Wilson's Photographics

Wilson's Photographics

by Edward Livingston Wilson


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ISBN-13: 9780405049514
Publisher: Ayer Company Publishers, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/28/1973
Series: Literature of Photography Ser.
Pages: 366

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LESSON" D. THE DARK-ROOM. 121. The dark-room for the manipulations of the plate should be convenient to the glass studio, so located that it can be thoroughly ventilated at top and floor, and kept of even temperature all the year around. It should be as large as your space will admit, say not less than twelve by fifteen feet. It should be provided with a developing sink, another for fixing, and a third, under a tap, for washing the plates thoroughly. Just enough shelving to accommodate the needful articles of use in the dark-room, and no more. 121. The dark-room should be, of course, in the immediate vicinity of the skylight. It should be wholly lined, floor, sides, and ceiling, with wood, and painted in oil of a light yellowish color, which allows of its being wiped off, as occasion may require, with a damp cloth. If the room happens to be papered, and the ceiling white-washed, the paper, if in good order, should be painted as above described; the ceiling must be scraped off and also painted. No projecting ledges must be permitted as deposits for dust. This room should contain absolutely nothing except what appertains immediately thereto, such as bath-holders, a shelf to stand the plate-holders, a small shelf handy to the sinks for the developers and strengthening solutions, and a small shelf to contain the plates and collodion vials. Everything else in the shape of bottles, chemicals, boxes, etc., must be banished. This room need not be larger than eight by ten feet square. A sash about two feet square, glazed with yellow (orange-yellow) glass should be let in, immediately opposite the tank, at such an elevation that the operator, in developing, need not stoop or bend over toomuch. This room is never to be swept out, but a mop is provided, with which the room must b...

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