by Heather Slade


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Drive me wilder...

MI-5 Agent Sutton "Wilder" Whittaker is in high demand. The international section of Her Majesty's Secret Service is ready to employ the fearless and selfless agent. Before Wilder can consider the position, he must close a case that hits a little too close to home.Finley "Wren" Harlow is the United States' Department of Homeland Security's secret weapon. Tenacious, intelligent, and beautiful, she's the perfect combination of deadly poison. Now, it's up to her to convince the UK to extradite the man who masterminded several attempted terrorist attacks on US soil. But when she encounters Wilder, the man in the charge of the case, Wren is shocked at how stubborn, inflexible, and utterly irresistible he is. He's a man to be reckoned with-and she plans to do the reckoning.With their undeniable attraction growing, one thing is certain: one of them must cave. Can two unflinching agents find common ground to save their countries and secure their hearts?While each book in the Military Intelligence Section 6 Series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order.

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ISBN-13: 9781942200611
Publisher: Sparrow Publishing
Publication date: 05/09/2019
Series: Military Intelligence Section 6 , #2
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.67(d)

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Wilder 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 31 reviews.
Madm007 3 months ago
Wilder is so bloody good Where to start? The story is so well plotted to bring you in, keep you guessing and believe me, there is shock and awe throughout. Seems as tho they've all got skeletons or secrets which def keeps you on your toes or edge of your seat. This is no light read as there's no shortage of drama, suspense, intrigue and action with old and new characters alike. There's also bits of comedic relief interspersed-ya know, so you can catch a breath. You can't help but fall for Wilder and Wren, both dedicated and strong. They've a job to do and do try for all of a day or so to ignore their chemistry....but Cor Blimey! Impossible and it's so delicious. There's much to discover in this journey. It is a stand alone with no cliffhanger. As always Ms. Slade entwines everything intricately and keeps you wanting more. I received an advanced reader copy thru BookSprout and chose to give my honest opinion
dshutters 5 days ago
Wilder meets Wren and there is a instant attraction between them. Wren tells him who she is and why she is there and as you read more you begin to question who she really is and what she is really there for. There is a twist half way in the story and a cliff hanger at the end. I enjoyed realing this story and look forward to reading the next book in this series : Pinch. I recommend this book!!!!!
17939996 9 days ago
This is amazing book. After reading the last book in the series I couldn't wait for Wilder and Wren's story. I wasn't disappointed. He's a strong sexy alpha hero, and she's a smart sexy strong heroine. Together they make sparks fly. The plot is well written with enough suspense, danger, spice, action, intrigue and romance to keep the reader turning pages. I highly recommend as a stand alone and as part of this series.
Anonymous 13 days ago
Wilder (Military Intelligence Section 6 Book 2) by Heather Slade is a General, Contemporary, Western, Military. A great addition to the series. A well written. romantic suspense with a good storyline/plot and amazing characters. Wren and Wilder are great together. I can't' wait for book three. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
LucindaB 18 days ago
I loved this story about Wren and Wilder. It was a great book and really engaging. I loved it and I would highly recommend this book to all! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
readergrl189 3 months ago
Wilder was a fantastic, emotional, and thrilling romance. Wilder Whittaker is a MI 5 agent who is being considered for a position within MI 6 until he meets Wren an undercover NGA agent. Now it's up to Wren and Wilder to figure out who tried to blow Wren's cover. Heather Slade is great at writing stories filled with so much intense danger, thrilling situations, secrets, passion, heartache yet happiness, laughter, and love. This is a must read that readers won't want to put down. I can't wait to read the next book in the series. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Macmurphie 3 months ago
I loved Wilder and Wren's story! It's a very captivating story with suspense and intrigue! I love the characters and the plot. I love the international intrigue, mystery, twists and hot romance.
