Widow's Might (Liv Bergen Series #3)

Widow's Might (Liv Bergen Series #3)

by Sandra Brannan
4.4 7


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Widow's Might: A Liv Bergen Mystery 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I won this book in a giveaway on a blog. What called to me was the cover and the title Widow's Might, it just sounds right up my alley.  Honestly I would read the other two books in this series before you even read this one, and the reason I say this is because of the relationship between Liv and the FBI and who Liv is as a person. I believe that in the other books we would learn more on who she is and need to read the others in this series to get the full back story of everything.  Now this book can be read as a stand alone being as the murders done by the Crooked Man seems to be its own mystery, and it is up to Liv and her buddies who are in the FBI and her bloodhound dog to solve the murders before more and more elderly and dying people are caught in the crossfires. I really enjoyed how we were never told who the murder was until almost the very end I kept thinking it was one certain character and then BAM!  The past is all tied into the present and for the agents and Liv they need to look into the past of General Custer to know why killings are happening now. I have to say my favorite quote in the book "You're killing people over diarrhea? Are you shi**ing me?"  To understand that quote by Liv you have to read the book to find out, I found myself laughing and taking a picture to post on instagram as the best pun I have heard!! Overall a good mystery book but I advise you to read the other two before this one so you don't feel like you started right in the middle of a story already being told! 
KrittersRamblings More than 1 year ago
Check out the full review at Kritters Ramblings Liv Bergen slips into this next mystery right after the last one ended and this one feels a little too close to home.  Add in some relationship drama, and this book is another great one by Sandra Brannan.  With a little historical lesson involved, I loved how these FBIers slowly but surely unfolded all of the clues to find the killer.  It felt like a real progression of facts and clues, which I think is a hard thing to do when there are so many things that are trying for the reality of crime.  I was excited to read that Liv would be trying to join the FBI and hope that this is a sign of many more Liv mysteries to come! 
RonnaL More than 1 year ago
This third Liv Bergan mystery starts up right where the second one ended.  Liv's knowledge of the history and geography of South Dakota is making her more and more valuable to the FBI team working there.  Now they've presented her with the man hunting bloodhound, Bullah, and have asked her to join the FBI as the dog's tracking handler.  Liv has really been enjoying the investigative parts, but the endangering and life threatening parts make her question if she'd rather continue working in her family's limestone quarry business that she has always enjoyed.  But  Streeter, the handsome FBI agent is a tempting bonus to consider too,  The FBI has been investigating the Crooked Man serial killer for over ten years now, but there's not been a great deal of progress until now, when connections to the Nature's Way Concervancy group, the history of Custer's last stand, and sick and old people being murdered begins to piece together possible motives.  When Helga, who is in her last days with a battle against cancer, is attacked in a hospice, Liv's sister agrees to take her from the hospice to die in her own home. A play on words with the Biblical widow's 'mite', and Helga's widow's 'might' plays a great part in this mystery. More so than the first two in this series, this is largely a police procedural with lots of interesting clues coming from Liv's knowledge of South Dakota history and her watchful and inquisitive mind.  This series just gets better and better.  Can't wait for the next installment coming this year which will relate to the Noah story in the Bible.  For those who enjoy using their knowledge of other subjects when they are reading a mystery, you'll find these Liv Bergan mysteries to be a great joy to read!!
anniemichelle More than 1 year ago
