Wild Card (North Ridge #1)

Wild Card (North Ridge #1)

by Karina Halle
4.4 7

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Wild Card (North Ridge #1) 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 12 days ago
Loved it
Anonymous 30 days ago
Serious issues, lots of angst... keep the tissues handy!
Anonymous 5 months ago
?Love Karina Halle!! Love all her books! Read them all!
Betul90 8 months ago
"I wasn't drowning in the memories-I was dying in them. And every single thing I felt for her? It came rushing back, a flash flood of desire and pain that nearly blindsided me." I can always depend on Karina Halle to come up with a great romance story. It doesn't matter if it's a dark, suspenseful, funny or contemporary romance. Wild Card was a very beautiful second-chance contemporary romance. I have read a lot of those and was looking forward to see how the author would differentiate this story from all the rest. I think the main way she did it was with the personalities and actions of the characters. They didn't make the obvious decisions in certain situations. "Love isn't a chain, Rachel. It's not a shackle. Love is what sets you free, love doesn't confine. What I feel for you...it's wild and it's raw an it's as real as that sun above us." I either hate or love flashbacks in books. And I was really happy that they were included in this book, because it enforced my believe in their love. Without the flashbacks the story would be missing a lot and it would be harder for me to connect to the characters. Thankfully, they weren't too long and actually added to the story. It was obvious that the love between Shane and Rachel was still alive, maybe a bit broken but not unfixable. However, it wasn't easy for them to overcome their obstacles and I could really feel the pain of both characters. What I also enjoyed reading was the interaction of the main characters with the secondary characters, such as Shane's brothers Maverick and Fox. Especially Shane and Fox have a very complicated relationship, and I am looking forward to learning more about that in the next books. "Rachel, I love you. I loved you then, I love you now, and I loved you in all the light and darkness in-between. I love you with a wildness I can't tame." I really loved Shane and Rachel's personalities and they made such a great couple. Wild Card in my opinion was a great first book in the North Ridge series, and I can't wait for Fox and Maverick's stories. This book helped me get out of my month long book slump. There was no unnecessary drama thrown into the story to add angst, so I really appreciate that. All the decisions made by the characters made sense for them, and that is how it suppose to be. Wild Card was another solid contemporary romance by one of my favorite authors Karina Halle!
Boundlessbookreviews 8 months ago
Wild Card is a wild romance between Rachel and Shane. The story between them is really this grand romance. So many things happen between them, that it’s hard to ignore what they have for each other. I honestly, wanted to love this story. But I didn’t feel I was involved as much as I should have been. The writing was well done but it felt like it was a bit choppy and there were a lot of scenes that I believe were added just for the drama. What happened to Rachel, is really awful. Her dad really is this evil man, that thought he could pretty much get away with anything. Thankfully, she had Shane during that time. There are some pretty intense, hot and steamy scenes. But I felt that I needed more from them. Sometimes when a story is a constant back and forth from the present to the past, it kind of loses me. I’d rather start from the beginning. Overall, Wild Card is a beautiful story between two souls, who were meant to be. I give This Four Boundless Stars, I did enjoy it.
Heaterb117 8 months ago
Whenever Karina announces a new book I get excited, you know why? Because her words flow so beautifully on the page that it makes it hard to stop. I aso feel like instead of reading her words, I am visualizing them so clearly that it seems like I am looking at some massive painting of the story. Her character development has depth, there is such a beautiful chemistry between her characters. She has the ability to make you laugh and crying the same chapter. And when you finish the book you were anxiously awaiting you realize that the book far exceeded your expectations... Yep that pretty much sums up WILD CARD for me. And now bring on book two!
mrsdiddy 8 months ago
4.5 Stars!! Wild Card is the first in a new series of interconnected standalones from favorite Karina Halle! Wild Card is a second chance romance about Shane and Rachel, best friends who evolved into more as high schoolers, but broke up in stellar fashion when Shane demolished Rachel's heart. Now, Rachel is back in North Ridge and these two get a second chance at finding old feelings and falling in love again. There is so much more to this story than just a second chance romance. The backstory and character development are amazing. Both Shane and Rachel are more than they initially appear with their complicated pasts and feelings of guilt. I do have to admit that that initial spark that I expected during their initial reunion wasn't what I thought it would be, but as I read further, I was more than satisfied with the way the story played out. And let's not forget the cast of secondary characters, who play vital roles in Shane and Rachel's stories without being too intrusive. Additionally, there is a nice set up for the future books in the trilogy. You are going to love this new series and Wild Card is an amazing, emotional, romantic introduction to what is sure to be a new cast of favorite characters from Karina Halle!