William Ince Cabinet Maker 1737-1804

William Ince Cabinet Maker 1737-1804

Paperback(2nd ed.)

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A detailed family history of William Ince and the life of John Mayhew, partners in the important 18th century cabinet making firm Ince & Mayhew. Their antique furniture is on display in a number of museums and stately homes around the world. The postscript describes the intriguing adventures of William's son in 1830s Virginia. 'A fascinating and painstakingly researched study' Sir Hugh Roberts. 'An absolutely fascinating book providing the reader with a real sense of how life was lived during that great period of English furniture making.' Lennox Cato, Antiques Roadshow Furniture Specialist

The story covers:

  • rural Worcestershire in Tudor times
  • court cases in the Star Chamber of James 1 of England
  • plague and Civil War in a Worcestershire village
  • ancient deeds and indentures
  • emigration to London
  • Ince & Mayhew: the lives of William Ince and John Mayhew and their exquisite work
  • the lives of the Ince women across the generations

The detailed history of the firm Ince & Mayhew starts with their furniture directory The Universal System of Household Furniture and goes through to the winding up of the long-running Chancery case that ended their partnership. The lives of both William Ince and John Mayhew convey the riches that could be enjoyed by the combination of talent and entrepreneurship, but also the hardship that had to be endured in the conditions of their time.

A brief look at their descendants touches on diverse topics, including:

  • the ending of slavery in Jamaica
  • the proposed Pyramid Cemetery for London
  • two renowned American actors
  • the artist Joseph Murray Ince
  • the journalist and social researcher Henry Mayhew

The second editon is about twice the size of the original with a greater emphasis on celebrating the work of William Ince. It also includes new information on his father and sisters in Worcestershire, his wife's family in London and the intriguing adventures of William's son Frederick in America linked to the struggles of his long-suffering wife Martha de Bar in England, taken from Frederick's papers written between 1824 and 1836.

There is a chapter on John Mayhew and his family, including new research on John's baptism and his siblings, and information about his children and grandchildren. There is also information on some of William's more notable descendants, including the colourful actress Annette Ince, who played Juliet to John Wilkes Booth's Romeo and the artists Joseph Murray Ince, Charles Percy Ince and Charlotte Grace Cowell.

The book has over a hundred illustrations with drawings and water-colours, as well as photographs, maps and diagrams, more than half in colour.

This book is a must for anyone wanting to know more about the life of one of the most important cabinet makers in England in the 18th century whose name has every right to be as celebrated as that of Chippendale.

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ISBN-13: 9781916338708
Publisher: Gsingle Publications
Publication date: 05/05/2020
Edition description: 2nd ed.
Pages: 186
Product dimensions: 7.01(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.51(d)

About the Author

As the great great great great grand-daughter of William Ince I have taken an interest in his work for many years and was captivated by the first piece of furniture I saw at Clandon Park. As a keen family historian I wanted to discover more about his background which involved many visits to the National Archives in Kew, London as I sought to unravel the seemingly innumerable court cases that the Ince family was involved in. Further travel to Worcestershire and to some of the stately homes with Ince & Mayhew furniture have enriched my understanding, along with reading articles and auction descriptions. I have twice been awarded a prize from the Josephine Birchenough Memorial Awards by the North West Kent Family History Society for my writing. See www.incemayhew.net for details.

I studied art at the Byam Shaw and St Martins, but have been drawing almost compulsively, since before I could walk.

I have exhibited with the Royal Academy and regularly at the Mall and Westminster Galleries with, among others, the Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal Society of Miniature Painters Sculptors and Printmakers, and the Society of Women Artists of which I was a member for many years.

I am also the great great great great grand-daughter of William Ince. See www.artistsandillustrators.co.uk/derrymountford for further information.

I am the great great great great grand-daughter of William Ince, and when we recently had a family meeting near Burghley House, Stamford, it was fascinating to see how many of us round the table had inherited some creative genes. Well done Sarah, to have researched the family so thoroughly, and to reach publication.

I have painted all my life, mostly flowers and animals and more especially horses and dogs. I paint to enjoy, not to challenge, there are too many challengers around - not restful, not pictures to live with. I paint pictures with a breath of fresh air, and if a likeness can be achieved at the same time, that is a joy.

I have exhibited at the Mall Galleries, the Medici Galleries, and the Guggleton Gallery Stalbridge, and many others. Contact me through my website, www. jenniferevansart.co.uk.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 1547-1604 Elmley Lovett and an Elizabethan wife

Chapter 2 1564-1619 Swords and Daggers – Servant to Sir John Acton

Chapter 3 1620-1715 Plague and Civil War - the 17th century

Chapter 4 1660s to 1730s The Property in Shell

Chapter 5 1699-1745 John Ince Glass-Grinder

Chapter 6 1737-1804 William Ince Cabinet Maker – His Life

Chapter 7 Ince & Mayhew: William Ince Cabinet Maker – His Work

Chapter 8 Colourful descendants of William Ince

Chapter 9 John Mayhew’s Life and Family

Postscript: The story of Frederick Ince in Virginia and Martha, his long-suffering wife


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