TiffyHoo 3 months ago
Wilder, book 2 of Heather Slade's Military Intelligence Section 6 series, continues to present with international spies and terror plots amidst burgeoning romance. MI5 agent Wilder is in pursuit of someone who has threatened his family when he encounters Wren, US Homeland Security agent, whose directives conflict with Wilder's intent to resolve and avenge his family's case rather than see the evildoer extradited. Sparks fly between Wilder & Wren but they are from different countries with such different backgrounds and no one has ever measured up before for Wren. Will Wilder be the first? Heather Slade never disappoints and this book is no exception. -- I received an advance complimentary copy of this book and am delighted to voluntarily offer this review.
Sheila Moss 3 months ago
This book griped me from the start. As always with Heathers stories I could wait to turn to the next page. Wilder and Wren fitted together perfectly. The twists and turns in the storyline just carry you along and there are just enough lighthearted parts to lift the story to the next level. I have loved all these books and even though this can be read as a stand-alone I suggest you read all the others as well. You won't be sorry. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
Teresa Reitnauer 3 months ago
This author had written another wonderful book. The storyline was full of twist and turns and was well written. The characters are well developed and have great chemistry.
Deb_from_Oz 3 months ago
This is the second book in this off shoot series by this very talented writer and if you have read any of her books you know that they are full of twists and turns with plenty of suspense and enough steamy scenes to keep you entertained to the very last page This is Finley “Wren” Harlow and Sutton “Wilder” Whittaker story she is DHS and he is MI5 She has gone to the UK to extradite a prisoner but the British government won't realise him Wilder is deeply attracted to the American spy can he fabricate a reason for her to stay There is much more going on here than either of them realise will they be pawns and will they get the HEA that they deserve You will have to read to see.
AMHolden2018 3 months ago
This is not my favorite in the series but I still enjoyed it. There is not the same excitement of having our heroine be truly threatened as in most of the others in all the related series. The characters were interesting but I didn’t feel the emotions. There are a lot of steamy scenes, but the story itself is not as good as I know this author usually writes. I received a free copy of this book and I am voluntarily leaving my honest review.
Kumotteiru 3 months ago
Wilder, an MI-5 agent of the highest ranking is tasked with stopping the extradition of his half-brother to the US. But things get really murky and his life as well as that of his family is threatened. Who is behind the threat and how does Wren, a woman, who is more than she seems, play into it all? A wonderfully entertaining spy thriller - well-written and really enjoyable. The story picks up where the first book of "Military Intelligence Section 6" stopped, which had Wilder's older Brother Shiver as the main character. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
ViperSpaulding 3 months ago
Fast-paced, highly-intelligent romance! This story brilliantly combines insta-love with spycraft, giving us a steamy romance that will keep you on your toes! Wilder is working the case for the UK, trying to find out who's behind the recent threat against his family. Wren is his American counterpart, a woman with layers upon layers of secrets all wrapped around a tender heart that has found its home in Wilder. This story will keep you guessing as the investigation reveals more than the answers we're looking for. It's a stunning addition to the author's interconnected K19 and MI6 series. While briefly referring to events in the previous book, it's a complete standalone both in its romance and in its suspense and intrigue. The HEA gives me hope that the author will add much more to this wonderful series. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Wow! Intense romantic suspense. An edge of your seat thriller. Exciting, full of surprises, with excellent characters! I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
JennieF 3 months ago
ARC for honest review with no compensation 4.5 stars received from BookSprout Wilder is book 2 in the Military Intelligence Section 6 (MI6) series by Heather Slade and a great continuation to this series. Sutton “Wilder” Whittaker is an MI 5 agent who may be looking to move to MI 6 as the new chief but he has a final mission he needs to complete before making the move. Finley “Wren” Harlow shows up in Wilder office to lay claim to the man in Wilder’s mission wanting to return him to the United States but he is not having any of whatever she is proposing but will the attraction that sparks from the first moment they meet change his mind?? Secret identities, international intrigue, mystery, former players and sizzling romance will keep you reading and...so not expecting the twist at the end...now we need the next book!!
