Wicked Masquerade: Forbidden Secrets Book 1

Wicked Masquerade: Forbidden Secrets Book 1

by Diana Rose Wilson

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Ursa is unassuming and practical. She never craved glamorous things until she accepted an invitation to the Halloween Masquerade, a carefully arranged erotic event featuring voyeurism, public sex, kinky games, and role-play. She is captivated by a handsome man—a chocolate-skinned, winged archer in a Cupid mask—who awakens hunger she never realized possible. He provokes her Domme, teases her senses, satisfies her body, and even introduces Ursa to pony-play. Hidden behind her mask, she becomes the person she craves to be, but never dared.

Ursa’s mysterious lover fulfills her every dark desire, and beyond. She embraces her secret pleasures to the fullest during their wild fantasy weekend. When it ends and her mask is removed the Domme disappears and normal life returns, but the yearning for Cupid and her new passions remain.

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ISBN-13: 9781682992517
Publisher: Torrid Books
Publication date: 06/29/2017
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 76
File size: 935 KB

About the Author

Diana Rose Wilson grew up under the shadow of the Mayacamas Mountains, raised by outlaws and bikers. She has been involved in the lifestyle since 1989 including working at a high end adult boutique specializing in fetish, BDSM, and LGBT merchandise. Her debut book is Wicked Masquerade, first in the Forbidden Secrets series. She has also been published in Finesse, a publication for the Thomas Keller Restaurant group.

Currently, Diana lives in wine country with her husband where she enjoys good wine, better food, loud Harleys, three-day eventing, and the delights of deviant erotica. 

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Wicked Masquerade: Forbidden Secrets Book 1 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Sunshine1006 More than 1 year ago
Not everyone can write great erotica, but Diana Rose Wilson does an amazing job. Really hot sex with women in control. Hot men, masquerades and sexy situations make this a panty dropping read. I was wondering if she could get an invitation for one of these parties. I received this book for an honest review from Net Galley
Hotbooklover More than 1 year ago
Wicked Masquerade begins as a sensual and erotic story and ends with romance, featuring straight forward BDSM. It’s a delicious confection that goes down sweet and easy. A primer for anyone interested but shy about the BDSM lifestyle. Wicked Masquerade is the first book of a series, and it shouldn’t be long before you’re hungry for the next. Comprised in a beautiful and luxurious setting, with attractive and intriguing characters, it is an enjoyable romp for the beach or the fireplace. The heroine is Ursa, pretty but insecure, bright, sexually inexperienced but interested in BDSM. She is open-minded to the kaleidoscope of events at a sex party, in which the story is set. Here, she faces several conflicts. Her internal conflict involves the challenge to overcome her sexual naiveté and gain the confidence to experience her deepest desires. Her external conflict is triumphing over other seasoned party-goers who would seek to enhance their own self-worth by destroying hers. Leo, the book’s hero, and Ursa’s love interest, is a handsome, self-assured, and well-experienced submissive and participant in BDSM games. Both hero and heroine experience personal growth during the course of the story. The setting of an exotic sex party drives the plot of the book. Ursa, who understands the world of BDSM intellectually, would never have been introduced to the subculture of Doms and subs, and pony play if she had not accepted the invitation to attend. This points out the book’s dominant message to keep one’s mind open to possibilities. There are more books on the horizon with these intriguing characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is a faced paced erotic love story. Running a bookstore Ursa met Marcie who showed a mutual interest in BDSM. Sensing Ursa’s low self-esteem and knowing her interest in BDSM. Marcie invited her to a Masquerade Ball that way she could literally hide behind a mask. Ursa would have the power to choose for herself who and what she wanted. All she had to do was offer one of her coins to someone she wanted. They would accept or decline it was that easy right. The one man Ursa wanted had already turned down many women. He made it clear to her that he was waiting for her to offer him a coin. And so he was hers for the whole weekend. Not wanting to make the parting uncomfortable she snuck out before he awoke. And she could go back to her life. Knowing a man like that would never want her in the real world. The rest is for you to discover and you don't have to hide behind a mask.