Wickedness Within The Human Heart:

Wickedness Within The Human Heart: "The Mind"

by Barry Ross


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The human mind is deceitful above every other part of the human anatomy! Someone said that it is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked; who can know it? Most people think that when the Bible speaks of the heart of men: it is speaking of the physical heart organ which pomps blood throughout the human body! This is a misconception of the meaning of the word! However, there is one place within the scriptures where it does refer to the physical heart organ and that is where Jesus was talking with his disciples concerning the signs of the end times: he told them that one of the signs would be that men's hearts (physical organ - muscle) would fail them because of the evils that was coming upon the earth! In this book however, I focus on the mind of humans; which in scripture the heart is symbolic to the mind! This fact need to be understood today as many do not comprehend this fact! Just as Jesus explained to his disciples the fact that what a man eat or take within his body cannot defile him as it do not enter his mind: likewise, what comes out of the man, that is his mind: does not come from within his physical heart muscle but from within his mind, his intellect, his innermost being; thus defiling the man! We have been led to believe, that our thoughts and emotions lie within the physical heart muscle but this simply isn't true! The purpose of the physical heart muscle is only to circulate the lifeblood of humans and animals throughout the body as the life of all flesh is the blood thereof!This is why God forbid the eating of meat with the blood still in it! While the opposite is true of Satanist, who drink the blood humans and animals as they know that therein is the life of all flesh! The human mind is so awesome that even science cannot comprehend it! they have studied, dissected, reasoned together with the so called most brillant minds in the world but yet science cannot understand the human mind! God alone knows the human mind for it is he who designed it! The human mind is at enmity aginst God; it is hostile towards God nor can it know the things of God for they are of a spiritual nature! Jesus told a man once that came to him by night: that the human mind must be converted to know the things of God. Humans must be in essence born-again by the Spirit of God. The human mind must be renewed by the word of God that one might find that good, and perfect will of God! Jesus said that from out of the mind of humans proceed every wicked and evil attitude which defile the human! God destroyed the world by water in Noah's lifetime because of the "Wickedness within The Human Heart!" The earth is defiled by the inhabitants thereof, in other words, because of the wickedness of the hearts of humans, which result to wicked acts, which cause violence within the world! It was the cause in the generations of Noah; and likewise it is the cause in our generation! If you pick up any newspaper in any country in the world today, it will be filled with violence and bloodshed: nation fighting against nation, kingdom against kingdom. Wickedness and evil has once again filled this earth with violence because of the heart (mind) of humans!
Jesus said that when he returned to this earth the second time that the world would be in the same identical state it was in the days of Noah, before the flood; then he said that the flood came upon the people of that time, suddenly and unexpectedly and took them all away. Only Noah, and his family and two of every clean and unclean beast of the earth, fowl of the air was saved alive, and that, to preseve seed to repopulate the world that we now dwell in! God destroyed the world that then was by water but this time: this present evil world, will be destroyed by fire! It is all because of the evil and wickedness that is within the human heart! God promises all who come to him by faith in Jesus Christ: a new heart, and a new spirit! The human heart must be converted or one will suffer eternal damnation!

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