Win Big: A Wynn Hockey Novel

Win Big: A Wynn Hockey Novel

by Kelly Jamieson

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When your name is Wynn, victory’s the only option. . . . “Kelly Jamieson is an auto-buy for me.”—New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips

Everly Wynn: As the only daughter in the Wynn family of hockey heroes, I never shared the ice with my brothers—or the approval they got from my father.
And that was before the scandal that ruined my life at sixteen.
Now that I’ve put all that behind me and built a successful career, the last thing I need is another hockey player in my life. 
Especially one like Wyatt Bell. 
He’s an arrogant, fast-living party boy. I hate how he gets by on his good looks and charm.
So why can’t I get him out of my mind? 

Wyatt Bell: Life is short, and you’ve got to live it to the fullest. I learned that the hard way.
So on the ice, I always play to win, and on the town, fun and flirting are my game. 
Because it’s better to laugh your way through the pain than to let them see you’re hurting—but I’ll never stop wishing I could find someone to share the real me with. 
Something about Everly Wynn makes me think she could be the one. 
But all she sees is a hockey jock hooked on good times. 
If she didn’t take herself so seriously, maybe she would take a chance on being happy.

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ISBN-13: 9781984800183
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/19/2019
Series: Wynn Hockey , #3
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 216
Sales rank: 4,366
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson is the author of more than forty contemporary romance novels. She writes the kind of books she loves to read—sexy romance with heat, humor, and emotion. She likes coffee (black), wine (mostly white), and shoes (high!). She also loves watching hockey.

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Chapter One


They say that everything happens for a reason.

But sometimes that reason is you’re drunk and make bad decisions.

In my own defense, it was New Years Eve. Who doesn’t get drunk and make bad decisions on New Years Eve?


Not me. I never make bad decisions. Well, not anymore. Not since I was sixteen years old and broke my parents’ heart, destroyed their trust in me, and nearly wrecked a bunch of lives. Since then, it has been my life’s goal to never disappoint them again. That means never screwing up, working hard, being perfect. Easy peasy.

I’m lying in Wyatt Bell’s bed.

This is totally contrary to my life’s mission, on so many levels.

At least I’m alone, thank f***.

Wyatt Bell. Six feet two inches, two hundred twenty pounds of sex on skates. Plays defence for the California Condors.

I know we made out for a while with our clothes on. It was hot as hell and I was happily oblivious to all the reasons we shouldn’t be doing that, chiefly the fact that I hate him, as my lady parts combusted in a feverish explosion of lust. Wow.

I nearly have to wave a hand in front of my face as scorching heat rises to my cheeks.

A hockey player. On the team my dad owns.

God! How stupid could I be?

Anyway, my clothes are still on—a body con, short black dress, bra and panties. Not like I had a lot to remove, but there’s comfort in the fact I’m still clothed. And alone.

Where is he?

A headache drums at my temples and I lift my hands to rub there, closing my eyes. My mouth tastes like I licked the inside of a dumpster, and my stomach is…iffy. I think I have a hangover.

I’m not sure because it’s been that long since I had a hangover. I don’t get drunk enough to be hungover.

I’m annoyed at myself.

I crack open my eyes. Daylight brightens the edges of the window around the blinds. I have no idea what time it is, but obviously the sun is up. I lift my head, which makes it pound more, and peer at the beside table. No clock.

I go backward in my mind…pretty sure I brought my purse…which has my phone in it…it has to be here somewhere.

And where is Wyatt?

Welp. Best find out.

I throw back the covers and swing my legs over the side of the bed. A sick wave washes over me, but it doesn’t last long. I think I’ll live.

I eye the room. The open door appears to be an ensuite bathroom. Excellent.

Feet bare, I pad across the big bedroom to the bathroom. I barely note the gorgeous stone tiles, a massive shower with multiple heads and the big granite vanity as I take care of business. As I wash my hands, I observe my reflection. Hair standing on end, mascara smudged beneath my eyes and…is that…whisker burn on my jaw? Dear God. I close my eyes.

