Winning in Life and Work: Success Secrets

Winning in Life and Work: Success Secrets

by Keith Blakemore-Noble, Annette Lynch
Winning in Life and Work: Success Secrets

Winning in Life and Work: Success Secrets

by Keith Blakemore-Noble, Annette Lynch


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Live seems to be a constant stream of challenges, obstacles and setbacks.

Yet while some struggle to get anywhere, others seem to rise effortlessly to the top.

Is there a secret to success?

Keith Blakemore-Noble brings together nine international experts to share with you their own secrets of success. Through tales of hardships overcome, challenges met, minds changes, you can learn and discover your OWN success secrets.

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ISBN-13: 9780993162534
Publisher: Keith Blakemore-Noble Ltd
Publication date: 11/15/2017
Series: Winning in Life and Work , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 240
File size: 11 MB
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About the Author

Keith Blakemore-Noble is The Confidence Alchemist™ - the bow-tie wearing Radio Host, Hypnotist, Confidence Alchemist, Phobia Expert, International Speaker, Best-selling Author, and occasional magician. For far too many years Keith faced his problems of crippling shyness, massive social anxiety, and crushing loneliness on a seemingly never-ending daily basis. That was until the day he decided that enough was enough and he decided to do something about it. In his case, "do something" was to immerse himself in the technologies of the mind, neurosciences, NLP, hypnosis etc., which he used to great effect to help himself change his own mind and eliminate all those old issues. He continues to study, develop and refine the cutting-edge neurosciences, and now uses these same proven techniques in his unique custom blend called Freedom Technology™ to help others, be it to overcome their own confidence issues, to conquer phobias, or for any other aspects in their life where they want to effect change but don't know how. Closely aligned with this, he also draws together international experts to share their own life lessons so that we can learn from them to get us winning in life and work - he is the creator and editor of the series of books of which this is one. He also uses many of these same skills to bring laughs and entertainment to audiences large and small through hypnosis&magic shows on stage, in the home, and even on the street!
From the Olympic Stage of Beach Volleyball to the corporate and conference stages on three continents, Annette Lynch is a Game Changer. Her self-motivation, drive and curiosity found a way to not only realize a 25 year dream of playing for her home country Australia in the 2000 Olympics, but also to forge a new career beyond sport. The game change was not easy. A fierce competitor on the court and even with a University degree in Physiotherapy, she was not fully prepared for retirement! She retired 3 times over 6 years before she took charge to change her Game and change her life. Annette became a certified Master Results Coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Trainer and went on to write about her experience and studies in "Success Beyond Sport - How to Retire From Sport and Keep Winning." Her 8-step program provides the foundation to create success in business and life. Previously a trainer and workshop leader for several leading local and international organizations, Annette has spoken to varied audiences that have included the Institute for Athletes in Retirement and Transition Conference; The Pro-Athlete Business Group Conference; Chaminade University Hawaii and the Australian Drilling Safety Conference. Annette has mentored professional athletes preparing for retirement, and entrepreneurs, sharing her passion, her mindset and her techniques for life-long achievement. Living in Maui, Hawaii with her husband and pets, Annette continues to change her game now working with a local non-profit economic development board to lead and inspire innovation in the community.

Table of Contents

Foreword - Simone Vincenzi xi

Preface xiii

Introduction 15

Changing The Game For Success in Career, Relationships, and Life - Annette Lynch 17

5 Hidden Secrets of Confidence - Keith Blakemore-Noble 41

7 Essential Steps To Consistently Win In Life - Mofoluwaso Ilevbare 67

I Have To Get Back To Janet - Janet Dougherty 85

Step Out - Speak Out - Stand Out - Jenni Fernandez 107

Find Your Balance, Reclaim Your Time - Jaycee La Bouche 128

Success Secrets? Success Sense! - Duda Prestes 149

The Very Best Of Yourself - Ilze Sola 169

The way I’ve done it, the way you won’t - Michael Beeson 189

Afterword 209

Getting In Touch 211

Acknowledgements 215

References & Further Reading 221

Your Essential Next Step 226

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