Windows Me Secrets

Windows Me Secrets

by Brian Livingston, David Straub

Paperback(Millennium Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780764534935
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 09/01/2000
Series: Secrets Series
Edition description: Millennium Edition
Pages: 1489
Product dimensions: 7.42(w) x 9.22(h) x 2.21(d)

About the Author

About the Authors Brian Livingston is the author of nine previous Windows(r) Secrets(r) books, which have sold over 1.5 million copies and have been translated into more than 30 languages. He writes the "Window Manager" column for Infoworld and the "Wired Watchdog" column for Software developer Davis Straub has been collaborating with Brian since Windows(r) 95 Secrets(r).

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Read This First.

PART I: Startup Secrets.

Chapter 2: Installing and Setting Up Windows Me.

Chapter 3: Customizing Your Windows Startup.

PART II: Desktop Secrets.

Chapter 4: What's New in Windows Me.

Chapter 5: The Desktop and the Taskbar.

Chapter 6: Desktop Strategies -
Making Windows Your Own.

Chapter 7: The Explorer.

Chapter 8: My Computer -
Folders and Windows.

Chapter 9: The Start Button and Finding.

Chapter 10: Shortcuts at Home and Abroad.

Chapter 11: The Registry -
The Real User Interface.

Chapter 12: Documents First.

Chapter 13: The Recycle Bin -
Going Through the Trash.

Chapter 14: The Task Scheduler.

Chapter 15: The Control Panel and Properties.

Chapter 16: My System.

Chapter 17: Laptop to Desktop.

Chapter 18: Networking.

Chapter 19: Dial-Up Networking.

Chapter 20: DOS Is Still in There.

Chapter 21: Fonts.

Chapter 22: Accessories.

Chapter 23: System Tools.

Chapter 24: Fun.

PART III: Internet Secrets.

Chapter 25: Connecting to the Internet.

Chapter 26: Internet Explorer.

Chapter 27: Using Outlook Express.

Chapter 28: Mail and News Messages.

Chapter 29: Keeping Up with the News.

Chapter 30: Rules for Mail and News.

Chapter 31: Secure E-mail.

Chapter 32: The Windows Address Book.

Chapter 33: NetMeeting.

Chapter 34: Chat.

Chapter 35: Publishing on the Web.

PART IV: Hardware Secrets.

Chapter 36: Plug and Play -
Device Management.

Chapter 37: Disk Tools and File Systems.

Chapter 38: Managing Hardware.

Chapter 39: Configuring Memory.

Chapter 40: Displays.

Chapter 41: Printers.

Chapter 42: Keyboards and Characters.

Chapter 43: The Mighty Mouse.

Chapter 44: Modems, Serial Ports, and Parallel Ports.

Chapter 45: Telephony.

Chapter 46: Power Management.

Chapter 47: Multimedia.

Appendix: The Windows Me Millennium Edition Secrets CD-ROM.


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Windows Me Secrets 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The authors' Windows 95 Secrets was a lifesaver. Windows ME Secrets can be a time-saver, but don't expect all the hints to work -- some features have been removed from ME, and the tips rely on those features. Bottom-line: Windows 95 Secrets may have been 'Worth its weight in gold.' Windows ME Secrets is worth its weight in gold-plate.
Guest More than 1 year ago
It appears that nobody at IDGBOOKS tested all of the tips with ME. Some of these tips must be left-over from Win 98 since they don't work in ME. One example is 'System Policy Editor'. It simply doesn't come with Win ME. It's very dissappointing that nobody at IDG tested this. The books does have many good tips that do work, but this is not a 5 star book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the first windows secrets book I have ever bought. i will definately go with this authors future books on computer secrets. if you cant find it in this book it probably doesnt exist. It is that good.