Then I draw in a deep breath and tiptoe across the bedroom to the other door. I’ve never been here before and even though this condo is in the same building as my nephew’s, where I’ve been many times, it’s a completely different layout. But I find my way to the kitchen/living area, which I now vaguely remember from last night.

The place is empty.

This is good. Great. I spy my purse on the coffee table and make a beeline for it. I can grab it and get the hell out of here before I have to face Wyatt.


I jump, my feet literally leaving the floor, and whirl around at the deep, gritty voice.

Oh sweet Jesus, he looks just as good the morning after. His dark gold hair is kind of long on top and right now it’s tousled all over. Dark gold beard stubble shadows his jaw. His eyes are hazel, and I know from seeing him close up they’re more green than brown, with gold flecks in them. I nearly whimper. “Morning,” I choke out.

“Want some breakfast?” He stretches and the T-shirt he’s wearing rises and reveals skin between the hem and the top of the sweatpants that are sitting so indecently low on his hips they should be illegal. Not to mention the, uh, enticing bulge at his groin that is clearly recognizable. I swallow as I avert my gaze. “Or coffee?”

“No! I’m good. I need to go. Uh…”

“Yeah?” He heads to the kitchen and the Keurig on the counter, popping in a K-cup.

“Where did you sleep?”

He turns and flashes a wicked smile. “You don’t remember?”

I trudge toward him, straightening my dress. “I don’t remember much. Ugh.”

He purses his lips and studies me. “You feel okay?”

I drop my purse on the counter and lean my elbows there. “If by okay you mean feeling like my brain is bleeding out my eyes, my stomach is full of battery acid, and I’m about to die in five minutes, then yes, I feel okay.”

He bites down on the smile that tugs his lips. “That good, huh.”

“Okay, I’m exaggerating.”

“Here.” He opens a cupboard and produces a small white bottle. He shakes out a gel cap and hands it to me, reaching next for a glass which he fills with water from the fridge dispenser.

“Thank you.” I toss the pill into my mouth and swallow it. I guzzle that delicious cold water down until the glass is empty. “God, that’s good water.”

His lips twitch again. “Sure you don’t want coffee? Some toast might help with the battery acid.”

I sink onto a stool and rest my head in my hands. I want to leave, but I also want to feel better. “Okay.”

“I slept in the spare room.” He busies himself at the Keurig again, then the toaster.


“After you passed out, I figured I’d let you sleep it off alone.”

I gasp in outrage. “I did not pass out!”

He gives me a look, chin down, lips pursed. “Uh huh. Anyway, don’t worry, I didn’t take advantage of your state of inebriation.

You weren’t inebriated?”

“Yeah, I was. I admit it.” He grins. “Not as much as you, judging from your condition this morning.”

“Ugh. I haven’t been hungover since I was a teenager. I don’t really like it.”

“No one does. By your age, you should have learned how to pace yourself.”

I frown.

He slides a mug of coffee across the counter. “Do you need milk and sugar?”

“A little milk?”

“Sure.” He opens the fridge and pulls out a carton.

I splash a tiny bit into the dark brew and stir it with the spoon he provides, then pick up the cup and sip it.

“What do you want on your toast? I have butter, peanut butter or…well, that’s it.”

“Just butter.” I don’t usually eat bread, but I need something in my stomach. “Thanks.”

While I eat mine, he makes himself toast spreading his thickly with peanut butter.

I don’t know what else to say to him. Last night we had plenty to say to each other…we argued about politics, hockey, and climate change, which he didn’t even take seriously! There’s something about him, a cocky confidence, that makes me want to poke holes in that self-assurance, disagree with everything that comes out of his mouth, and prove him wrong.

One of the first times we met, we got into an argument about men being “showers” or “growers.” Wyatt was trying to tell me there was no such thing and I concluded I needed to do some research on that, which seemed to piss him off.

I enjoy pissing him off.