CarolKittie 3 months ago
Finley “Wren” Harlow has arrived to extradite Michael Caird to the US. She has the paperwork she just has to get past the rest of the red-tape. Unfortunately for her, the UK lower courts approval of the extradition gets rescinded before she can take custody. MI5's Agent Sutton “Wilder” Whittaker is in charge of the case, and he finds himself very attracted to Wren from the moment they meet. What he has to do is get her to participate in a little subterfuge so she'll stay on the case in England. This of course is against what her boss at DHS wants. It's also her boss who is known to Wilder, and not for a good reason. This book had me gasping in surprise more than once as the complex tale unfolds. There are many twists, even as these two try unsuccessfully to avoid a relationship. Plenty of heat, many surprises and suspense. I can't wait for the next book in this series!
DisneyMarie 3 months ago
There was plenty of intrigue, suspense, and sexy romance in this British spy novel about Sutton “Wilder” Whittaker and Finley “Wren” Harlow. Wilder came off as a little too alpha for me. Wren was supposed to a tough tomboy Texas girl, but I was surprised how she accepted his authoritative behavior in their personal relationship without question. It is revealed in the book who she really is and who her father is.
Manicreader666 3 months ago
Gripping from the first few sentences, this is a fast paced literary ride filled with wonderfully charismatic characters and a twisting storyline. If you want emotive, imaginative, compelling and engaging, this is a sure bet to keep your attention. The book description and blurb accurately explains the book outline, but the story is much more than the basic outline. Outstanding with only one problem - it leaves you wanting more. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.
66Shell66 3 months ago
Wilder was one fantastic book, Heather Slade has written one steamy romance with intrigue, suspense and a whole lot of twists and turns for one thrilling ride. The characters are a real delightful pair they have an undeniable chemistry but they are both a bit stubborn. Wilder is a MI-5 agent , Wren is a US agent with Homeland Security and when these two characters come together there is some great bantering and you can feel the heat coming from the pages. I absolutely loved these two and the story kept me on the edge of my seat. A must read one you won’t want to miss. I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. Can’t wait for more.
emilyk52281 3 months ago
"Wilder" (Military Intelligence Section 6 Book 2) by Heather Slade is a great read. I enjoyed Wilder and Wren's story. This is a wonderful addition to the series. Packed with romance, passion, suspense, twists and turns, family, and more. I loved getting to catch up with Shiver and Orina, Darrow, Pitch, and Wellie. I can't wait to read what happens next with this interesting cast of characters. Highly recommend to all fans of romantic suspense and series.
moonfox1234 3 months ago
This was a great read that offers plenty of excitement, emotion, intensity, passion, drama and action. It was easy to feel the pull of attraction between Wren and Wilder but they have many obsticles to overcome in their pursuit of a HEA. Prepare to be taken on a romantic suspense thrill ride, that will keep you engaged, on edge and guessing. A delightful read.
Cheryl-S 3 months ago
This is book 2 in the Military Intelligence Section 6 series and it features Wilder and Wren. Their romance is quick and easy but hard and complicated at the same time. There are a lot of outside forces influencing EVERYTHING that’s happening! The spy game is worldwide but the players are all so close together. This author has a writing style that involves an intensely full story line. You cannot be a distracted reader or you’ll get lost in that story line. Pay attention and you’ll experience a plot like no other. I can’t wait for the next one!
VirginiaVanSaders 3 months ago
This is the story of Wilder and Wren. Such a good story, too. Actually, I learned a lot from this book. These characters are both very intelligent, more so Wren than Wilder, though. He is in awe of her. There is deception on her part, and when all is revealed, it doesn't sit too well with him. There is so much to this story, and the workings of it, but it all comes together perfectly. I love that whole families are involved, as well. It is extremely well written. If it wasn't you wouldn't be able to follow it. Another great book by Heather Slade. I am looking forward to the next.
RachaelBrown 3 months ago
I loved Wilder! Several secrets were revealed throughout the story and there was a surprise at the end that I didn't see coming. Heather Slade always keeps things interesting and leaves me anxiously awaiting her next release! I voluntarily read and reviewed a complimentary Advance Reader Copy from Booksprout.