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Worth Publishers
Wilding of America / Edition 6

Wilding of America / Edition 6

by Charles Derber


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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781464105432
Publisher: Worth Publishers
Publication date: 06/06/2014
Edition description: Sixth Edition
Pages: 208
Sales rank: 169,140
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Charles Derber is professor of sociology at Boston College and former director of its graduate program on social economy and social justice. He is a prolific scholar in the field of politics, economy, international relations, and U.S. culture. He has written 17 internationally acclaimed books and several major research grants, as well as hundreds of scholarly articles, magazine essays, and newspaper columns.
Derber’s books include Capitalism: Should You Buy It? (With Yale Magrass; Paradigm Publishers, 2014); Sociopathic Society (Paradigm Publishers, 2013); Hidden Power: What You Need to Know to Save Our Democracy (Berrett-Koehler, 2005, translated into Korean), a bestseller in South Korea and nominated by the Independent Bookstores of the United States as one of the three best current affairs books in 2005; People Before Profit: The New Globalization in an Age of Terror, Big Money, and Economic Crisis (Picador, 2003, translated into Chinese, German, and British English);  Corporation Nation (St. Martin’s Press, 2000, translated into Chinese); The Pursuit of Attention (Oxford, 2000, translated into Polish); Power in the Highest Degree (with William Schwartz and Yale Magrass, Oxford, 1990); Greed to Green (Paradigm Publishers, 2010; translated into  Korean); and Marx’s Ghost, (Paradigm Publishers, 2011, translated into Chinese, Korean, and Tamil).
 Derber espouses a public sociology that brings sociological perspectives to a general audience. Derber lectures widely at universities, companies, and community groups, and appears on numerous media outlets. His op-eds and essays appear in The New York Times, Newsday, The Boston Globe, International Herald Tribune, China’s People’s Daily , Truthout, and Tikkun, as well as other newspapers and online media, and he has been interviewed by Newsweek, Business Week, Time, and other news magazines. He speaks frequently on National Public Radio, on talk radio, and on television. His work has been reviewed by The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Washington Monthly, and numerous other magazines and newspapers.
Derber is also a life-long activist for social justice. In the spirit of the great sociologist C. Wright Mills, he believes in the responsibility of intellectuals to speak truth to power and to match words with action. 
Derber is married and lives in Dedham, Massachusetts. He has a beautiful wheaten terrier named Mojo, who lives up to his name.

Table of Contents

Preface xiii

Acknowledgments xv

1 The Good Man Fills His Own Stomach: All-American Crimes and Misdemeanors 1

Wilding in Black and White 1

The Mountain People: A Wilding Culture 4

The Ik in Us 6

Economic, Political, and Social Wilding 9

Wilding and Not Wilding: Varieties of Individualism 10

The Two Americas: Are We All Wilders? 13

Wilding and the New American Dream: Individualism Today and Yesterday 14

Roots of Wilding: Durkheim, Marx, and the Sociological Eye 17

2 The Ultimate Wilders: Prisoners of the American Dream 22

Robert Oakley Marshall: "Speed Demon on the Boulevard of Dreams" 25

Them and Us: Violence and the Oversocialized American Character 29

Then and Now: An American Tragedy 31

Susan Smith: Infanticide and the Honor Student 34

3 Cheaters, Liars, and Survivors: Wilding Culture in the Media, Sports, College Campuses, and Everyday Life 38

Survival: Reality TV and the Ik-ing of America 39

Lost, House, and The Shield: TV Wilding for Men 40

Young and Wild: Drinking, Cheating, and Other Campus Sports 42

Dopey Sports: Wilding as the Great American pastime 45

Grand Theft Auto, Doom, and Video Wilding for Fun and Profit 49

All-American Drug Dealing: Unattainable Goals and , Illegitimate Means 51

4 U.S. Business vs. Us: Global Capitalism and Corporate Wilding 54

A Fish Rots from the Head First 54

Capitalism vs. Community: Sociological Prophets and Global Profits 56

The Musical Chairs of Global Business: The New Corporate Wilding 58

Wilding around the World: The Third World as Global Sweatshop 59

Globalization Without Wilding: The Future ofGlobalization After the Battle of Seattle 64

5 Subprime Capitalism: The Great Recession and Systemic Wilding from Wall Street to Washington 67

Marx, Madoff, and Capitalism Gone Wild 69

Countrywide: Our Financial Jurassic Park 70

Merrill Lynch: Banks Gone Wild 73

AIG: Wall Street's Heart of Darkness 75

Moody's and Standard and Poor's: "Rated F for Failure" 77

CNBC and Media Wilding: Jim Cramer vs. Jon Stewart 78

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and the Corporate State: Bailouts, Deregulation, and Political Wilding in Washington 79

6 Wilding in the Church: Unaccountable Brethren and Voices of the Faithful 83

Pedophilia, Sexual Abuse, and Rape: Wilding among the Priests 84

Cardinal Bernard Law and the Coverup: The Church as Institutional Wilder 85

The Corporate State and the Church: Wilding and the Collapse of Institutional Accountability 88

How to End Wilding in the Church: Empower the Laity 89

7 War and Wilding: Iraq and the War against Terrorism 93

War in Iraq 94

Legality 96

Justice 97

Occupation as Wilding 99

The War on Terrorism 102

Torture, Big Brother, and State Terror 106

Wilding and Presidential Powers in the Era of Permanent Warfare 109

Fighting Terrorism without Wilding 112

What You Can Do 113

8 Katrina: The Perfect Wilding Storm 116

Individual Wilding 117

Corporate Wilding 119

Political Wilding 120

Societal Wilding 127

Katrina's Lessons 128

9 The Tragedy of the Commons: Murdering Society and Wilding Against the Environment 132

Wilding in the Streets: The Killing of our Public Space Commons 133

Triage: How Disappearing Jobs, Foreclosed Homes, and Uninsured Health Are Unraveling Our Social Infrastructure Commons 135

Global Warming: Wilding and the Ultimate Tragedy of the Commons 138

Big Oil and Big Coal: Corporate Wilding and Climate Change 140

Capitalism, Consumerism, and Climate Change: The American Dream and Ultimate Systemic Wilding 142

10 Beyond Wilding: Resurrecting Civil Society 147

The Case for Hope 147

Rethinking the American Dream: A New Communitarianism? 151

The Social Market: Sociological Sense and Dollars and Cents 153

A New New Deal: "My Brother's Keeper; My Sister's Keeper" as American Morality 156

A New Bill of Rights? The Politics of Civil Society 160

Defending Our Lives: Getting from Here to There 163

Notes 170

Index 195

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