Windows Azure Step by Step

Windows Azure Step by Step

by Roberto Brunetti


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Windows Azure Step by Step by Roberto Brunetti

Your hands-on, step-by-step guide to the programming fundamentals for Windows Azure™

Teach yourself how to build and host scalable applications in the cloud using Windows Azure—one step at a time. Ideal for those with basic programming skills, this tutorial provides practical, learn-by-doing exercises for working with the core services and features of the Windows Azure platform.
Discover how to:

  • Extend your existing skills to the cloud development model
  • Build a simple web role application and deploy it to the cloud
  • Create a worker role project to perform backend processes
  • Store persistent data with Windows Azure Storage
  • Develop a scalable database application in the cloud using Microsoft SQL Azure™
  • Connect several cloud-based applications with Windows Azure AppFabric
  • Design a multitiered solution that can scale to meet user demand

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780735649729
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Publication date: 06/01/2011
Series: Step by Step Developer Series
Pages: 340
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Roberto Brunetti is an experienced consultant, trainer, and author. He's a co-founder of DevLeap, a company focused on providing high-value content and consulting services to professional developers, and the founder of ThinkMobile, the largest Italian community for mobile development. He is a regular speaker at major conferences, and works closely with Microsoft Italy to put on events and build training courses.

Table of Contents

; Acknowledgments; Foreword; Introduction; Who Should Read This Book; Who Should Not Read This Book; Assumptions; Organization of This Book; Conventions and Features in This Book; System Requirements; Code Samples; How to Access Your Online Edition Hosted by Safari; How to Download the Online Edition to Your Computer; Errata & Book Support; We Want to Hear from You; Stay in Touch; Chapter 1: Introduction to Cloud Computing; 1.1 Approaches to Cloud Computing; 1.2 Long-Term Vision; 1.3 Windows Azure as a PaaS Solution; 1.4 Windows Azure and Cloud Computing; 1.5 Summary; Chapter 2: Introduction to the Windows Azure Platform; 2.1 The Operating System; 2.2 Service Creation; 2.3 Windows Azure Storage; 2.4 The Worker Role; 2.5 The Virtual Machine Role; 2.6 Windows Azure AppFabric; 2.7 SQL Azure; 2.8 Summary; Chapter 3: Creating a Web Role Project; 3.1 Software Development Kits; 3.2 Windows Azure Tools for Visual Studio; 3.3 Web Role Project Template; 3.4 The Cloud Project; 3.5 Deployment to Windows Azure; 3.6 Configuration and Upgrading; 3.7 Service Definition File; 3.8 Role Properties; 3.9 Summary; 3.10 Quick Reference; Chapter 4: Windows Azure Storage; 4.1 Local Storage; 4.2 The Windows Azure Storage Account; 4.3 Windows Azure Management Tool; 4.4 Blob APIs; 4.5 Summary; 4.6 Quick Reference; Chapter 5: Tables, Queues, and Worker Roles; 5.1 The Table Service; 5.2 The Queue Service; 5.3 Summary; 5.4 Quick Reference; Chapter 6: Windows Azure Operating System Details; 6.1 Live ID, Subscriptions, and Billing; 6.2 Affinity Group; 6.3 Content Delivery Network; 6.4 Certificates; 6.5 Diagnostics; 6.6 Summary; 6.7 Quick Reference; Chapter 7: Building an AppFabric Solution; 7.1 Windows Azure AppFabric Components; 7.2 Service Bus; 7.3 Direct Connection; 7.4 Bindings; 7.5 HTTP for Management URI; 7.6 Summary; 7.7 Quick Reference; Chapter 8: WCF Data Services and OData; 8.1 The Astoria Project; 8.2 WCF Data Services (ADO.NET Data Services); 8.3 The Building Blocks; 8.4 WCF Data Service; 8.5 Query and Relationship; 8.6 Filtering, Sorting, and Pagination; 8.7 WCF Data Service Client; 8.8 The .NET Framework Client; 8.9 Security Introduction; 8.10 Summary; 8.11 Quick Reference; Chapter 9: Using SQL Azure; 9.1 SQL Azure Features; 9.2 SQL Azure Database Access; 9.3 Database Server Creation in the Cloud; 9.4 SQL Azure Access; 9.5 SQL Azure Relational Engine Feature; 9.6 Existing Database Migration; 9.7 SQL Azure Migration Wizard; 9.8 Summary; 9.9 Quick Reference; Chapter 10: Accessing Azure Services from Everywhere; 10.1 Creating the Storage Account Project; 10.2 Accessing the Storage Account from PHP; 10.3 Using HTTP and REST; 10.4 Summary; 10.5 Quick Reference; Chapter 11: Application Architecture; 11.1 Characteristics of a Multitier Solution; 11.2 The Data Access Layer; 11.3 The Service Agent; 11.4 Summary; About the Author;

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