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Windows 2000 Pro: The Missing Manual

Windows 2000 Pro: The Missing Manual

by Sharon Crawford


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Windows 2000 Pro combines the friendly interface of Windows 98 with the famous stability of Windows NT. Windows 2000, the successor to NT, introduces many technologies that weren't available in NT, including Plug-and-Play, support for USB devices, power management features, and more. It's 25% faster than Windows 98 and three times as stable. Unfortunately, despite all the enhancements, Microsoft forgot to address one of NT's most glaring omissions: Windows 2000 doesn't include a printed user's manual.In Windows 2000 Pro: The Missing Manual, bestselling Windows NT author Sharon Crawford provides the ideal (and desperately needed) user's guide for the world's most popular corporate operating system. The book covers:

  • Getting started. The early chapters cover using menus, finding lost files, reducing window clutter, and taming the wild Start menu.
  • What's what. A complete guide, this book explains the purpose of every Control Panel item, accessory program, and maintenance tool.
  • Mastering the network. Special chapters help you navigate the corporate network, dial in from the road, and even set up your own small-office (peer-to-peer) network, step by step.
  • Understanding security. User accounts, file encryption, and the NTFS file system keep your private files private, while still offering network access to coworkers you specify.
  • Flying the Net. This book demystifies the rich Internet suite of Windows 2000 Pro: its email, newsgroup, Web-browsing, and video conferencing programs.
Windows 2000 Pro: The Missing Manual isn't for system administrators or OS theory geeks; it's for the novice or budding power user who wants to master the machine and get down to work. Windows 2000 Pro: The Missing Manual is the crystal-clear, jargon-free book that should have been in the box.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780596000103
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 11/11/2000
Series: Missing Manual Series
Edition description: 1ST
Pages: 458
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 9.19(h) x 0.91(d)

About the Author

Sharon Crawford is a veteran writer of computer books. Together with Charlie Russel, Sharon authored Windows Server 2008 Administrator’s Companion as well as the Windows Small Business Server 2008 Administrator's Companion.

Table of Contents

The Missing CreditsThe Missing Credits;
About the Author;
About the Creative Team;
Publisher's Acknowledgments;
The Missing Manual Series;
About this BookAbout this Book;
What's New in Windows 2000 ProWhat's New in Windows 2000 Pro;
Part I: Getting StartedPart One\ Getting Started;
Chapter 1: A Welcome to Windows 2000A Welcome to Windows 2000;
1.1 Windows 2000 ProfessionalWindows 2000 Professional;
1.2 Getting Ready for WindowsGetting Ready for Windows;
Chapter 2: Starting Up, Logging On, and Shutting Down;
2.1 Logging On;
2.2 Logging Off;
2.3 Shutting Down;
Chapter 3: The Desktop and Start MenuThe Desktop and Start Menu;
3.1 The Windows 2000 DesktopThe Windows 2000 Desktop;
3.2 The Start MenuThe Start Menu;
3.3 Start→Shut DownStart?Shut Down;
3.4 Start→RunStart?Run;
3.5 Start→HelpStart?Help;
3.6 Start→SearchStart?Search;
3.7 Start→SettingsStart?Settings;
3.8 Start→DocumentsStart?Documents;
3.9 Start→ProgramsStart?Programs;
3.10 Customizing the Start MenuCustomizing the Start Menu;
3.11 Start→Windows UpdateStart?Windows Update;
Chapter 4: Windows, Folders, and the TaskbarWindows, Folders, and the Taskbar;
4.1 Windows in WindowsWindows in Windows;
4.2 Configuring Desktop WindowsConfiguring Desktop Windows;
4.3 The TaskbarThe Taskbar;
4.4 Taskbar ToolbarsTaskbar Toolbars;
Chapter 5: Icons, Shortcuts, and the Recycle BinIcons, Shortcuts, and the Recycle Bin;
5.1 Two Ways to NavigateTwo Ways to Navigate;
5.2 Life with IconsLife with Icons;
5.3 Copying and Moving Folders and FilesCopying and Moving Folders and Files;
5.4 The Recycle BinThe Recycle Bin;
5.5 Creating ShortcutsCreating Shortcuts;
Chapter 6: Getting HelpGetting Help;
6.1 Built-in Windows 2000 HelpBuilt-in Windows 2000 Help;
6.2 Keyboard Commands in the Help ViewerKeyboard Commands in the Help Viewer;
Part II: The Components of Windows 2000;
Chapter 7: Running ApplicationsRunning Applications;
7.1 Starting ProgramsStarting Programs;
7.2 Switching Between ProgramsSwitching Between Programs;
7.3 Closing ProgramsClosing Programs;
7.4 Escaping a Crashed ProgramEscaping a Crashed Program;
7.5 Moving Data Between DocumentsMoving Data Between Documents;
7.6 Filename ExtensionsFilename Extensions;
7.7 Installing SoftwareInstalling Software;
7.8 Troubleshooting Applications with System InformationTroubleshooting Applications with System Information;
Chapter 8: The Control PanelThe Control Panel;
8.1 Accessibility OptionsAccessibility Options;
8.2 Add/Remove HardwareAdd/Remove Hardware;
8.3 Add/Remove ProgramsAdd/Remove Programs;
8.4 Administrative Tools FolderAdministrative Tools Folder;
8.5 Date/TimeDate/Time;
8.6 DisplayDisplay;
8.7 FaxFax;
8.8 Folder OptionsFolder Options;
8.9 FontsFonts;
8.10 Game ControllersGame Controllers;
8.11 Internet OptionsInternet Options;
8.12 KeyboardKeyboard;
8.13 MailMail;
8.14 MouseMouse;
8.15 Network and Dial-Up ConnectionsNetwork and Dial-Up Connections;
8.16 Phone and Modem OptionsPhone and Modem Options;
8.17 Power OptionsPower Options;
8.18 PrintersPrinters;
8.19 Regional OptionsRegional Options;
8.20 Scanners and CamerasScanners and Cameras;
8.21 Scheduled TasksScheduled Tasks;
8.22 Sounds and MultimediaSounds and Multimedia;
8.23 SystemSystem;
8.24 Users and PasswordsUsers and Passwords;
Chapter 9: Programs in the Start MenuPrograms in the Start Menu;
9.1 Accessibility FeaturesAccessibility Features;
9.2 Communications FeaturesCommunications Features;
9.3 Entertainment FeaturesEntertainment Features;
9.4 GamesGames;
9.5 System ToolsSystem Tools;
9.6 Address BookAddress Book;
9.7 CalculatorCalculator;
9.8 Command PromptCommand Prompt;
9.9 ImagingImaging;
9.10 NotepadNotepad;
9.11 PaintPaint;
9.12 SynchronizeSynchronize;
9.13 Windows ExplorerWindows Explorer;
9.14 WordPadWordPad;
9.15 Administrative ToolsAdministrative Tools;
9.16 StartupStartup;
9.17 Internet Explorer, Outlook ExpressInternet Explorer, Outlook Express;
Chapter 10: The Files of Windows 2000The Files of Windows 2000;
10.1 What You See on the Hard DriveWhat You;
10.2 Getting Rid of Unneeded FilesGetting Rid of Unneeded Files;
Part III: Windows OnlinePart Three\ Windows Online;
Chapter 11: Getting to the WebGetting to the Web;
11.1 Getting an AccountGetting an Account;
11.2 Connecting to the InternetConnecting to the Internet;
11.3 Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer;
11.4 Searching on the WebSearching on the Web;
11.5 Downloading and Saving FilesDownloading and Saving Files;
11.6 Keeping Track of Useful SitesKeeping Track of Useful Sites;
11.7 Customizing and SecurityCustomizing and Security;
Chapter 12: Outlook Express: Email and NewsgroupsOutlook Express\ Email and Newsgroups;
12.1 Starting Out with Outlook ExpressStarting Out with Outlook Express;
12.2 An Outlook Express Tour;
12.3 Reading and Managing EmailReading and Managing Email;
12.4 Composing and Sending MessagesComposing and Sending Messages;
12.5 Using the Address BookUsing the Address Book;
12.6 Handling Large Amounts of EmailHandling Large Amounts of Email;
12.7 Reading NewsgroupsReading Newsgroups;
12.8 Customizing Outlook ExpressCustomizing Outlook Express;
Part IV: Network SurvivalPart Four\ Network Survival;
Chapter 13: Working on the NetworkWorking on the Network;
13.1 Navigating Your NetworkNavigating Your Network;
13.2 Mapping a Network DriveMapping a Network Drive;
13.3 Working With Network FilesWorking With Network Files;
13.4 Sharing Files, Disks, and PrintersSharing Files, Disks, and Printers;
13.5 Network PrintingNetwork Printing;
Chapter 14: Dialing In to a NetworkDialing In to a Network;
14.1 Making Dial-Up ConnectionsMaking Dial-Up Connections;
14.2 Virtual Private NetworksVirtual Private Networks;
14.3 Offline Files (Synchronization Manager)Offline Files (Synchronization Manager);
Chapter 15: Building a Peer-to-Peer Network;
15.1 Peer-to-Peer NetworkingPeer-to-Peer Networking;
15.2 Hardware Requirements for NetworkingHardware Requirements for Networking;
15.3 Installing Network HardwareInstalling Network Hardware;
15.4 Installing Networking SoftwareInstalling Networking Software;
15.5 Sharing an Internet ConnectionSharing an Internet Connection;
Part V: Managing Your ComputerPart Five\ Managing Your Computer;
Chapter 16: Adding and Removing HardwareAdding and Removing Hardware;
16.1 Hardware and Windows 2000Hardware and Windows 2000;
16.2 Adding HardwareAdding Hardware;
16.3 Installing a PrinterInstalling a Printer;
16.4 Installing Scanners and CamerasInstalling Scanners and Cameras;
16.5 PC CardsPC Cards;
16.6 The Device ManagerThe Device Manager;
16.7 Troubleshooting Hardware ProblemsTroubleshooting Hardware Problems;
Chapter 17: Security, Accounts, and AdministrationSecurity, Accounts, and Administration;
17.1 Security BasicsSecurity Basics;
17.2 Setting Local Security PolicySetting Local Security Policy;
17.3 Users, Groups, and AdministratorsUsers, Groups, and Administrators;
17.4 User ProfilesUser Profiles;
17.5 Event ViewerEvent Viewer;
Chapter 18: BackupBackup;
18.1 Backup MediaBackup Media;
18.2 Creating a Backup StrategyCreating a Backup Strategy;
18.3 Creating a Backup JobCreating a Backup Job;
18.4 Restoring FilesRestoring Files;
Chapter 19: Maintenance and TroubleshootingMaintenance and Troubleshooting;
19.1 Analyzing Your Maintenance NeedsAnalyzing Your Maintenance Needs;
19.2 Updating Your SoftwareUpdating Your Software;
19.3 Housecleaning TipsHousecleaning Tips;
19.4 Basic TroubleshootingBasic Troubleshooting;
19.5 Where Else to Get HelpWhere Else to Get Help;
Part VI: AppendixesPart Six\ Appendixes;
Appendix A: Installing Windows 2000 ProfessionalInstalling Windows 2000 Professional;
A.1 Before InstallingBefore Installing;
A.2 Planning Your InstallationPlanning Your Installation;
A.3 Installing Windows 2000Installing Windows 2000;
A.4 Adding or Removing Windows 2000 ComponentsAdding or Removing Windows 2000 Components;
A.5 What to Do If Setup FailsWhat to Do If Setup Fails;
Appendix B: Windows 2000 Pro, Menu by MenuWindows 2000 Pro, Menu by Menu;
B.1 File MenuFile Menu;
B.2 Edit MenuEdit Menu;
B.3 View MenuView Menu;
B.4 Favorites MenuFavorites Menu;
B.5 Tools MenuTools Menu;
B.6 Help MenuHelp Menu;

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