In the 3d book in the Liv Bergen mystery series we pick up right where we were left off in book 2 “Lot’s return to Sodom” there were murders yet unsolved as ranchers in the beautiful black hills of South Dakota where Liv’s family live and work seem to be dying mysteriously at an alarming rate. These books are sequential which I love so, you should read them in order. Personally I would never read a book out of order no matter if you “could” or not, as it would drive me nuts. Just a book quirk with me … Liv is still in her home state of South Dakota as is agent Streeter Pierce who is investigating a case he worked on 10 years ago that was never solved and was touched on in the last book the murder mystery by someone only known as the crooked man. With Liv and Streeter’s relationship moving right along they get some help from some unlikely sources, a lovable hound Belluah, who gets Liv interested and ultimately signed up for FBI training which was of course Streeter’s sneaky idea in the first place and some very interesting FBI procedures. Liv, her sister Elizabeth and Streeter run up against some crazy environmentalists and somehow this all gets connected with General Custer’s 1874 black hills expedition… This book is a page turning, nail biting, up all night kind of read I am very excited to read the next installment in this series “Noah’s Rainy Day” I think the covers of the books are spectacular as well as the titles and of course the content!
DAinNY1 More than 1 year ago
A dead rancher, a hospitalized patient and a widow battling cancer…who wants them dead? Believing this to be the work of a long ago killer, Streeter enlists Liv’s help in catching this killer who will stop at nothing to get his prey. This non-stop and action-filled drama kept me in suspense, as I could not put this book down. The mystery kept me riveted to the pages with the many twists and turns and clues pointing elsewhere that I didn’t see the identity of the killer until it was too late. The author’s approach in giving us the central character’s point of view moved the story at an exhilarating pace towards a “survival of the fittest” finale that had my heart pulsing as to how it was going to end. With a finely tuned narrative and a terrific cast including Liv, Streeter and introducing Elizabeth, this was the best book yet in this fabulously thrilling series.
Mother_Gamer_Writer More than 1 year ago
Widow’s Might is the third installment in the Liv Bergen mysteries. I’ll disclose that I have not had the chance to read the previous books, though I am sure I would enjoy them. With that being said, I would like to let everyone know that I wouldn’t say its necessary, but always recommended for awesomely written stories. This suspense filled murder mystery begins in Liv’s home state where she has found herself thrown into a decade long investigation of the Crooked Man. Belluah, the prestige trailing hound, along with the FBI, she must help to piece together the motives, the cold trails, and protect one sweet, terminally ill, woman from the killer before he can strike her dead. Can Liv, the miner, step to the plate and take command of Belluah? This was an awesome adventure that keeps the reader on its toes. You are given clues as you read through the story along with rich history on Custards Expedition and Little Big Horn. Entwined into it all is the plot. Rich and thick with suspense as each report comes in, new discoveries are found, or Belluah and Liv are chasing down fresh scents on cold serial cases of a killer who has killed every year for the last 12 years. But there is more, much more to this tale than meets the eye. While the FBI has known that the murders are connected, there are some clues that only history can tell. My honest opinion is that anyone 18 or older, loves mysteries, enjoys history, and likes a story that will suck you in…well yeah this book is for you. By the time I was finished {2 days}, I found myself wanting to read more. I also found myself thinking that it would make a great television show. That alone is a rarity since I don’t watch television a whole lot. Originally Reviewed At:Mother/Gamer/Writer Reviewer: Heather
Candace-LoveyDoveyBooks More than 1 year ago
Sandra Brannan's third book in the Liv Bergen Mystery series, Widow's Might, is the juicy mystery readers would love to sink their teeth into night after night. There's something between its pages for every reader to enjoy, even if they are discovering the series for the first time. Brannan's writing praises the beauty of the Black Hills of South Dakota and places readers in the thrilling moments of action and investigation. The butterflies rumbling in the stomach of fans in anticipation of the next Bergen mystery, Noah's Rainy Day, are unsurprising and completely well-founded. Liv is adventurous, lively, and prone to run into trouble at a moment's notice. It may be the reason she clicks so well with the FBI agents she's working with to solve the 'Crooked Man' case. Special agents Streeter Pierce and Jack Linwood are the polar opposites of Liv, all business and hardly any play, but the chemistry she has with both hunky men is undeniable. It's a fun change in tone to read the budding romance between the progression of a twisted mystery. Finding clues in patterns and landmarks, connections and history, makes Widow's Might a very clever and realistic read. Every page, thought, or action is a potential give away for the identity of the killer, but Brannan makes sure to tease readers until the case is closed! Besides Liv's endearing personality, Widow's Might's addictive plot has the ability to draw in new fans and entertain the already loyal ones. Originally posted on Lovey Dovey Books