Willie Horton Hears a Who

Willie Horton Hears a Who

by The BaghdaddiosThe Baghdaddios


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Kenn Rowell leads the Baghdaddios through 12 mostly slashing titles that are sometimes self-explanatory -- "Abbie Hoffman," "The Stupidest Man in Nyack," and "My Iowa Wife" are a few examples. "Bottom" is indicative of the work, Rowell spitting out the poetry over a Sex Pistols-style beat about the bottom having dropped out. "Neil's in Rehab" is one of the saddest and funniest of the tunes. Sad because it is so true for anyone who has ever befriended a drunk or a junkie; funny because the Baghdaddios spout it out matter-of-factly and don't care about the consequences. The band is tight with buzzing guitar lines, and they aren't adverse to utilizing four letter words whenever. "Get up and Go" is another pop rocker, like the Ramones these dudes find a style and stick with it leaving little room for exploration. You won't find much diversity in the material, though "Fat Bastard" becomes a barroom sing-along with fake Cockney accent and insults. The strongest song is the ballad, "I Just Wanna Go to Sleep," and the Baghdaddios would do well to bring the pace down a bit as on this tune. It's in the pocket, has a groove, and defines the talents of this group eloquently. Produced by the band and Gary Solomon, there's lots to like about Willie Horton Hears a Who, though no title track, which might've really been interesting. The tune about Hoffman is like a rock & roll version of the Moody Blues' ode to Timothy Leary, while "Love to the Highest Bidder" merges rap with punk and is an interesting sentiment. "I Just Wanna Go to Sleep" and "Neil's in Rehab" would make an interesting double-sided single, and shows the band in their best light.

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Release Date: 11/21/2006
Label: Cd Baby
UPC: 0700261202891
catalogNumber: 5637215687
Rank: 159967


  1. Welcome to New York
  2. Neil's in Rehab
  3. Bottom
  4. Get Up and Go
  5. My Iowa Wife
  6. The Stupidist Man in Nyack
  7. Everyone Breaks the Rules
  8. I Just Wanna Go to Sleep
  9. Love to the Highest Bidder
  10. Fat Bastard
  11. Roll Over and Die
  12. Abbie Hoffman

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