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Win Big: A Wynn Hockey Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 35 reviews.
MalkaShayna 3 months ago
Win Big, is Everly Wynn's story. She is the daughter of Bob and Chelsea (Bob's second wife), sister to Asher, Harrison and Noah. The author thoughtfully provides a list of the family at the beginning, but this crew really needs a family tree. Everly is the Executive Director of the Condors Foundation. She has a secret, alluded to but not revealed until the later part of the book, that has made her a worrier and thinks that she has to be perfect. Totally the opposite of Condor defenseman, Wyatt Bell. He has his own secret that has lead to his belief that life is too short and should be fun. He is drawn to Everly and enjoys pushing her buttons and verbally sparring with her. Because he has become so popular with the fans, Wyatt is asked to be this year's Ambassador for Hockey for All. To avoid a possible publicity nightmare, Everly and Wyatt go on some pretend dates, but soon they are no longer pretend. Will their secrets prevent them from having a real relationship? When they are revealed as secrets usually are, will honesty help or hurt them? Aside from this, is the Wynn family dynamics and what is happening with Bob. The author always creates fascinating characters, put in engrossing situations, making entertaining reads. The only thing that I don't like is the far left agenda, that she also inserts, oblivious that trying to push an agenda so some feel safe, makes others equally unsafe. Is that how hockey players really feel or just the author's "reality"?
MiekeReads 3 months ago
Win Big is a fun romance by Kelly Jamieson. This is the third book in the series, and while it is a stand alone, I'd start with Play to Win if you can - just because I think you'd enjoy the book more if you've read the other books in the series first. I liked Everly from the start and Wyatt is always likable too. He does have a little bit of a "player" attitude but not to a disturbing extent. I enjoyed their story and felt like they belonged together. The secondary characters were well written and I enjoyed seeing characters from the past books in the series, as well. I'd recommend this book to any fans of Kelly Jamieson or contemporary romances.
Lori-Gonzo 4 months ago
I enjoyed the story between Everly and Wyatt. Their bantering is truly a type of foreplay, both enjoying it as well as being turned on by it. They are way too cute together. I liked how their opinions of each other changed from the beginning of the book as they got to know one another better. And as they learned things about each other, the respect, admiration, and care grew too. Even though Wyatt comes across as a fun time party guy, it is his love for not taking life for granted that really endeared him to me. Everly's love for doing the right thing and being perfect might be a little obsessive, but makes her be a better person. I wish their story did not end. I would love to have more of their future lives story. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
JoannaDursi 5 months ago
4.5 stars I am loving this series more and more with each book. I know the fake dating thing has been done but this one has its own spin. Everly has been trying to fight her attraction to Wyatt for a while now, they worked to together for a huge chunk of the book before the fake dating issue even popped up. Then, it really wasn’t a huge part of the story. It wasn’t unnecessarily drawn out like it can be in other books. These two cracked me up and their banter had me laughing out loud. We get more info on the underlying Wynn family lawsuit and cannot wait to see what’s next for the Wynn dynasty.
Anonymous 5 months ago
This book suffers from having too many characters in the series. We’re introduced to the Wynn family which is royalty in the world of hockey with many members playing hockey, coaching, reporting, working with hockey. They’re all part of two branches of the same family, but it is very difficult to keep them straight. There is a table introducing them at the beginning of the book, but who wants to keep going back to the beginning to figure out who the various characters are and how they’re related to each other? I also found the character development to be too fast. Everly has problems with perfection and we keep getting hints why this is. Wyatt is not the happy-go-lucky guy that he seems to be and we get hints about that. They fall for each other quickly and it all gets wrapped up pretty fast. I just couldn’t bring myself to care about their romance although Wyatt was a rather lovable charmer. I just never warmed up to Everly. And then the mystery about the rift in the family is left unresolved at the end of the book which was irritating. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book that I received from Netgalley; however, the opinions are my own and I did not receive any compensation for my review.
Anonymous 5 months ago
This is Everly and Wyatt book, thus is the third book in the Wynn hockey series! Everly is the only daughter in the Wynn hockey family! Everly made a terrible mistake when she was younger and embarrassed her family now she’s put all that behind her and built a successful career! The last thing she needs is another hockey player! Especially one like Wyatt Bell! He’s a sexy , arrogant, party boy and thinks he can get by in his looks and charm! She just has to ignore all the feels she gets when he’s around lol Wyatt is a hockey star and thinks life is short and you have to live it to the fullest! It’s better to laugh your way through the pain then to let them see your hurting . But he’ll never stop wishing he could find someone to share the real him with! Maybe the hot little spitfire Everly is the one??!! This book and series is awesome! This one was definitely a little sad so make sure you have some tissues handy lol I definitely recommend reading this book and the whole series! Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for sharing this book with me!
LynnB888 5 months ago
4 1/2 STARS! Fast paced & exhilarating! With the third book in her ever yummy Wynn Hockey series, Kelly Jamieson brings us WIN BIG. If you've been following along with the series, you will quickly recognize Everly, the sole daughter of the Wynn hockey dynasty. Happenstance and a good time on New Year's Eve leads her to meet her match ... namely hockey stud Wyatt Bell. Everly is an interesting character. She works hard to live up to her family name and to prosper in a guys world of professional hockey ... yet in her story we get to see a softer side of her. She's made mistakes, she has regrets, she has dreams that haven't yet been fulfilled, but through it all she's stayed true to herself and what she wants to achieve in life. Wyatt has the rep of being a player flitting from one woman to another, but in reality, he's not that party boy anymore. Life has slapped him in the face a time or two and he lives with regret and guilt from things that were often beyond his control. Getting close to Everly might be just the thing to save him ... or will it become his final undoing? I highly recommend this book and the entire series to fans of hockey romance. The Wynn family is large, loud and filled with love, drama and secrets ... and I'm loving every minute of them!
a_girl_who_loves_to_read 5 months ago
Everly and Wyatt have chemistry but their past haunts this chemistry. These two get thrown together after a silly moment with Wyatt goes public. The chemistry doesn't stop between them only gets hotter. However they must embrace their past to move on to a future. We also learn a little more about the family feud in this book. I loved how these two grew as characters. This is a great read and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next in the family. This book three in a series but can be read as a stand alone due to each book covering a different person.
Anonymous 5 months ago
I really enjoyed Wyatt and Everly's story. I now have to go back and read the first 2 in the series!! This would definitely help me connect the dots on some prior characters. This story has it all and is pretty funny too. I like the way the author builds up their relationship. I do feel they have real chemistry. I like that they both are completely differnt people that you wouldn't see together. It makes this troy very interesting since it isn't so predictable. Great read.
micharch 5 months ago
Everly and Wyatt have sort of a love/hate relationship, with emphasis on the hate part at first. They each bring out the worst in each other and have no shame in doing it. Everly was kind of a goody two-shoes and Wyatt called her out on it. They would each pick fights with the other in order to rile the other one up. I was unsure, based upon reading the other books in this series, if I was going to like this book. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really did like it. We learn that Everly has come by her good girl ways the hard way. She had some issues when she was 16 that caused her shame and embarrassment. She felt her parents were really let down by her and vowed to never cause them to worry about her again. When the truth of what happened was revealed, I felt she misconstrued part of their reaction and was overcompensating for it her whole life. Wyatt has his own tragic issue in his past and he moved to LA to try and make up for it. He was great with Owen and did a great job of trying to be there for Heather. I felt he also carried some unnecessary guilt, but it made him into a good, caring man. He didn't think twice about doing the right thing, especially when he felt it counted. The two of them did start to bring out of the best in each other. Wyatt was able to get Everly to relax and have fun. She was resistant but he found a way to get her to realize that life is short. There were some other issues, especially with her family, that helped her realize that fun is a good thing. Their relationship didn't feel rushed and actually seemed to come about naturally. I liked how each of them wavered in their beliefs that they didn't want anything other than casual. It was rushed and I liked that. This book fit in very well with the rest of the series. Although characters from the other books in this series do make appearances, they only added to the book. I feel that you could easily read this book as a stand alone. If you are looking for a hockey romance, then this one should definitely fit the bill. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest revew.
Sandy-thereadingcafe 5 months ago
WIN BIG is the third instalment in Kelly Jamieson’s contemporary, adult WYNN HOCKEY erotic, hockey romance series focusing on the Wynn family hockey dynasty, owners and operators of the NHL’s California Condors, and the Long Beach Golden Eagles. This is twenty-seven year old, executive director of the California Condors’ Foundation Everly Wynn, and twenty-six year old, hockey player Wyatt Bell’s story line. WIN BIG can be read as stand alone without any difficulty. Any important information from the previous story lines is revealed where necessary although I recommend reading the series in order as there is an ongoing premise throughout. Told from dual first person perspectives (Wyatt and Everly) WIN BIG follows the building relationships between is twenty-seven year old, executive director of the California Condors’ Foundation Everly Wynn, and twenty-six year old, hockey player Wyatt Bell. Waking up New Year’s morning in Wyatt Bell’s apartment wasn’t on Everly’s bucket list of things to do especially with Wyatt’s reputation as a manwh*re but one things leads to another and Wyatt finds himself the ambassador representing the California Condor’s in the Hockey For All initiative sponsored by the NHL. A night on the town together finds Wyatt the subject of a social media onslaught when a potentially damaging picture threatens his position as the face of Hockey for All. In an effort to clean up Wyatt’s image, the California Condors suggest Wyatt and Everly enter into a fake relationship, a relationship with will turn into something more. What ensues is the building romance, relationship and love between Everly and Wyatt, and the potential fall-out as Everly and Wyatt’s past stir up too many memories, threatening our couple’s tenuous hold on a potential happily ever after. Everly Wynn struggles with demons from the past, so much so that it has affected her life, and every relationship going forward. Meeting Wyatt Bell stirs something deep within our story line heroine, something that is threatened when life and everything it has to offer rears up and takes hold. Wyatt Bell knows what it is like to struggle with one’s demons, a struggled that landed our hero playing for the California Condors. Falling in love with Everly Wynn was never in the plans, but someone from his past wants a chance going forward. The relationship between Everly and Wyatt begins as a business arrangement turned fake romance into something more. Everly battles with their one-year age difference, a struggle that is as of a direct result from past experiences and the fall-out of young teen h*ll-bent on destroying her world. Wyatt’s reputation off the ice has preceded his introduction to our story line heroine, a reputation that Wyatt is quick to defend pointing out not everything is as it seems. The $ex scenes are intimate and passionate without the use of over the top, sexually graphic language and text. WIN BIG is a story of family, secrets, lies and love. There is an ongoing premise focusing on the aging Bob Wynn that pulls together his large extended family from two marriages including sons, grandsons, and Everly’s adult nieces and nephews. The fast paced premise is engaging and entertaining; the characters are numerous, energetic and passionate ; the romance is seductive, captivating, fun and hot. WIN BIG is an inviting and character driven story of self-blame and heart breaking realizations.
voraciousreaderKB 5 months ago
This is another heartwarming and sexy hockey story by Kelly Jamieson. It is an entertaining story with engaging characters and I also enjoyed all the secondary characters; many of them making appearances from past stories. Wyatt stole my heart. He is funny and charming and has a lot of confidence. Wyatt lives life to its fullest and he is the perfect guy for Everly. Unfortunately, Everly has a lot of issues and is afraid to let herself enjoy life. Once Wyatt and Everly start to spend time together, Everly slowly lets down her guard. She is able to have fun and doesn’t feel the anxiety she usually has. Everly and Wyatt are successful and appear confident but they are both vulnerable and have issues they are afraid to share. They are perfect for each other, they just need time to figure that out. I especially loved all the chemistry flowing between them. Great story.
kozbisa 5 months ago
The Wynn family saga continues with Win Big, which, like its predecessors was fun, sexy, sweet, and emotional. Who? • Everly - The Wynn "princess", who ran the organization's foundation and was best known for her commitment to perfection. • Wyatt - The hard playing d-man, who was best known for his party boy ways and desire to live life to the fullest. What? After their New Year's encounter, sparks continued to fly between Everly and Wyatt, and what began as a publicity stunt grew into much more, but would these two be able to unpack their baggage in time to forge a future together? Why? I absolutely loved these two together. Their verbal sparring and chemistry was fantastic, but I also loved that they were able to simply be themselves around each other without any reservations. Both Everly and Wyatt were carrying a huge amount of guilt for something that occurred in their pasts, and they were both trying to atone for it, but making decisions that were, perhaps, not in their own best interest. I have to say, Jamieson really made me work for the whole story. Everly's "crime" was surprising, but Wyatt's backstory was heartbreaking. I really felt for both of them, and was rooting for them to pull through this pain and forgive themselves. Luckily, they could rely on each other, and it was wonderful seeing them work through their pain. Aside from the romance, which I adored, Jamieson revealed details about the internal Wynn family drama. I learned more of what led to the family feud. It was great seeing all the younger Wynns joining forces to try and fix the family. Lots of accusations flew, while some truths were uncovered, but in the end, all were committed to restoring the family harmony. Another solid addition to the Wynn Hockey series, which left me eager for the next one.
Madm007 5 months ago
Lovin This Hockey Romance Intensely This has it all and the Wynn family just gets better and bigger. Everly and Wyatt both have such depths. I can't explain all the emotions I went through while reading, loyalty, dedication, guilt, family, it's all here and quite touching so many topics. The heat is beautiful and scorching, just as the foreplay has been sharp and witty, while these two find their own balance. Life really is precious and I'm ever grateful for Happy Endings! Not so patiently waiting for the next Wynn Romance and while this can be read as a stand alone, I think reading the first two books in the Wynn Hockey series, will better acquaint a reader to the dynasty.
Momma_Becky 5 months ago
This newest addition to the Wynn Hockey series brings us Everly and Wyatt, the good girl and the good-time guy. Except things aren't always as they seem, and there's more to both of them than what people see on the surface. This one is a bit more serious than what we've seen in the series, but Kelly Jamieson's wit is still present, especially in the banter between Wyatt and Everly. Both characters are likable and relatable, and their chemistry comes through even when they're butting heads. Win Big also focuses more on the Wynn family dynamic than the gameplay, so if you've followed the series, you get to catch up with past favorites in addition to falling in love with this couple. As this is part of a series, it should be noted that this book can stand on its own. There is a continuing story of upheaval within the family, but it isn't hard to figure it all out with the information the author gives us. There's also a handy little who's who in the front of the book to help keep the family members straight. As for this one, the story is engaging, the characters are well-drawn and likable, and it's a good mix of serious and not so serious. All in all, a solid addition to the series.
MP40 5 months ago
I received an advanced reader copy of this book to leave an honest review. This is the third book in the Wynn hockey series and I really enjoyed it! It was a great book. Very well written and kept me engaged throughout the whole thing. I actually read the second book in the series also which was also good but I enjoyed this one more. I felt like both the main characters (Everly and Wyatt) you could really connect with. This book follows Wyatt, a pro hockey player, and Everly, the Wynn "Princess". Everly is perfect...or so she strives to make everyone believe. When she was a teenager, she had a major act of rebellion that really disappointed her parents. From that day forward, she has tried to be the perfect daughter, worker and overall person so as not to cause that feeling again. Partially because of this, she suffers from panic attacks and anxiety. Enter Wyatt, the most carefree live in the moment person that you'll ever meet. He brings out the fun side of Everly and makes her lose control of her orderly life. But Wyatt is also hiding some secrets he doesn't like to share. They seem like a perfect pair; having fun and not being serious. When they both start to develop more feelings for each other, both must come clean about their pasts. Can they both accept the other as is? Or will their past and phobias destroy them from their happily ever after. Overall a great book. I would definitely recommend.
Vicki101370 5 months ago
Everly and Wyatt have always been like oil and water, so she's more than a little shocked at her behavior when she wakes up on New Years day and the previous night ringing in the new year with Wyatt comes rushing back. She chalks up their kisses to one too many drinks, and vows to return to the safety of her day to day life and put the evening behind her. But when Wyatt is chosen to be the team face for the newest philanthropic campaign, the two find themselves thrown together more often than either could have anticipated. And thought Everly intends to enjoy hanging out with Wyatt, she fully plans to put the experience behind her when the campaign ends. Both Everly and Wyatt have difficult pasts that shade all of their choices, but both of them are finding it difficult to remember the reasons that they are a bad idea. Win Big is full of family and friend drama, but the one constant is the pair of Everly and Wyatt. If they can each move through the past and their preconceived ideas about love and heartache, they might just stand a chance at something very real.
CeeCeeHouston 5 months ago
Everly and Wyatt, Win Big with love. Win Big is the third book in the ‘Wynn Hockey’ series by Kelly Jamieson. In the first two we had Theo and Lacey, then JP and Taylor’s stories. Now, it’s Everly’s turn. She’s Theo’s and JP’s aunt but is basically the same age as them due to her father remarrying later in life, she’s the oldest child of his second family. Being raised in a family of that stature came with a high price, one that Everly paid as an outgoing teenager. Now she just tries to do her best to be the perfect daughter. She’s the head of the Condor’s charity too, so feels like she should be pristine clean in her everyday life too. But inside she’s a mess. One she hides from all around her, but Wyatt sees through her walls. After a drunken NYE party Everly finds herself in the wrong bed, she’s mortified until Wyatt shows himself to be a much nicer guy than she believed him to be. Wyatt likes to live life to the fullest, but he’s hiding a secret heartbreak and guilt that is wearing him down, These two barely got along until they started spending time together and then the blinkers come off. Wyatt is sweet, and softly commanding when it comes to the smexy times, he’s also got a gooey romantic and caring that will make you swoon like no other. Everly has the world at her feet, but she’s a caring soul too. She is the perfect match for Wyatt and I truly loved watching their story unfold. One-Click this hockey treat today.
Booksiflove 5 months ago
This is the 3rd book in the series, and I enjoyed reading it a lot. Everly, daughter of the team owner, and Wyatt, hockey player, have an encounter on New Years, which eventually leads to more. Can this work out? The author keeps this story really interesting, giving more details about the family feud, which prolongs throughout the series. There’s a lot of chemistry between Everly and Wyatt, banter back and forth, and even tho I haven’t read book 1 & 2, I could easily follow the story line!
KindleKat64 5 months ago
I have been loving this series so far and was so happy to get Everly's story. Kelly Jamieson writes sports romance so well. I really love her style. The Wynn's are a family dynasty overflowing with testosterone, and then we have Everly, who is such a breath of fresh air and a great character. She appears so strong and put together but like so many other people she suffers silently with panic attacks, but she hasn't told anyone about them. She is so down to earth and humble with a big heart of gold, and is the first one to say she knows she is privileged and has been lucky. She uses that to further her passion for helping others, making her that much more lovable. Wyatt has the reputation of being as big a player off the ice as he is on. They have an interesting relationship at first, all banter and flinging insults. It's pretty amusing. Wyatt is actually super sweet and lovable and has a giant heart of his own. I fell pretty hard for him! Like Everly, he has his own secret. At first they seem like total opposites despite their obvious sizzling chemistry, but when they spend some time together in a "fake" relationship, they learn they actually have a lot in common and genuinely like each other. I love watching them come into their feelings and realize that they are actually perfect for each other. Can't wait for more in this series!!
Lorizen 5 months ago
I've been waiting for Everly and Wyatt's story and this gem did not disappoint! I love this family and this series from Kelly Jamieson. Come visit the crazy world of the Wynn family, you'll want to get to know these people and their little bit of crazy! Hockey! Did someone say hockey? Everly is the girl who has always had to be perfect, her hockey playing brothers got all the attention from their Dad. Everly just wanted to blend in perfectly to the point of crushing anxiety along with panic attacks. Wyatt is the player who is "the" player. He's seen as a playboy, fun loving, live in the moment right now. And he has had his eye on the perfect Everly. We saw them briefly in the previous stories and I always wondered what would come of these two. When they're thrown together because of circumstances Everly, dang she's a tough nut to crack, but Wyatt is just the man for the job. She thinks he's his reputation but soon finds out she's so much more. He also comes to see a different side of her and they both have some past issues that have made them who they are today. Gah, I loved watching their story unfold and also woven into the story a nice side dish of family drama, as always! Loved it! I can't wait to see what she brings us next from very large, hockey playing, slightly kooky family! Kelly is always a must read for me.
LaurenLS 5 months ago
Everly Wynn is the poster child for perfection and thrives on structure. Wyatt Bell is the life of the party and all about living in the moment. When these two decide to explore their explosive chemistry the question becomes: do opposites attract? And are these two really what they seem? ‘Win Big’ is the third installment of Kelly Jamieson’s “Wynn Hockey” series, and it is hands down my favorite. I was thrilled to be selected by Netgalley to receive an ARC of this title (in exchange for my honest review), because it was already on my TBR list. One of the things I enjoyed most about this novel is that it explores mental illness (namely anxiety) in a refreshing and humanizing way. I found myself personally identifying with Everly because her experience with anxiety is written so authentically. I also like the fact that the novel wasn’t afraid to address the past traumas of both protagonists, and show the growth that they both experience throughout the arc of the story. I think Wyatt is one of my favorite heroes, and Everly is a strong, resilient heroine. (And the fact that Everly and Wyatt have white-hot chemistry doesn’t hurt, either.) Do yourselves a favor and read the entire series (if you haven’t already) and hope that there are more Wynn stories to come. Because these novels—especially ‘Win Big’—don’t disappoin
WyoWriter 5 months ago
I'm really enjoying the Wynn Hockey series by Kelly Jamieson. Getting to know Everly and Wyatt was fun. I liked that the perfect princess wasn't so perfect and the live life to the fullest Wyatt had a serious, dedicated side. It's interesting to watch them learn things about each other that even their family don't know. Jamieson creates deep, multi-faceted characters and sets them in an interesting story. These two in particular have flaws that make them more endearing and easier to relate to and I liked that. I'm not sure what's next but I look forward to reading more from Jamieson.
ADonovan 5 months ago
Everly and Wyatt have a history of antagonizing each other, until a New Year's Eve party changes things. They continue to banter and spend more time together, and each discovers the other is more complex than their reputations. I really enjoyed Everly and Wyatt, and their story was fun and relatable. Can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend starting with the other books in the series to better understand the Wynn family dynamics and the female friendships in this book. I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
SmutCrazy 5 months ago
Everly Wynn is the only girl in a family of hockey stars. Always trying to get her Dad’s attention since her major mistake at age 16 that almost ruined her life. She currently runs the foundation for her Dad’s NHL team, that raises money for charities. Everly has decided a no-man rule in her life, it’s easier this way. Never say never, now that she’s been paired with the new star, Wyatt Bell. He’s a playboy, and it seems that everything is fun and games for him. No thanks to that! Wyatt has learned the hard way how hard life can be. Which is why his outlook on life is to enjoy it to the fullest. But inside, that’s not the real him. Now that he’s been working side by side with Everly, he can’t stop thinking about her. He also wants to make her smile and hopefully let her see the real him. Their chemistry is amazing but Everly does resist, until she sees the person inside Wyatt that is just waiting to come out. This was such a sweet and romantic story. I love everything Kelly writes! I received a copy of this arc in exchange for an honest review.