Win the Interview, Win the Job: Outshine the Competition With Great Preparation and Skill

Win the Interview, Win the Job: Outshine the Competition With Great Preparation and Skill

by Ron Krannich


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Win the Interview, Win the Job: Outshine the Competition With Great Preparation and Skill by Ron Krannich

Designed to easily prepare job seekers for all types of job interviews, this book is packed with solid advice, including how to best prepare for different types of interviews, handle stress, observe etiquette, gather information, formulate key questions, rehearse tough questions, dress appropriately, listen effectively, respond to a job offer, negotiate a salary figure, and handle the critical post-interview period. Stresses the importance of preparation at each stage of the job interview.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781570232619
Publisher: Impact Publications VA
Publication date: 02/25/2007
Series: Win the Interview Win the Job Series
Edition description: 9TH
Pages: 212
Product dimensions: 5.86(w) x 9.03(h) x 0.55(d)

Table of Contents

Preface     ix
The Truth About Job Interviews     1
Success or Stress     1
Old Adage Truths     3
Managing Stress to Your Advantage     4
Skills You Can Learn     5
Interview Power     5
Successful Outcomes     7
Use This Book for Success     8
What's Your I.Q. for Success     11
Identify Your Interview Quotient     12
Interpret Your Results     16
Take Positive Action     17
25 Interview Myths and Realities     18
Getting the Job     19
Getting the Interview     20
Preparing for the Interview     21
Arriving and Waiting for the Interviewer     22
The Interview     23
Negotiating Salaries and Benefits     27
Close and Follow Up     28
Make Sure You Do First Things First     30
Get Started With Useful Resources     30
Do It Right     31
Understand the Career Development Process     33
Specific Job Search Steps     33
Identify Your Strengths     36
Job and Career Objectives     39
Writing Resumes and Doing Research     39
Conducting Preliminary Interviews     40
Interviewing for Jobs and Money     40
Investing Time and Effort     41
Expect to Encounter Multiple Interviews     43
Interview Types     44
Informational/Networking Interviews     44
Screening Interviews     46
Videoconferencing and Internet Interviewing     49
Electronic Screening Interviews     50
Selection/Hiring Interviews     51
One-to-One Interviews     52
Sequential Interviews     52
Serial Interviews     53
Panel Interviews     54
Group Interviews     54
Questioning Techniques     55
Who Pays the Expenses     59
To Eat or Not to Eat     59
Multiple Interviews     60
Network Your Way to Job Interviews     61
Probability Approaches     61
Advertised and Hidden Job Markets     62
Vacancies and Employers     63
Minimize Rejections and Build Networks     64
Gather Career Information     66
Gain Access     66
Formulate Questions     68
Conduct the Interview      69
Information Quality and Usefulness     73
Serendipity     74
Successful Networking and Interviewing     74
Prepare for Job Interviews     76
Conduct Research     77
Information Sources and Questions     77
Refocus Your Goals and Strengths     81
Consider a Portfolio     82
Practice for Examinations     83
Prepare for Questions     84
Behavioral Questions     87
Illegal Questions and Tactful Responses     89
Polish Your Skills as a Storyteller     92
Ask the Right Questions     93
Practice the Interview     95
Review Your Preparation Checklist     96
Get a Good Night's Sleep     96
Avoid Tobacco Products     97
Organize Your Wardrobe and Logistics     97
Start the Interview Right     99
Critical Impressions     99
Win Points With a Positive Image     100
Your Arrival     110
Overcoming Nervousness     111
Let Your "Internal Coach" Be Your Guide     112
Greeting the Interviewer     113
Communicate Positive Nonverbal Messages     114
First Impressions     115
Being Likable     115
Communicating "Class"     116
Changing Your Behavior     117
Listening     118
Manage the Verbal Interchange     120
Employer's Needs     120
The Competent Interviewer     122
The Interview Sequence     123
Use Positive Form     125
Analyze Your Listener and Use Supports     127
Manage Questions With Positive Content     128
Overcome Objections and Negatives     130
Handle Silence Positively     133
Take Initiative     133
Leave Your Internal Critic at Home     134
Negotiate Your Best Salary     135
Demonstrate Your Value     135
Money in Your Future     136
Prepare for the Money Question     136
Raise the Financial Question     138
Reach Agreement     140
Consider Multiple Compensation Options     142
Take Benefits     146
Renegotiate the Future     147
Be Realistic in a Downturned Economy     147
What to Do When It's Almost Over     149
Close the Interview     149
Respond to a Job Offer     150
Send Thank-You Letters     151
Continue the Process     151
Succeed Through Implementation     152
Maxims for Effective Interviewing     153
Approach Letters     159
Thank-You Letters     175
Index     197
The Authors     201
Career Resources     203

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