The Wife He Chose

The Wife He Chose

by Susan Fox

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ISBN-13: 9781460365410
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 08/15/2014
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 527,013
File size: 529 KB

About the Author

Susan Fox is a bookaholic and movie fan who loves cowboys, rodeos, and the American West, past and present. She has an intense interest in storytelling of all kinds and in politics, and she claims the two are often interchangeable. Susan loves writing complex characters in emotionally intense situations, and hopes her readers enjoy her ranch stories and are uplifted by their happy endings. You can visit her website at:

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Wife He Chose 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
jbarr5 More than 1 year ago
The Wife He Chose by Susan Fox Cade now is raising his dead brother and wife kids: Beau who is 3 and Amy who is 6 months. Colleen, is his brothers sister in law, and she's returned to their town, still recuperating from the accident that killed her sister to check in with the kids as the one watching over them, Cade has yet to return her letter or phone calls. Beau only heard what his dad said before he died and blamed the accident on her-Colleen. It makes her faint and after the doctor leaves to check her out she goes back to the hotel for the night with hopes of just going home the next day. Cade comes to find her and takes her car key so she can't just disappear again and to explain why the child said what he did. He wants to honor her request by allowing her to spend some time with the kids and to be in their lives as they are her only living relatives now. He talks her into being at the ranch to recuperate and getting to know the kids better. Problem is the more time he spends with them he finds himself falling in love with her. The nanny and Cade had once dated and she told him someday she'd be married to him. He'd have to set her straight now that Colleen was here.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
After the second war, there was plenty of mostly-peaceful time. Then the world split into sixteen factions. For the first thirty years of living like that, it seemed like a good idea. Then, the factions of cold and hot and dark and sky grew hungry and angry, and... miserable. The other factions said that they would not supply food or anything. They said that each faction needed to live and survive in their land. More and more tension grew between the factions, and finally, the dark faction started black-mailing the water faction. <p> But now you will see what led the world to this. Dragons. Billions of dragons had sprung out of the ground, ki<_>lling many. They were hunted and hunted and hunted. Until everyone beleived them to be extinct. Everyone had joined forces and there were no boundaries, so nuclear weapons had been shot into a far off planet. Then, randomly, a virus spread over Earth. Not a sickness, it was a computer virus. All systems that ran on computers were down. Eventually, people chucked away their systems and became scavengers, building weapons out of what once were phones or batteries or cars. <br> A legend that sixteen dragons had survived and fled down into the deepest, darkest tunnel had spread. That's how the sixteen factions started. <br> Once the factions were started, a prophecy spread. A prophecy, a hope, of the people. An ancient elder had supposedly gone to the cave where the last dragons lived, and had seen that they were frozen in ice. But the dragons had told him a prophecy. <p> Peace is a never <br> War is forever <br> Aren't you quite clever; <br> Sixteen children. <br> Sixteen factions. <br> Sixteen dragons. <br> Children chosen. <br> Factions broken. <br> Dragons frozen. <br> Reunite under the power that is undeniably, in the ones marked of their faction. <p> The elder had told her faction, sand faction, and the prophecy spread. Everyone knew of the Chosen, Broken, Frozen. And everyone was searching for the dragons. <p> Every child was born with a mark. The mark was a symbol, one that the mother would draw in a bowl of mud, using her finger, with her eyes closed. This was done after the child was born, the mark would be drawn on the child's forehead, using a knife, when it was a year old. The mark supposedly told how the child would d<_>ie, how they would live, and who they would be. The mother supposedly knew all of this in her subconscious, but no one knew really what a mark meant. No two children had the same marks, and no child really had a name. Their name was their mark. Whoever the child's father was, that was the type of warrior they would be. <p> They had abandoned all religions, and now they beleived only what the prophecy said. That sixteen children would save them from something. The dragons? War? Themselves? Or something else? Something that no one saw coming? But, what? <p> (I'll make a new chapter every other day.