personality bursting off the page more than made up for it, and in his exuberance he created more than enough plot to fill in any gaps. The triangle that was presented, I feel to represent the lure of both her old world and this new one, was a tad bit sloppy and cliché…luckily it didn’t last too long as a plot device, and it did allow us to explore both Lititia’s glancing—or fore and backsight—which I found fascinating, and the connection between worlds. I am glad that this wasn’t as much of a presence as it could have been, but still felt that it was overdone. Even still, the creativity and crafting of the world, characters, and choices made this a memorable and unique book that to me that deserves recognition. Ms. Dawson has created a world that I am eager to explore further, and I can only hope that future installments managed to capture the same grand whimsy as this one. I give this book a delighted five stars
LilyElementBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Letitia (aka Tish) Everett is a nurse that is recovering from an emotionally draining and abusive relationship. As most people would react, she rebels against men trying to command her life. Tish throws herself into her work even though it is difficult to handle at times. One of her patients is her Grandmother, who has cancer. I could see the love that Tish feels for her Grandmother, it came across as real and very sweet. Browsing at an estate sale Tish becomes enamored with a locket that she has to have. Next thing you know she wakes up naked in a strange place and meets a mysterious man. Criminy Stain is a bludman (think vampire but cooler) that runs a traveling circus. He has searched for his soul mate for a very long time and believes that person to be Tish. She joins his circus and tries to figure out a way to get back home. Criminy and Tish hit the road and that's where everything starts getting very interesting. Wicked As They Come is a unique read that has a steampunk vibe. The plot is excellent and hooked me from the first page. There is so much that happens in the book but the main points are romance with a slight love triangle, chasing after something/someone and exploring Sang which is a fascinating world. I highly suggest you read this book if you like Paranormal Romance. A word of warning, do not start this at night as I stayed up until the wee hours so I could read "just one more chapter".
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so much fun to read. I loved every single page. The characters were well written and the descriptions were great. I really can't wait for the next book. This wtiter is very talented.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PirateRogue More than 1 year ago
This story is a fun romp through a new world with all the important parts. Vampires, circus people, oppressive governments and The newbie to the world who knows absolutely nothing.
jessicachick1187 More than 1 year ago
I was excited for this book to come out, and luckily it didn't dissapoint. High 5 star rating across the board. I absolutely fell in love with this world and it's characters. The bunnies were a fabulous adddiition as well. I am very excited to continue this series.
Hilly731 More than 1 year ago
I am always a little hesitant when picking up the first novel of an author as it usually takes a few books for them to find their stride, but I took a chance on this one because I thought the cover was pretty because I have a weakness for men in top hats (okay, I'll admit it - sometimes I judge a book by its cover!) However, I'm glad I took a chance on this one because it introduced me to a whole new world where the bunnies are evil, gypsy caravans still exist and pets are made of clockwork. The characters are well developed and compelling and I couldn't put it down! Overall, I was sucked into the world, I thought it was wondefully well written and eagerly await the new short story & next book coming out!
Bonesgirl More than 1 year ago
I really loved reading this book, the world Delilah has created is amazing and didnt want the story to end. Maybe when I go to bed tonite I'll dream of that world and of Bludbunnies!!!
ChaosMandy More than 1 year ago
Steampunk and vampires may not seem like things that would go together well. But in Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson, these two things are mixed with wonderful results. When I first heard about Wicked as They Come, I was interested in reading it. But when I found out that it was also a “person from our world goes to a strange, new world” story, I knew I was going to love it. I love those kinds of stories and Wicked as They Come was no exception. The story follows Tish Everett, a nurse and recent divorcee, as she finds herself in the world of Sang, which is a steampunk version of Victorian England. She meets Criminy Stain, who is a Bludman, which is like a vampire but with some differences. He tells Tish says that he called her to his world because she is his true love. Tish is propelled on a journey to heal from her former abusive relationship, find herself and to discover who is killing the Bludmen and women of Sang. The world is very interesting and well explained. Bludmen aren’t the only vampiric creatures that lurk around. Just about any animal you can think of had a blud equivent. The one that freaked me out and interested me the most was the bludbunnies, because they are cute, fluffy and want to suck your blood. This book was a lot of fun to read with the interesting setting of Sang as well as the well-rounded characters. Even though the story focuses on Tish and Criminy, we do get to meet many of the inhabitants of Sang which includes Criminy’s carnival full of strange folks. I’d recommend Wicked as They Come by Delilah S. Dawson to anyone who enjoys steampunk, vampire as well as a little paranormal romance. Wicked as They Come is available today, in paperback as well as for Kindle and Nook. Note: I received a copy of this book for review purposes.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was pleasantly surprised by this book. It did have the generic romance formula, but I loved the hero so much it didn't ruffle me like usual. The heroine grew on me. The world is different, really out there, like vampire bunnies. Some parts were stupid but over all I enjoyed it. Really looking forward to the next installment. I wanted a fun read and I got it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago