Windows 2003 Server Planning Netwk & Server Os 70-293 with Sticker Package

Windows 2003 Server Planning Netwk & Server Os 70-293 with Sticker Package

by Kenneth C. Laudon, Brian Hill

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ISBN-13: 9780131615229
Publisher: Prentice Hall Certification
Publication date: 06/17/2004
Series: Prentice Hall Certification Ser.
Pages: 425
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.70(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Lesson 1. Introducing Active Directory Services in Windows 2003 Server.

Introducing Active Directory. Identifying the Functions and Features of Active Directory. Introducing Active Directory Architecture. Introducing Active Directory Objects. Examining the Logical and Physical Structure of Active Directory. Examining More Active Directory Concepts. Planning a Domain Structure. Planning a Domain Namespace. Guidelines for Planning a Site Structure.

Lesson 2. Implementing Active Directory.

Installing Active Directory. Examining Application Data Partitions. Verifying Active Directory Installation. Introducing Operations Master Roles. Viewing the Operations Master Role Assignments for a Domain. Transferring Operations Master Roles. Implementing an Organizational Unit Structure within a Domain.

Lesson 3. Integrating the Domain Name System with Active Directory.

Introducing DNS. Describing DNS Zones and DNS Server Roles. Installing the DNS Service. Planning the Zones in DNS. Creating Lookup Zones. Delegating Zones. Configuring Dynamic DNS. Implementing Zone Replication and Zone Transfer in Servers. Setting Debugging Options for DNS Servers. Troubleshooting DNS Problems.

Lesson 4. Configuring Site Settings and Inter-Site Replication.

Creating Sites to Develop a Directory Structure. Configuring a Subnet. Creating Site Links. Configuring Site Link Attributes. Creating Site Link Bridges. Configuring Connections in Active Directory. Selecting a Bridgehead Server for Inter-Site Replication. Checking Replication Topology. Creating a Server Object in a Site. Managing Server Objects. Designating a Global Catalog Server. Designating a Site License Server.

Lesson 5. Administering User Accounts.

Planning Strategies for Creating User Accounts. Creating a Local User Account. Creating a Domain User Account. Setting User Account Properties. Introducing User Profiles. Creating a Roaming User Profile. Creating a Home Folder on a Server. Maintaining User Accounts.

Lesson 6. Implementing Groups in Active Directory.

Introducing Groups. Planning Group Strategies. Creating Groups. Setting Group Properties. Modifying Group Properties. Creating Local Groups. Introducing Default Groups. Starting a Program Using the Run as Command.

Lesson 7. Performing Active Directory Administrative Tasks.

Searching for Active Directory Objects on a Network. Setting Standard Active Directory Object Permissions. Introducing Inheritance of Permissions. Publishing Resources in Active Directory. Publishing Network-enabled Services Using Active Directory. Moving Active Directory Objects Within a Domain. Moving Active Directory Objects Between Domains. Moving a Domain Controller Between Sites. Delegating Active Directory Permissions. Troubleshooting Active Directory.

Lesson 8. Backing Up and Restoring Active Directory.

Using the Backup Wizard to Back Up Active Directory. Scheduling Active Directory Backups. Examining Different Ways to Restore the Active Directory Database. Executing a Nonauthoritative Restore. Executing an Authoritative Restore.

Lesson 9. Implementing Group Policy in Windows 2003 Server.

Introducing Group Policy. Introducing the Types of Group Policy Settings. Identifying the Role of a Group Policy at Startup and Logon. Planning a Group Policy Implementation. Creating a Group Policy Object. Assigning Control of a Group Policy Object to Administrators.

Lesson 10. Specifying Group Policy Settings.

Setting Group Policy Object Properties. Modifying the Order of Group Policy Objects. Filtering the Scope of a Group Policy Object. Linking Group Policy Objects. Delinking and Deleting Group Policy Objects.

Lesson 11. Using Group Policy to Manage Software.

Introducing Software Installation Tools. Setting Up a Software Distribution Point. Setting Up Software Installation Defaults. Deploying Software Applications. Using Modifications to Customize Software Applications. Setting Automatic Installation Options and Application Categories. Setting Installation Properties of Software Applications. Upgrading Software Applications. Uninstalling Software Applications from Computers. Using Group Policy to Manage Folder Redirection. Troubleshooting Group Policy-Related Problems.

Lesson 12. Performing Security Configuration for Active Directory.

Introducing Security Configuration. Introducing the Windows 2000 Auditing Tool. Setting Up an Audit Policy for a Domain Controller. Setting Up an Audit Policy for a Stand-Alone Server or Computer. Creating an Audit Policy for Files and Folders. Auditing User Access to Active Directory Objects. Using Security Logs to Handle Events. Assigning User Rights to Users and Groups. Implementing Security Templates. Using the Security Configuration and Analysis Console. Configuring Security by Using the Security Configuration and Analysis Console. Troubleshooting Security Configuration Issues.

Lesson 13. Monitoring Active Directory Performance.

Introducing Active Directory Performance-Monitoring Tools. Monitoring Active Directory Performance Counters. Creating Performance Logs and Alerts. Identifying the Active Directory Support Tools.

Lesson 14. Implementing Remote Installation Service (RIS).

Introducing Remote Installation Service. Understanding the Remote Operating System Installation Process. Setting Up RIS. Authorizing a RIS Server. Customizing Properties for a RIS Server. Customizing Options for RIS Client Installation. Creating a RIPrep Image. Creating a RIS Boot Disk. Verifying RIS Configuration.

Lesson 15. Managing a Remote Installation Service (RIS) Implementation.

Managing CD-based Images. Pre-staging a RIS Client. Searching for a RIS Client. Setting Permissions for Managing Pre-staged Computer Accounts. Setting Permissions for Joining Computer Accounts in an OU to a Domain. Troubleshooting RIS Problems.

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