Windows XP Professional Little Black Book

Windows XP Professional Little Black Book

by Brian Proffitt


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ISBN-13: 9781932111255
Publisher: Paraglyph Press, Inc.
Publication date: 11/28/2001
Series: Little Black Books (Paraglyph Press) Series
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.17(d)

About the Author

Brian Proffitt is the Managing Editor of the popular Web site Linux Today, and the author of 16 Linux and Open Source works, including The Joy of Linux. His online works are read by nearly a half million people daily.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1Prepare for Windows XP Professional1
Why Windows XP Is Different from Its Predecessors2
Choose the Right Version of Windows XP for You4
Preparing Your System for Windows XP7
Conducting a System Inventory8
Investigating Potential Trouble Spots15
Fixing Hardware Trouble Spots16
Backing Up Your Data19
Chapter 2Install Windows XP Professional23
Migration Paths24
Set Up an Upgrade26
Mass Deployment of Windows XP26
Upgrading to Windows XP Professional29
Activating Windows XP Professional32
Using Setup Manager36
Installing Windows XP Professional Unattended40
Chapter 3Explore the Windows XP Desktop45
Where Did All the Icons Go?46
New XP Eye Candy48
Managing Shortcuts and Folders52
Customizing the XP Desktop56
Customizing with Visual Themes59
Setting Up a Screen Saver60
Changing the Resolution of Your Screen62
Restoring "Classic" Windows64
Leaving Your Computer66
Chapter 4Organize Windows XP69
Examining the New XP File System71
Handling File Associations72
Managing Files in XP74
Managing Folders in XP82
Customizing Windows Explorer84
Searching for Files86
Automating File Compression/Expansion89
Configuring File Associations90
Chapter 5Run Applications91
How XP Deals with Compatibility92
Run Applications on XP95
Starting Applications in XP96
Customizing the Start Menu98
Managing the Taskbar104
Automating Window Organization109
Chapter 6Install Applications111
New Windows XP Installation Tools112
The Saga of DLL--No More?114
Giving Reboot the Boot115
Using Windows Installer to Add Applications116
Using Windows Installer to Repair Applications118
Using Third-Party Installers119
Adding Windows Components121
Uninstalling Applications123
Chapter 7Hardware Issues125
Hardware Management Tools in XP127
A Look at the New Control Panel129
Installing New Hardware131
Implementing Device Driver Rollback132
Uninstalling Hardware135
Managing Peripherals with the Control Panel136
Chapter 8Manage Printers145
Printer Management Tools in XP146
Setting Up a New Local Printer148
Setting Up a New Network Printer150
Sharing a Printer with Other Users152
Managing an Existing Printer155
Removing a Printer157
Chapter 9Work with Multiple Users159
Understanding Multi-user Profiles160
Setting Up New Users162
Setting Up a Guest User165
Managing Users165
Implementing Fast User Switching173
Sharing Files with Other Users174
Chapter 10Connect to the Internet177
How Best to Connect?179
Dial-Up Networking Tools181
Internet Connection Tools182
Setting Up a Dial-Up Internet Account184
Setting Up a Dial-Up Networking Account187
Setting Up a Broadband PPPoE Internet Account189
Using a Dial-Up or PPPoE Account191
Optimizing a Connection192
Sharing an Internet Account196
Configuring the Internet Connection Firewall200
Chapter 11Network XP for Small Businesses205
Why Networks Aren't Just for the Giants Anymore206
Initial Network Preparation208
Setting Up Multiple Internet Connections211
Using a Residential Gateway217
Configuring Wireless Networking218
Implementing Infrared Networking219
Incorporating Network Bridges221
Migrating Users with the Files And Settings Transfer Wizard221
Chapter 12Network XP for Large Businesses227
What XP Can Offer Over NT228
Remote Access: Direct or VPN?231
Setting Up VPN233
Using a VPN Connection235
Configuring a VPN Connection236
Diagnosing Network Connections239
Chapter 13Internet Explorer 6: One-Stop Browsing245
What's New in IE 6?249
Browsing with IE 6250
Managing Web Images254
Securing IE 6258
Using the Explorer Bar261
Personalizing Links and Favorites264
Reading Newsgroups266
Using FTP Sites269
Searching the Internet270
Chapter 14Communicate with XP273
Online Conferencing Features275
The Windows Messenger277
Installing NetMeeting279
Configuring an Online Conference282
Running an Online Conference286
Configuring Windows Messenger291
Using Windows Messenger292
Chapter 15Multimedia and XP297
What Windows Media Player 8 Has to Offer299
Why CD Burning Used to Be So Tricky300
Lights, Camera, Action!302
Playing Multimedia Files304
Recording Music CDs308
Organizing Multimedia Files310
Listening to the Radio313
Watching an Online Movie315
Playing DVDs317
Burning Music CDs318
Configuring Media Player319
Chapter 16Remote Windows XP323
Remote Access vs. Remote Control324
Configuring Remote Desktop on the Base Machine327
Running Remote Desktop on the Remote Machine331
Accessing Files and Folders Offline337
Chapter 17Mobile Windows XP343
The Special Needs of the Laptop344
Seeing Is Believing: ClearType348
Configuring Power Options350
Implementing Hot Docking357
Synchronizing Internet Pages and Data359
Viewing with ClearType363
Chapter 18Update Windows XP365
How Windows XP Keeps Itself Fresh368
Device and Third-Party Updates369
Running Windows Update371
Configuring Windows Update372
Running Automatic Updates373
Configuring Automatic Updates376
Viewing Update History378
Implementing a Device Driver Update379
Updating Microsoft Applications380
Chapter 19Secure Windows XP385
Break-Ins 101386
Converting Drive to NTFS392
Exploring Local Security Settings394
Monitoring Security Logs403
Using the Encrypting File System405
Chapter 20Administer Windows XP409
Helping Computers Help Themselves411
Managing with Computer Management414
Checking for Drive Errors422
Cleaning Up Hard Drives424
Compressing Data426
Scheduling a Task429
Using the Microsoft Management Console431
Chapter 21Troubleshoot Windows XP435
Yes, It Will Break436
Taking Over with Remote Assistance439
Repairing Program Incompatibility444
Exploring System Information449
Falling Back with System Restore450
Using the Task Manager452
Recovering with Safe Mode453
Using the Recovery Console455

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